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Who Should Join The Movie Justice League?

If Warners and DC Entertainment have their collective corporate hearts set on building a movie Justice League, then what characters should be part of the team? We’ve had a Green Lantern movie, we’re used to cinematic Batmen and Man of Steel is coming out next year. But which other DC Universe characters should make their celluloid debuts in order to graduate to the Big League?

With a movie based on The Flash reportedly already at the script stage, it’s safe to say that DC’s Fastest Man Alive will be making a movie debut sooner rather than later, so that makes four members of the team who’ll potentially be around. Green Arrow, a long-standing Leaguer in the comics, would appear to be tied up on television with his new CW series Arrow debuting in a couple of months, so he’s likely out. But what about the other heroes who have served with the Justice League throughout its long (52 years and counting) history?

Below is a list of the entire membership of the various incarnations of the team across the years (For ease of use, the superhero identities are being presumed to be more important than the secret identities, so the multiple Green Lanterns that have served are all being covered by “Green Lantern”; sorry, Kyle Rayner fans who hate Hal Jordan, and vice versa); what I’d like to see is you, dear reader, choose your dream line-up of seven characters for a movie incarnation of the Justice League… and, in the process, democratically find out which seven characters the collective SpinOff mindset believes would make the most interesting, worthwhile cinematic superhero team in the DC Movie Universe. As ever, feel free to explain your choices in the comments below.


  • Christopher Douglas

    Batman, Wonder Woman & Superman should be mandatory for JL. For the other 4, I’d choose Cyborg, John Stewart/GL, Nightwing & dare I say it (after reading that new JL:Origins by Geoff Johns & Jim Lee) Aquaman.

  • Ziggy Blumenthal

    Did you JUST do a story about how they shouldn’t even do this movie? Make up your mind.

  • Darknyt4

    One Punch

  • Adam Walker

    I kind of agree. But also, they should change the name from CBR to JLR, Justice League Resources…because there is some serious pimping going on.

  • Brendan

    Anyone else notice Flash is in there twice!!! lol

  • Dawnell_do

    Their called the “BIG 7″ (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Martin Manhunter, and the Flash), for a reason.

  • Darren

    I say have a sequel to Green Lantern, and make a Flash Movie, keep the “Arrow” running on TV or postpone it. There’s already a Superman movie, so they can make the Justice league movie start where Man of Steel Left off, but have the other movies lead into the “Justice League” movie.  I see no reason why just because Green Arrow is in a TV show he couldn’t be in the movie, in fact i think that show that leaded into that kind of a movie would gather great buzz, for the channel, the show and the movie, you’ll just need to have clever scheduling for the show and the movie (like film most of the season that leads up to the movie the year before or something).  And then in the Movie have Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Green Arrow.  and then from that you can spawn another movie for any of them.  I think that a lot of good promotion could go on if you had a lead in comic arc of Aquaman or something.  DC has all these Resources and to only use one movie as a follow up to another movie doesn’t seem right. 

  • SteelerNationMD

    For the first movie you would have to stay pretty traditional for the casual fan to be attracted to the film.  Once hooked, then you can get more creative with the sequels.

  • Anxy

    The big screen incarnation of Wonder Woman shouldn’t debut in the JL movie. A female presence like Zatana or Black Canary would be good, and an ending credits tease could suggest WW’s appearance in the sequel, giving us all something to salivate over for the next couple of years. In the meantime, that should give WB and DC plenty of time to finally work out a good Wonder Woman movie (yeah, I know, as if…).

  • JSG

    Why is Flash on there twice?  Jay Garrick and Barry Allen?  I vote Barry.

  • WindyCityGamer

    Well, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter were the original members.  I’d rather see them stick to the originals before they move on to other heroes (I have no problem with them “mining the back bench” like Young Justice does, but let’s start at the beginning).

  • Rob

    Go with John Stewart GL (Could come off a GL sequel, with Hal going off into the galaxy). Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash.  Martian Manunter is a must, he is the JL, and Back Canary, which could hint at some Green Arrow connection without needing that character to appear)

  • Orbitmorning

    Why is flash there twice?

