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Fox Could Still Allow Marc Webb to Direct Amazing Spider-Man 2

Marc Webb wants to return to direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Sony, and the studio wants him back, so what’s the problem? Well, it all comes down to contracts. See, Webb signed one with Fox when subsidiary Fox Searchlight agreed to make his feature debut (500) Days of Summer. The deal was for him to return to the studio for a second film.

Basically, it’s been three years and Fox wants a return on its investment, which could interfere with plans for The Amazing Spider-Man sequel, as Sony is targeting a 2014 release. But following weeks of hand-wringing, the Los Angeles Times now reports Fox might offer Webb, and Sony, a way out of the predicament: The director would be permitted to move on to the Spider-Man sequel, but in exchange he would have to commit to two movies for Fox.

It’s certainly not an ideal agreement for a director suddenly in demand — who wants to be locked in for that long? — but it would allow Webb and Sony to continue their vision for the rebooted Spider-Man universe. Well, at least until it comes time to star production on the third movie.


  • Rwsmith1977

    Fox should instead agree to release him to do Spidey 2 if they can have Spider-man cameo in a couple of their films like the upcoming Daredevil reboot and the eventual X4.

  • Matt

    theres a lot of argument that x-men first class rebooted the x-men franchise. Don’t hold your breath for a 4th x-men, your probably more likely to see wolverine in Avengers eventually rather then him in another x-men film (I’m not counting Wolverine solo films as x-men films)