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Who Won Summer 2012 In Terms of Movies?

This weekend’s Total Recall marks the last blockbuster release of the summer season, closing us out with a remake of a much-beloved movie from two decades earlier. Remakes, comic book movies and a misconceived toy movie: What’s been your favorite of this summer’s big blockbuster movies?

This has been a strange summer, when it comes to blockbusters; it started early with May’s Avengers crushing everything around it, and other than Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, it felt as if Earth’s Mightiest Heroes kept the season all to themselves. I mean, does anyone really care about – or even remember – Men in Black 3 or Battleship, when thinking about the last few months?

There are still some fun movies coming out in the next few weeks – The Bourne Legacy and The Campaign are next week, with The Expendables 2 later this month – but Total Recall feels like the last attempt at a true summer blockbuster this year, so we’re wondering: If you had to choose, which summer blockbuster rocked your boat and busted your block the most in 2012? Tell us by participating in the poll below, and feel free to leave your reasoning in the comments, as ever.


  • Rollo Tomassi

    Prometheus was awful and did barely above pitiful Box Office. Why are you mentioning it in the same sentence as DKRises and Avengers? Your good movie barometer needs to be reset.

  • Liersonmorais

    He did not say it was a good movie, only that it was touted as a blockbuster.

  • Liersonmorais

    As great as DKR was, this is the year of the Avengers all the way.

    And I think you forgot Hunger Games.

  • Tomfitz1

    I think Hunger Games was before summer.  Summer movies usually begins in May and ends in Aug.

  • Godfrey


  • Chris Nikolopoulos

    Avengers > Amazing Spider-Man > Dark Knight Rises

    DKR was great. It’s biggest flaw in my eyes is that he was more a damsel in distress than a hero in his own movie.

  • Andrew

    Total Recall is the last blockbuster of the summer? Uh, what about The Bourne Legacy?

  • jrau18

    There’s still two solid months of Summer. And Avengers and Battleship were in the Spring.

  • Ortiz

    Are you serious? Battleship . . . come on!!


  • Gnarlk

    i enjoyed it way more than avengers…

  • Jcupach

    The Avengers is still showing here. I went last week and the theatre was half fill. Not bad for a movie that was released in May.

  • bmiddleton2

    I think you are probably right, but I definitely enjoyed Hunger Games.

  • Rwa2play

    You sorta/kinda have to put an asterisk behind this poll because of what happened in Aurora.  Had it never happened, the race between “The Avengers” and “TDKR” would’ve been an interesting one.

  • Batfan86

    Avengers FTW! Pure comic book FUN!

  • Yanks5179

     No they weren’t.  The Summer MOVIE Season officially kicks off the first weekend of May by industry standards.  It’s been that way for well over a decade.

  • darthtigris

    No, it wouldn’t have.  It might have up slightly, but that event cannot forever be the reason that TDKR fans believe it didn’t make as much as TDK.  It’s a weak excuse and one that minimizes the many other reasons why it isn’t making as much as TDK or The Avengers.

  • Richard Casey

    DKR was an over hyped, over blown fuck you to everyone who invested in the first two films. None of it made sense, the endings were ridiculous, and they couldn’t even be bothered to write an ending better than, “oh, hey, remember this guy? Well his real name is robin.” Seriously? Keep his last name, make his first one Richard, then when he tries another name, he tries his fathers name (the name he’s been going by was his mother’s maiden name) so it becomes, “Try Grayson. Dick Grayson.” And KABOOM! The fanboys go wild.

    I’m sorry, but purely from a financial point, Avengers takes it all. Plus it was a better film than DKR, not to mention a plan for how DC needs to pull their thumbs out of their arses and get serious about their films.

  • Paul

    The Avengers was cotton candy.  Dark Knight Rises was steak.

  • Evan

    TDKR’s gross would easily be 20% higher right now if not for Aurora. A lot of people put off seeing the movie because of that. Hell, I was at the gas station last night and I overheard a dad and his kid talking about TDKR…they had barely seen it last night! TDKR still hasn’t opened in Greece and China, either. It’ll continue to make money. Hans Zimmer’s music kills, too.

    Besides, the Avengers was a cool movie but the Star Wars battle finish was a cop-out. Whedon went for the oldest trick in the books.

  • Evan

    DUH. Nolan didn’t use Dick Grayson or Richard Grayson because “Richard Grayson John Blake” would’ve sounded stupid as hell.

    Robin is a bona fide unisex name. “Robin John Blake” sounds more authentic and Nolan practically did it as a favor considering he said there would no Robin and no sidekick in his film. And Blake isn’t supposed to be Robin, anyway. It’s implied he would take up Batman’s cowl. Can you imagine Blake going for a red shirt and blue-green bathing trunks? LMFAO!!!!

    I love how your argument hinges on Avengers being the better film because it made more money. It’s almost a cliche to say it now: it took a team of six Marvel heroes to beat Batman. LOL.

  • darthtigris

    So if they put off seeing it, then why weren’t it’s second weekend numbers higher than TDK or Avengers?  Or it’s third (based on Friday estimates)?  Are these people just going to wait until BluRay/DVD then?  Or just torrent it?  Are people ever going to go to the movies again in fear of that happening again?  Where does this end … ?

