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Community Creator Dan Harmon Signs Sitcom Deal With CBS

Well, it looks like you can add yet another project to Dan Harmon’s slate.

In addition to producing a stop-motion Charlie Kaufman film funded on Kickstarter, an animated series called Rick and Marty and an unnamed show at Fox, the recently ousted Community creator also just inked a deal for a sitcom at CBS, according to TV Line.

Much like his Fox show, nothing is known about the concept for this new venture except that it will be a more traditional multi-camera affair rather than the single-camera setup used on Community.

With three shows in contention for upcoming seasons, Harmon might wind up being one of the most successful TV producers around.


  • Matt

    I love Dan Harmon’s work, especially Community and The Sarah Silverman Program.
    Without him at the helm, I’m apprehensive that Community won’t be able to continue the originality and surrealism of humourous ideas the audience has become accustomed to…

  • BlancmangeHobo6
  • Tonya

    this guy always looks like he’s Just crawled out of bed

  • Ultra_Brabbnus

    Am i the only person who thinks Community has got worse as it has gone on. To be fair i am only half way through season 2 but so far it hasn’t reached the standards of the first season

  • sandwich eater

     I think the middle of Season 2 is the worst part of the show.  Late Season 2 and Season 3 are better, but the show never really rises to the heights of Season 1 again. I still love this show, though.

  • Duder

    Ultra_Brabbnus – the show was still funny, but Community has basically declined in quality pretty steadily ever since season 2 began.

    It’s not a total flameout – season 3 is still good, even brilliant at times.  Just not as good or consistent as season 2.  Season 1 will probably never be matched again, sadly.