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Dark Tower Adaptation Could Move Ahead With Russell Crowe As Star

The fate of the ambitious adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series will most likely be decided this month. According to Deadline, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (Batman & Robin, I Am Legend) will be turning in a screenplay within the next few weeks, allowing Warner Bros. to decide whether to move forward with the proposal by Ron Howard.

As we’ve known since March, that plan includes a trilogy of films with at least two TV series’ bridging the gap between the movies. Universal was originally tackling the project, but they balked and Warner Bros. stepped in.

Speaking of dropping out and stepping in, Javier Bardem, who was going to star as the heroic knightly gunslinger Roland Deschain, has officially left the project. Now Howard and his producing partners Goldsman and Brian Grazer are said to be talking to their A Beautiful Mind star Russell Crowe about picking up the six-shooters.


  • Demoncat4

    even steven king has said Russel really does not look the part for roland they should either talk to Vigo or try and get clint eastwood who the character was based on to be roland vigo since clint is now way too old.

  • Mak

    I agree… but looking the part isn’t always enough. It’s all about if one can play the perform the part as well.

  • cjorg2

    Love to see the article in which King said that about Crowe. Personally I think its fanboy bullshit. Getting Crowe is the best thing that could happen to this franchise. He is a quality actor and has enough clout and integrity to prevent producers messing around with the film. Now, if we could only get Ridley Scott on board…