    And the Dark Knight trilogy has NEVER been a huge seller oversees.  Batman Begins did less than the last 5 MCU movies and TDK made more domestically, grossing less than $500 in overseas markets.  TDKR will likely do better (particularly in China), but don’t expect monstrous increase.

    TDKR wasn’t a bad movie by any means, but it has numerous flaws and overall is just not as solidly executed as Avengers (so weird to for that to actually be the case).  And Avengers simply is just more fun, encouraging multiple trips to the cinema.  The box office, critic reviews and audience’s ratings make it clear that it has earned every cent. 

  • Gnarlk

    avengers was GROSSLY overhyped and not something i’d want to watch a second time. it made more money, whoopee! so did avatar and titanic and both movies were terrible.

  • CogInTheWheel

    Prometheus is a blockbuster. I consider Prometheus miles better than TDKR, opinions differ. Your movie barometer is not everyone elses movie barometer.

  • Evan

    Your argument is undermined by the fact that people HAVE gone to see TDKR 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times. I, myself, have only seen it twice, but I will be going for a third round.

    Avengers is far from perfect. Overall a very cool film, indeed, but parts of it were too cartoonish for my taste and some of the characterization was off. It’s essentially a “superhero action” vehicle with a simplistic story that requires several other movies to complete it.
    Btw, your first question doesn’t make sense. Why would TDKR’s second weekend be higher grossing than its first when most people DID get to seeing it on opening weekend? The dilemma with Aurora is the pall it cast over the most anticipated film event of 2012. And does 20% really sound infeasible to you?

  • Evan

    Preach it, brother!

  • Patrick Keely

    What Avengers showed the world was that team movies can work.   It showed that you can see your favorite heroes working side by side (or fighting each other).  We’ve seen successful team stuff before, but only on television.  Justice League and JLU were great cartoons and we’ve been waiting for Justice League to happen just as much as we wanted to see the Avengers.  I hope that the Superman movie will be the launching off point for a DC Universe that we can be engrossed in just like Marvel.

  • Xaos

     To me, 20% sounds WILDLY infeasible, but we are both in the realms of absolute speculation, so what can you do?

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Avengers is definately the movie of the year, but not the summer. It came out in mid-spring which makes The Dark Rises the top summer blockbuster.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Box office for TDKR’s opening weekend dropped below expectations, but since that first weekend TDKR has been kicking ass. I am not saying it will beat out Avengers, but it will likely be close.

    My best guess is that Avengers will be the big money winner and The Dark knight Rises will be the big Emmy winner.

  • Nycguy616

    avengers was the movie ofthe year. reviews said it. fans said it.
    nuff said
    and as for a team beating out batman?
    batman was a trilogy. #3 should have clobbered batman and avengers was newcomers.
    batman is the 2nd most popular hero in the world and ppl went to see avengers more. a bunch of characters who in comics, come in about 5th or 10th place in popularity.
    kudos for people taking a chance on avengers.

    not bad for marvel also using a shared universe in comics and staying true to their comic roots and making it a true super hero film without ‘hollywooding it’.

    i was never to thrilled with the batman movies…they were ok in my opinion…not epic

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Why does everyone on here think that they cannot state which movie they liked better without trashing the other one? Both TDKR and Avengers were fantastic movies. They werre also very different movies. The Avengers was high-flying adventure with tongue-in-cheek humor. The Dark Knight Rises was a hard-boiled action/drama. While the two clearly had over-lapping audience pools, they still each appealed to people on different levels.

    There is no way to accurately calculate how the Aurora tragedy affected TDKR’s sales. Yes, the movie performed below expectations opening weekend. I went to an IMAX showing the afternoon of opening day. The showing had sold out via advance ticket sales, and yet there were several open seats come showtime. Clearly people who purchased tickets before the massacre couldn’t bring themselves to go after seeing the news.

    And yet still TDKR hit the $300million mark in 12 days, something only two other movies have done(and yes, one of those was the Avengers). Wait until the film leaves theaters, then we will see how the numbers compare to Avengers. I believe those two movies will hold the number one and two spots. I will leave for others to argue which will be which, I loved both films!

  • Michael_howey

    How can anyone question Prometheus. It not Battleship?

  • Joshua Yamada

    The Avengers was totally the movie I’ve enjoyed the most this summer because it really had some fun moments to it, like when Hulk beat the crap out of Loki or when Stark fought Thor in the woods.  Of course it’s not just the moments, it’s the team-up of superheroes that made this movie so Amazing.  Yeah there were other super hero team-ups before, like X-Men, Watchmen, Mystery Men, but none of those movies had a previous movie (Iron Man, Iron Man2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain Ameirca: The First Avenger) that explained the orgins of each charater first before coming out the the team-up movie.  That’s how this movie managed to beat Harry Potter at biggest opening weekend movie gross.  AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!

  • jrau18

    Yeah, I’m looking at a calendar, Summer starts June 21st. So I’m not wrong just because Hollywood is retarded.

  • darthtigris

    No, my argument is not undermined.  I wasn’t saying that some WOULDN’T go see TDKR multiple times, but that The Avengers commanded more repeat viewings.  How do I know that?  The box office.

