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New Revolution Trailer Offers Hope For Post-Apocalyptic Drama

While Revolution, the upcoming post-apocalyptic drama from super-producer J.J. Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, is unlikely to be a ratings hit, it could end up as a successor of sorts to Jericho, the short-lived but much-loved survivalist drama.

However, the new series has a lot going against it, not the least of which are an odd time slot (Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC) and a high-concept premise that makes FlashForward and Alcatraz seem straightforward by comparison.

You see, on Revolution a mysterious calamity leaves every piece of technology on the planet inoperable. Telephones, computers, lights, cars — none of it works, sending civilization into a downward spiral. Fifteen years later, some semblance of society has formed, with militias roaming their territories and small farms dotting the landscape. But after tragedy strikes her family, a young woman sets out to find her uncle, who might just know how to turn the power back on.

It’s certainly ambitious, even for Abrams and Kripke, and destined to be either a solid Monday-night performer — though probably never a certifiable hit — or a glorious disaster. And after watching the new extended trailer below, I’m leaning more toward the former than the latter: It goes a long, long way in selling the personal drama, the mystery and computer-generated backdrops (although some of the acting isn’t very reassuring).

Revolution premieres Sept. 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


  • Skapunkboi19

    I’m going to just assume that anything good about this show is because of Eric Kripke, because everyone else is probably going to be giving the credit to Abrams.

  • coalminds

    I’m impressed that people without technology are so well groomed and cleaned.  This is the sexist post-apocalyptic vision ever.

  • Bedlam66

     Because no one Shaved or got haircuts until the invention of Electricity.

  • Jack

    The premise is totally unbelievable. Not only is the power grid down but batteries, guns, generators all don’t work anymore.  You’d have to repeal the laws of physics and chemistry  for this to happen. 

  • Sock

     So you’re saying this is the first TV show to feature a unbelievable premise?

  • LasloPratt

    Sounds like SOMEBODY’s been reading them some SM Stirling…

  • LightningBug

    Good thing in a fictional world the laws of physics can be repealed. If the characters are good the show will work regardless of believability. If not these technical flaws will be glaring.

  • sandwich eater

     The problem isn’t that the premise is not scientific, it’s that the premise is not internally consistent.  The best sci-fi and fantasy follow their own rules.  If we accept that one day electricity magically doesn’t work anymore why do guns suddenly stop working too?  Guns don’t use electricity, if combustion also magically stops working then guns stop working but there’s also no fire anymore.  I just don’t see how this world that they are creating can make any sense.  Maybe the pilot will explain the premise logically, but I doubt it.

    Getting back to science, it makes no sense for electricity to stop working, if that happened all life would die since biology makes use of electrically charged particles.  Ultimately all molecules in the universe would probably decay into atoms since covalent and ionic bonds rely on electrical charge for molecular cohesion.  So yeah, it makes no sense, and I think this show will be terrible.

  • sandwich eater

    I doubt the mystery of why the power doesn’t work anywhere is going anywhere interesting.  The writers themselves are probably making it up as they go.  My experience with TV shows that are based on a central mystery like Lost, Flashfoward, and the Event is uniformly negative, so I won’t be watching, unless the show turns out to be good in which case I’ll give it a chance after the series finale (that way I’ll be sure I’m not wasting my time).

  • Ana

    Ugh, this show totally looks like a mixture of Jericho, Dark Angel, Lost, and Flashforward, The Hunger Games, and the Divergent/Insurgent book series. Kripke’s involvement makes it a complete ‘won’t watch’ for me.

  • Ana

    It’s the immaculate clothing that gets me. No materials look handwoven, nothing really looks handmade.