    You know, it’s really getting old how fans of TDKR keep trying to diminish The Avengers by calling it cartoonish.  TDKR has numerous elements that are cartoonish as well but plays them seriously so some think that makes it realistic.  There is NOTHING about Batman that is realistic.  Black Widow was more realistic than Batman.  And while the basic plot is fairly straightforward (as is TDKR’s, tbh), it has a lot of characterization to it that comes off very well through dialogue and arcs.  Loki’s motivation (in comparison to TDKR’s villains) was very well explored in light of what happened in Thor.  Cap’s ‘sacrifice’ at the end of his movie tied directly into his problem with Stark and in turn Stark became more of a hero because of it in his movie arc.  BW being haunted by her past and trying to compensate by being part of something so much bigger than her, Banner’s eventual acceptance of his situation and how he can use it for good, Nick Fury’s burden and even his duplicity and how it ultimately served a moral good … I could go on and on and on.  The movie has far more to it than you’re giving credit for.

    Listen, I enjoyed TDKR for the most part.  I even recommend people see it in theaters (especially in IMAX).  But the more time passes the more elements of it don’t hold up well.  I could go into it but this post is getting too long as it is, lol.

    As for the 2nd and 3rd weekend box office, I was referring to why it didn’t have numbers as high as TDK and Avengers if people were holding off on seeing it opening weekend.  20% (or, if my math is right, roughly $40 million) seems very generous.  Especially, as stated, since 2nd and 3rd weekend numbers show the usual drop in big releases like this instead of higher-than-usual numbers of subsequent weekends.

  • darthtigris

    That’s not accurate, though.  TDKR’s opening weekend was BETTER than TDK.  And it had a worse 2nd week.

    And Emmy’s are for television.

  • darthtigris

    I personally don’t know anyone that liked the ‘Robin’ thing, even those that loved the film.

  • darthtigris

    And it did it so much better than the X-Men movies too. 

  • darthtigris

    1) A story/poll like this is practically begging for people to trash one or the other.  I really don’t understand it either, yet I keep getting dragged into situations where I have to start listing reasons why one of them doesn’t hold up as well and thus find my experience being soured.

    2) I’d be surprised if anyone came into this calendar year thinking that there would be any other movie this summer that would occupy the first and second spots in box office, lol.

  • LightningBug

    @Evan: No, Avengers made more money because it was a better movie. It understood something about movie audiences that DKR never could. It understood that audiences are ready for superhero movies that don’t shy away from the very things that make the comics so much fun. It didn’t need to shroud its comic roots in gritty realism in an attempt to distract from the fact that it is a movie about superheros. Nolan made great Batman movies, but it is clear that he’s embarrassed of an obvious association with comics and will do anything to take attention away from them. Most of my non-geek (normal moviegoer) friends tell me that they have grown weary of the dark approach and liked the Avengers more because it was more like a comic book. I don’t find this surprising because moviegoers want to see superheros for the same reasons that comic readers do: escapist fun, and as great as Nolan’s movies are, they are never fun. The avengers embraces what it is instead of hiding from it (I mean Selina Kyle is NEVER ONCE even referred to as Cat-Woman as if audiences would think it was too campy or something). Avengers is more comfortable in its own skin and is therefore resonates more with audiences. It is a better movie.

  • runawayslave

    3d ticket sales probably put avengers over the top. loved both avengers and dark knight rises. any year where the best two movies are based on comic books is a win for every visitor on this site.

  • Adam

    The avengers was a children’s movie. It contained no storylines whatsoever, fighting for 2 1/2 hours with eachother, the villain, and anybody. It was a glorified Michael bay film. But I guess since most Americans are stupid, they would like a mind numbing stupid movie. Seriously, they spent over 200 million to produce the movie and then $35 dollars for Captain America’s suit.

  • Adam

    Watch when avengers 2 comes out and it tanks. People, oh excuse me, I mean little kids will be over the cheap thrills. Batman is probably the number 1 hero since let’s see his movies beat the crap out of all the avengers individual movies. But I guess if you combine them all together, well then kids will come out to see it. TDK trilogy is the best superhero trilogy, hands down, no arguments. Oh yeah and they have an Oscar to boot.

  • Adam


  • Adam

    Actually the ending was on of the best parts. And for his name being robin, who cares. But I guess for fanboys like you, that just ruins your world. Seriously stick to your kids movie with zero storylines and stay stupid.

  • Adam

    Because most people don’t care but morons like you dismiss a film over a name.

  • Adam

    Avengers made more because of higher 3d prices. When I saw that movie, 3/4 of the crowd were little kids with their moms. I was embarrassed to be there, not a film I would brag about.

  • Adam

    Avengers was a children’s movie. And to say TDKR had flaws when the avengers contained no story whatsoever, is a joke. I wouldn’t brag about a movie when a five year old can agree with you as well.

  • Adam

    You are an idiot, you know that right. I wish TDK was in 3d because it would have made 700 million. 40% of the avengers box office was from 3d prices. TDKR is doing better than avengers during the week. But since all those little kiddies got to see it over the weekend, that’s where it took off. How did iron man, captian a, hulk, and Thor do against batman individually? Oh that’s right, it wasn’t even a race. And where is their Oscar?

  • Adam

    And where were you at? Some ghetto $1 dollar movie theatre. It’s not showing anymore.

  • Adam

    Yeah Ill see them at the oscars…hahaha. More like the nickelodeon awards.

  • Adam

    That’s because it was a trilogy. We have seen batman a lot before. But I guess kids have to see their superhero 24/7.

  • Drew

    No some theaters show really good sellers for much longer periods of time, I don’t think there really is a time limit to how long someone can show a movie in theaters.

  • BarnaclePete

    Last blockbuster??  What happened to The Expendables 2??

  • Happyny87

    I liked Spiderman the best. Had way more emotion and heart than Avengers. I know us fanboys are supposed to be loyal to Whedon but there was way too much bad humor in Avengers for me to take it seriously. It was a great achievement but lacked any real power or emotional longevity. 

  • Happyny87

    And that Cap outfit was bad. And really- what was the difference between Cap, Hawkeye and Black Widow? I thought he was the super soldier? They were just as super. They made Cap seem so weak.

  • ed

    Hollywood summer is more related to when kids are out of school and holidays markers (memorial day, labor day) than what is a calendar based defenition of summer.

  • Kphilisen

    Seems like The Avengers is receiving twice the votes that TDKR is. Seeing as how the Avengers grossed more at the theatre as well I think we can solidly declare the Avengers the winner. 

  • Bsavini

    Adam, DKR had an extremely convoluted and weak story to it. It tried to hide it with mood and being “dark”. If you aren’t a comic fan, the movie never once told you why bane had the face mask, as well and contradicting itself throughout about him and the league. One last thing, at the end of DK, Batman had set himself up to being an outlaw hero of gotham, in DKR it was the exact opposite. He had disappeared from the world. A friend of mine said that it felt like a movie was missing between DK and DKR and he was right. All 3 Batman movies have bad editing and very weak stories. Avengers was a straight forward Super Hero movie, that was proud to be a Super hero movie.

  • Bsavini781

    burnt steak

  • Gnarlk

    it’s only because this is a site by and for fanboys, so fanboy bait will always “win” in the end.

  • bmiddleton2

    Adam, I think everybody knows that you liked TDKR, and that you thought it was a kid’s movie, and that it opened in 3D.  I feel like you’ve probably stated it enough times that it’s sunk in by now ;).

    I liked both movies, but I definitely enjoyed the Avengers movie more.  I feel like production-wise, story-wise, and character-wise, they were both very fulfilling movies.  But I feel like Avengers had an enjoyability factor that wasn’t there with Dark Knight.  Like I said, I really dug both movies, but when I saw Avengers, I told my wife, “I’d turn around and see that again, right now,” and we did, the next day.  With Dark Knight, I felt interested the whole movie, I thought about it some on the drive home, and then I was done with it after that.

    Spider-Man on the other hand, I thought was disappointing.  Half of the plots that they started in the movie, they just end up dropping.  And I know they are saying it’s part of the trilogy, and maybe they will pick up the threads, but if they were setting them up for the next movie, that should’ve been evident (look at the end of Empire Strikes Back…).

    Overall, it was a good summer for movies.

  • darthtigris

    There was a huge subplot about Peter’s parents that was cut from the movie.  It was all over the trailers but missing in the movie.  That is why it felt a bit … scattershot (?) at times.  I’d love to see a cut with all of that included (just as I would with Avengers), but I don’t think it’d happen.  And I personally probably wouldn’t like it if it was about his parent’s experimenting on their own son.

  • Taylor

    For me, it has to be The Avengers. Whereas I thought Dark Knight Rises was a good movie, The Avengers is something so much bigger and more ambitious than just another movie. They succeeded in putting together a sprawling, cinematic continuity. 6 years ago, I would never have believed that they could have pulled this off, breathing life into a multi-franchise movie universe and bringing all the characters together. Even less did I believe that such a crossover movie would actually turn out to be awesome.

  • darthtigris

    Fanboy bait attracts different fanboys depending on the site, though.  IGN had a similar poll and TDKR won in a somewhat landslide.

    At least this site reflects comic book tastes better, which most of us likely are.

  • edge007

    This is true.

  • edge007

    What LightningBug said a million times over. While I enjoyed TDKR immensely, I had absolutely no interest in seeing it a second time like I did when I was tempted to see The Avengers a third. While Nolan’s Batman trilogy are a group of great crime films (one of my favorite genres of film, in fact), it’s no where near the comic book superhero film that The Avengers was, which is the entire reason I go to see movies that feature comic book superheroes.

  • edge007

    To say that Nolan’s Batman trilogy fans aren’t every bit the fanboys as anybody else is a fallacy at the very least.

  • LightningBug

    The fact that children can enjoy it is another reason that it is a great movie. With Batman hellbent on scaring parents away from superheros, thank God somebody has the sense to make well made superhero films that can appeal to entire families (another reason the movie sells so well). I mean, we do want children to like superheroes don’t we? I want to be able to introduce my kids to superheros with something a bit more sophisticated than “Superhero-Squad” and the Avengers will allow me to do that. DKR is awesome for older audiences, but many parents won’t consider letting their kids watch it until they are older. Without the Avengers to get them while they are young there is little hope for “dark and gritty” superheros to have an audience when they are older. I fail to see how that makes the Avengers an inferior movie.

  • LightningBug

    Assuming you intended to say “Oscar Winner” instead of Emmy winner, I think there is little hope for a big Oscar night for DKR. The Dark Knight won only two Academy awards (one for sound editing, and one for Heath Ledger’s amazing performance as Joker), and this film has not been as warmly received by critics as that one. There is no performance nearly as captivating as Ledger’s, and awards like sound editing could just as easily go to a movie like Avengers. On that note, the critical response to Avengers was just as good if not more favorable than that of the Dark Knight Rises (rotten tomatoes gives Avengers a 92%, and DKR 87%; not that that is really a perfect barometer, but it goes to show you that both are highly appreciated for their merits.)

  • LightningBug

    If you think Avengers 2 will tank you are nuts. Kids won’t be tired of it, their parents won’t be tired of it, twentysomethings won’t be tired of it, women won’t be tired of it, fanboys/girls won’t be tired of it. That move appealed to every important demographic, and so will the sequel. Why? Because Marvel really knows what it’s doing. They took a bunch of superheros that most people hadn’t ever heard of, made them household names, and then made the biggest superhero movie of all time. Their reward was near universal critical praise and unprecedented box office success. If that isn’t a recipe for a successful sequel, I have no idea what is.

  • Al D.

    Avengers >>> everything ever in the history of everything in 2012.

  • Al D.

    Either that, or Avengers managed to juggle multiple characters and plots much more elegantly that Dark Knight Rises bobbling it (see: Matthew Modine and/or those two evil-ish business guys in the first half of the movie entire superfluous plotline).  That ain’t fanboy bait, that’s better filmmaking.

  • edge007


  • JD

    What’s good with all these grown men pissing themselves for avengers? Avengers was a family movie, a little kid movie. DKR was an epic finale to an amazing trilogy of films. Of course Avengers is gonna make more money cause it had a wider demographic, and all the little kids buy into that stupid 3D shit. Dark Knight Rises was obviously the better film, it’s performances, plot, and music were all on-point. Avengers is a kid-friendly movie with a weak plot, unfunny jokes, and cliche action sequences. The movie is pretty much carried by Robert Downey Jr. I don’t get how all of these 20-something year olds are out here screaming that some kids movie is the movie of the year cause it got more money?? If Avengers is better than TDKR because it earned more money, than Transformers 3 must be better than The Godfather right?

  • cjorg2

    No it didn`t. X-Men 1 & 2 were much better written than the Avengers. The Avengers was basically the Quantum of SolaceJames Bond film that had a bare minimum plot and relied heavily on the previous solo films to create any sense of characterization. If u hadn` t seen any of those films you were lost. The Avengers was as complex as Independence Day. The first two X-Men films contained equally satisfying amounts of action, characterization, and plot. I loved Avengers, but stop putting it on a pedestal.

  • cjorg2

    Keep getting dragged in?? You are the main instigator in most of these petty, childish arguments. You`ve gone out of your way to do it, not been dragged into it at all.

  • Sephy

    Did you go see the same “Avengers” everyone else saw? Because Avengers definitely had a story, and it at least didn’t act overly pretentious like TDK or TDKR did.

  • sephy

    The 3D movie prices doesn’t have as big of an effect as Nolan fanboys are saying it does. If the 3D option wasn’t available then those people would have just seen Avengers in 2D, meaning there still would have been an epic amount of cash flowing in for Avengers and it most likely would have therefore crushed TDKR in 2D ticket sales.

  • Sephy

    Agreed, I liked the movie a ton. But the whole Robin thing made me openly groan in the theater. It was super forced and completely stupid.

  • Sephy

    What? The movies that put Wolverine way ahead of all of the other X-Men is somehow a better team movie?

  • LightningBug

    Right. And The Dark Knight Rises was an intellectual powerhouse? Just because there are a couple twists toward the end and the plot was “Dark and Gritty” doesn’t mean that the film was “The Godfather”. Dark Knight Rises was a good superhero movie with a harder edge but it accomplished nothing more sophisticated than the Avengers except for winning over a more pretentious fan base that (if this thread is any indication) seems to dislike anything that might appeal to kids.

  • darthtigris

    You got me wrong.  In particular, I LOVED X2 as it finally felt like a comic movie done right in so many ways.  It was my favorite comic movie of all time for what seems like forever.  BUT Avengers handled the team dynamic better than the X-Men movies.  We only saw the field general in action one time (end of the first movie) and all of that was ok.  Strangely, Joss Whedon penned a draft of that too …

    Calling Avengers as deep as Independence Day, though?  That’s incorrect and insulting, completely uncalled for.

  • darthtigris

    I really don’t see how you could read anything I’ve posted and come to that conclusion.  I have not once trashed any movie.

  • edge007


  • Roquefort Raider

    Prometheus has a 72% rating on Rotten tomatoes and made upwards of 300 millions dollars. It is therefore successful both in terms of reception and at the box office. Whether it is a good movie is debatable, but clearly many think that it is good enough to be enjoyed.

  • Evan

    A “better” movie would not have a conflict resolution directly swiped from another movie (two movies, really), nor a Terran (mortal) having to tell an EXTRADIMENSIONAL character (a certain Norse god) “how” to diminish the endless droves of alien attackers pouring in through an access portal. Thor has fought how many hypothetical battles on how many other worlds? He fought f**king Frost Giants…and those guys can wipe their arses with Chitauri soldiers.

    That’s just bad writing. I liked the movie, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t see how it’s superior to any of Nolan’s Batman films.  

    And yeah, Black Widow is more realistic than Batman because, well, she’s basically just a chick who can fight. Everyone knows that characters like Widow and Hawkeye would be lucky to last five minutes against airborne marauders with laser weapons. Realistic…LOL.

  • Evan

    Why don’t you read the CBR Batman forums, then? You’ll see the posts.

  • Evan

    Those movies suck. That’s like showing Batman Begins to somebody and comparing it to the Schumacher films. LOL!

  • Evan

    The only thing he did (besides do some acrobatic and punching stuff) was force open a large door on the SHIELD Helicarrier.

    And yes, the Avengers Cap costume was lame.

  • Evan

    If TDKR fans are pretentious, then Avengers fans must be simpletons. Or something.

    Sounds like more Marvel vs. DC nonsense you’re brewing.

  • LightningBug

    I love Batman Comics, and Avengers Comics (Snyder’s batman blows Bendis’ Avengers out of the water). I also, thought TDKR was an awesome movie, but to suggest it is so much more grown up and so much smarter than Avengers is frankly silly. Dude is dressed as a Bat. Get over your superiority complex.

  • Brian from Canada

    Grown men are pissing themselves for Avengers because it was a cinematic masterstroke: no other franchise to date has taken separate leads from hit films and made them something bigger as a whole — and done it in a way that makes audiences walk out satisfied with all the portrayals. You don’t have to be a superhero fan to love Avengers, you have to be a superhero movie fan… and the film was still understandable if you didn’t see the others.

    Dark Knight Rises was not completely on point. There has been plenty of criticism of the love interest not getting enough lines; one can argue as well that Batman doesn’t act as Batman would in that situation — if anything, Bruce CAN’T let the Bat go because crime never stops.

    But even if you disagree with all of that, you MUST concede that the summer movie season is about making films to reach the largest audience and entertain them. Avengers did that. It’s a popcorn movie in the tradition of the greats: people don’t return to Star Wars or Star Trek for their plot and characterization but their enjoyment and open situations for future films.

    Battleship is the only one close to it — and even then, it didn’t offer the strength of characters.

    Amazing Spider-Man reran a lot of what we know (with some better twists this time around). Total Recall tries the same thing. Men In Black reran everything and was weaker. Prometheus has an ending we already know — Aliens.

    And TDKR didn’t up the ante in terms of villainous performances. More to the point, enjoyable as it is, there’s always the niggling thought in the back of some minds that Batman’s getting relaunched anyway a few years from now for Justice League. TDKR would have had to expand the scope of the hero and, instead, it failed by focusing on something that doesn’t have that lifespan.

    Thankfully, though, we already know which sequel makes the best blockbuster. It’s simply logical, captain.

  • mike t

    lol I can’t believe how many times this kid “Adam” has posted. You were embarrassed to be in the theater during Avengers cause it was filled with kids? lol, seeing how many times you’ve commented on this one article, I’m sure you got a lot to be embarrassed about.

    Btw, Heath Ledger must be spinning after the performance he put in for part 2 when this turd of a part 3 came out. Tom Hardy sucked. Straight up. Every time he opened his mouth I wanted to walk out of the theater. How do you go from part 2 to that?

    I’m glad I got the tix to see this for free cause I would have been pissed if I had to pay for that hot garbage. yuck. Avengers is a comic come to life, action packed front-to-back, I can’t believe anyone can think TDKR was better than that. I wanted to rip my hair out watching this third turd.

    Oh, and this ain’t no Marvel vs. DC shit, its just an exciting comic movie vs a boring dud. Save your fancy philosophies for someone who cares, cause I’m sure you snarky little birds are gonna come out of the woodwork with your chirping.

  • Evan

    A guy who can hit a moving target with an arrow with a random draw and release.

    You were saying something about silly? LOL!

  • Evan

    Warner Bros. announced their intention to reboot Batman years ago because Nolan’s Batman exists in a universe without other superheroes. It’s not physics.

  • Gnarlk

    i’m a comic book fan first and all avengers was to me was fanboy bait. nothing more.

  • Gnarlk

    hahahaha, oh dear…

  • Gnarlk

    chirp chirp chirp. 

    i can’t believe anybody could watch avengers without laughing at the obnoxious CGI and laughable dialogue. no thanks.

  • LightningBug

    Exactly! And Avengers hits it’s mark better than Dark Knight Rises because it embraces the preposterousness of the entire scenario instead of trying to shroud it in gritty distracting realism. The fact that Nolan’s films try so hard to distract from their comic roots only draws more attention to it. Nolan is actively embarrassed of his source material. How could he have hoped to make a better move than Whedon?

  • cjorg2

    Calling Avengers as deep as Independence Day is a fair judgement IMO. It had a basic plot ( aliens want to invade Earth for an unexplained reason, they want the cosmic cube to rule the universe, blah, blah, blah – basic comic plot from the 60`s) Loki`s motivation was pathetic ( yeah, they`re going to make you ruler of Earth – seriously?) the dialogue was just as corny (apart from Starks) – the Cap collector cards guilt trip was ludicrous and overdone, and if u hadn`t seen the previous films incomprehensible. There were a lot of great moments, don`t get me wrong, but if seeing the Hulk punch Thor makes you think it`s a film of depth, you`re wrong. It was a film structured around a bunch of action scenes and corny dialogue. So comparing it to Independence Day, and even Michael Bay`s Armageddon is an accurate statement. I`m surprised we didn`t have Cap crying ala Ben Affleck made his sacrifice play now thatt I think of it.
    Insulting? Seriously? Who am I insulting by putting forward my opinion. Sems you have a fragile ego if your opinion of yourself is wrapped up in how I see the Avengers film. You need therapy.

  • cjorg2

    People are putting forward their opinions and u are often telling them they`re wrong. Opinions can`t be wrong because they are opinions, not fact. So u are forcing people to defend their opinion when u should just accept they liked a different film to you. That`s not the behaviour of someone being “dragged in…”

  • cjorg2

    I`m a huge Batman fan, but I can only remember 1 fanboy moment inDKR and that was the Robin reveal. However I am, and have always been a Marvel fanboy, particularly Cap – but Avengers was primarily a film structured around a number of action scenes the plot had to service, and numerous fanboy moments. It was great, but lacked depth. It was very much the tone of your average Bronze Age Marvel Avengers comic. But that`s not a bad thing – sometimes its OK to have dessert for dinner instead of a main meal.

  • Evan

    Do your research. Whedon was regarded as a hack before Avengers. He has a SF show with a “cult’ following. Whoopee.

    Nolan has made numerous movies that Whedon could never hope to conceive the likes of.

    The argument that Nolan is embarrassed of anything is absurd. Nolan and Goyer have been visibly patting themselves on the back for years. After TDK, Goyer said “I can’t believe my name is on something this good.”

  • LightningBug

    Now you’re not even reading the comments you’re replying to. I didn’t say Nolan was embarrassed of his movie. He’s embarrassed of the comics they are based off of and it is obvious in the artistic choices that he’s made. And don’t tell me to do my research on Whedon. He has at least four shows with cult followings, and has written some awesome comics: something Nolan has never done. He’s vastly more invested in the Superhero genre than Nolan, and it is quite evident because he has made a movie that celebrates them instead of hiding them behind unconvincing realism. Nolan is certainly a more accomplished film maker, having commanded the box office numerous times, but this summer he lost on merit. His approach to a superhero movie seemed tired when compared to Whedon’s love-letter-to-comics of a movie. Both of these movies were great, but at the end of Avengers I was pumped, and at the end of DKR I was exhausted.

  • Jcree6

    “at the end of Avengers I was pumped, and at the end of DKR I was exhausted.”

    I can see actually having to concentrate on the plot may have been somewhat distressing and challenging to you. Perhaps next time Nolan might add more flashy lights and big boom boom explosions to make you happy.  Maybe next time take a friend who can explain things to you even…

    … just trying to be helpful.

  • Jcree26

    I love people who take the time to purposefully misspell isn’t for ain’t in a way to appear tougher and thus more convincing. 

    Your purposeful misuse of speling has convinced me sir!! Hurrah!!

  • CogInTheWheel

    Lol, TDKR and Avengers were both PG-13 movies intended for family audiences. I dont understand people calling one a kids movie as opposed to the other. I saw just as many kids come out of one theatre as the other, there’s no point in acting like Nolan’s Batman is some super adult material that happens to be appropriate enough for a PG-13 rating.

    If it were rated R and carried a lot of weight with it like Watchmen then I’d understand, but gunshots showing no penetration and just having actors fall and lay still isnt “adult material”….its a watered down Law & Order but with a guy in a batsuit.

  • CogInTheWheel

    Lol, really? Talking about someones typing choice? :p

    There’s a difference between an opinion and an agenda…he’s not exactly “convincing” anyone to do anything, its just another opinion in a comments section…

  • Flapjack

    Anytime someone writes a comment and starts it with LOL they just prove how much of a condescending arsehole they are.  Like you…

  • ubiquitous

    LOL @ the comic book pissing contest.
    God, comic book nerds are adorable.

    Both movies rocked.
    The Avengers was obviously the bigger blockbuster because it brought in more money.

    That’s all there is to it.

    Move on….

  • Merlin

    Actually, most of my non-comic book reading friends loved The Avengers and then went back to check out the individual movies and loved them too. Josh Whedon did a great job of introducing the characters and giving them story arcs that didn’t rely on past movies. Anyone watching TDKR would have been completely lost without Begins and TDK with even many of the commenters here stressing the point that TDKR was part of a trilogy.

  • Merlin

    If they bought tickets in advance but then didn’t go, those sales are still counted in box office results…

  • Evan

    You realize you may have been “exhausted” because the climax of the film carried more of an emotional charge, perhaps, with its themes of liberation, redemption and betrayal?

    Seeing Hulk get blasted by a bunch of laser fire might bum you out while you finger your next Red Vine, but you know it’s not going to do anything to him.

    Still waiting for somebody to cook up an excuse for Joss’ lame-o deus ex ending…

  • Merlin

    With The Avengers box office numbers, obviously it appealed to away more people than just “fanboys”

  • Merlin

    Actually, as a fanboy, the “Robin” reveal was horrendous.

  • Merlin

    The only challenging part was trying to figure out all the plot holes and giant leaps of logic needed to make TDKR cohesive. Figuring out immediately that Miranda Tate was actually Talia and that Blake was gonna replace B Wayne took no effort at all.

  • edge007

    It certainly did.

  • edge007

    Which is just one of the franchises biggest faults, really. At least in Avengers it seemed as if each character got equal screen time. Unfortunately with TDKR, each character got the equal amount of screen time in that movie, too, when it was really supposed to be about Batman.

  • edge007

    Yeah, that was pretty bad. I really liked the character up until that point, too.

  • LightningBug

    Nah, I was exhausted because the film was a bit of a dour, loveless slog with little to no emotional resonance to speak of. It was certainly exciting, but it missed the mark on emotion. There was no real sense of betrayal with Tate/Talia. There was no great reckoning for Bane. Alfred’s departure was a hackneyed mess of overwritten dialogue. The subplots about the corrupt business men were shoehorned into the film, and I felt nothing about them. The romantic connection between Tate and Bruce was an afterthought. I could go on. When a film aspires to hit a sophisticated emotional resonance and falls short it can be exhausting to watch, especially because the obvious comparison to the previous “Dark Knight” must be drawn and that film was so much more successful with emotional resonance. Im certainly not attempting to say that Avengers had greater emotional depth, but it succeeded in hitting the the marks it set out to hit, and I don’t believe that TDKR did. It over reached and fell short.

    I’m sorry that I haven’t included a personal attack on any of your intelligence for disagreeing with my opinion, as that appears to be the custom at this point in the discussion.

  • Convoy

    The Avengers was just more fun and something that everyone could enjoy. It did what no other superhero film has been able to do. TDKR, while enjoyable, was more of the same. How many times are you going to save Gotham City from being destroyed? I would have liked to have seen the Penguin with his nightclub as a front for underworld activity. Or see Batman hunt down Killer Croc in the sewers of Gotham. A SAW like Riddler who’s going after everyone who he feels who screwed him over, and Batman being the detective that he is, trying to figure out what is going one to save the next potential victim. Sure, this was his personal journey, but it was saving Gotham City from destruction yet again.

  • CogInTheWheel

    One of the strongest betrayals of the movie was when Selina Kyle turned on Batman and locked him in a sewer tunnel with Bane. When Wayne teleports back to Gotham, that whole betrayal is waxed over with a cheesy one-liner.

  • FlopJock

    Yeah…because over-speculating someones choice of “isnt” or “aint” is not being a condescending “arsehole”. Nope, it’s the dude who came in saying thats a bit ridiculous…to the point of it being laughable.

    I feel sorry for your friends when you tell a joke. “Did you just LAUGH?? THAT IS CONDESCENDING” /sad-face /thumbs-down

  • Guest

     That would be a legendary Batman movie.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    My point is that if people were not filling seats they already paid for in advance because of Aurora, then surely many more who planned to buy tickets at the door that weekend also stayed home because of Aurora. All of whom likely went at a later time.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Especially since that plot was already used in “Hulk.”

  • darthtigris

    Yeah, I pretty much gave up on responding much here. I’ve been personally
    attacked repeatedly for simply making factual points that Avengers is not just
    fluff and TDKR isn’t some elevated form of art. They’re both movies about
    larger-than-life comic book superheroes, for better or worse. Good comments,

  • LightningBug

    On that note, how did Wayne get out of the desert? That whole thing was glossed over.

  • LightningBug

    Yeah. When it is rebooted, I’d definitely like to see more of a detective Batman.

  • Evan

    Batman Begins provides the blueprint for how Wayne got back to Gotham. It really isn’t that far-fetched for a guy with his connections to catch an aircraft here and a boat there. And he did start by using his feet.

  • Evan

    You “gave up” but here you are, responding? You sound disenchanted with how the discussion is going. Or something.

  • jorge gonzalez

    because it sucked?????

  • LightningBug

    I guess I can give you that. But it seemed abrupt. I couldn’t tell how long it took him to get back, or if it was even difficult. He was just back and I thought we had missed a scene or something.

  • cjorg2

    Maybe you and Lightningbug can have a pity party and invite all your friends.

  • cjorg2

    Putting LOL before every comment is condescending, particularly when used in response to a statement that is clearly not a joke. I would provide my own definition for what constitutes obnoxious behaviour but your comments demonstrate you have are pretty good at that one.

  • CogInTheWheel

    Lol, you crack me up Jack/Jock.

  • Evan

    The editing is what was abrupt. I’d wager Nolan had a 3hr+ print that he had to trim down. No way would Warner have gone for a 3-hour movie. That would limit more screenings and add exposition (which would give the complainers yet another thing to complain about).