  • Alex Holt

    I’d be tempted to go for something similar to the DCAU team: Batman, Superman, Wonderman, John Stewart, Wally West and Martian Manhunter.  There is certainly room for a 7th member, but after the first six it becomes a bit more of an open playing field: I’d personally put the top contenders at Aquaman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Cyborg, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Zatanna.

      I’d probably lean towards the last 2: Arrow and Canary will be doing the rounds in “Arrow”, Aquaman really needs a little room to shine so introducing him at the same time as potentially 4 other new to screen characters is a hard sell,  Cyborg is possible, but I think the last 2 can be different enough from the rest to stand out in terms of tone of the characters and for balance I think one of the few issues I had with the Avengers was that the sole female character was also the lowest power member, that isn’t really a problem for Wonder Woman, but I do think a second,  less “paragony”, relatable female character would help the balance.

  • Jeff Herron

    Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are a must.  I also like the idea of keeping it mostly original members.  So I’d follow-up with Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Black Canary.  I still find Aquaman kind hokey even if he’s quite popular currently.  Black Canary–being a founding member (for a while anyway), a female, and more street-level character–feels like a better move. 

  • ADI

    personally i think Ryan Reynolds was a far better fit as The Flash than as Green Lantern,based on the way he acts, its far more in touch with they way he is in animated and comicbook form

  • Rollo Tomassi

    I was wondering if the Justice League in the poll is the JL that will debut in the straight to video Green Lantern III: Green Lantern Vs The Zombies movie.
    It’s a travesty that Graeme isn’t running a major studio. What with all his fantastic ideas and all.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Yeah, I accidentally clicked on the one Flash when I meant to pick the other one. And then it wouldn’t let me change my vote. Dammit!!

  • Chris Buchheit

    Why is there no “All of the Above” box?  While I fully expect an adaptation of Johns and Lee’s newest incarnation of the League to be what WB puts out, I’d personally love to see an adaptation of Alex Ross and Jim Krueger’s “Justice”.  It heavily features about ten members, but could feature a cameo for every single character mentioned above.  It’s probably the only chance we have to see Elongated Man as anything but a joke.

  • Alchemy

    They should do a Trinity movie first (Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman)  and then a Justice League movie (adding Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern) plus another female member. In this last place i am conflicted between Hawkgirl (she was in the animated series) or Zatanna (the magician of the group)

  • Bo

    I would like for there to be 10 members. Mine  would be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal), The Flash (Barry), Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkwoman (I prefer the name Hawkwoman than Hawkgirl), Shazam/Captain Marvel, and Firestorm.

  • The Aquaman Shrine

    Although she’s never officially been a Leaguer (yet!), we wish Mera was included in the roll call poll!

  • Deron

    I think that list shows the problem with DC heroes both in terms of a JL movie and basing movies off of them in general. Superman is literally the guy who can do anything and whose sole weakness is a rare green rock; this is why almost all Superman films involve him having a crisis of conscience and trying to NOT be Superman. Batman is a loner who has to be shoe-horned into the plot. The other heroes are clearly remnants of the Golden Age: one note heroes (Flash can run really fast! Green Lantern has this nifty ring! Hawkman and Hawkgirl are hawkpeople!) that don’t resonate with wider audiences the way that even marginal Marvel heroes might — characters who had their human elements from the beginning.

    This is a long-winded way of saying that Graeme’s earlier column, also lousy, about why WB should consider not making a JL movie was probably right. But I’ll play along and say: Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Black Canary, Metamorpho and the Wonder Twins.

  • Louie4711

    Just make a Justice League International movie & be done with it ;)

  • Bobby Drake

    I think the Big 3 (or 4, including Martian Manhunter) should have a cameo at the end (“We’re just returning from a case in space”), to allow the others to shine, and to firmly ground the universe as ‘shared’.

    I chose the most recognizable ‘2nd tier’ guys, Flash, GL, and Aquaman, plus The Atom for cool special effects purposes. Black Canary and Hawkgirl (tons of cartoon awareness, both) and Black Lighting round out my seven suggestions.

  • Joe Slabikosky

     You probably cant edit a poll once it starts, but the Flash is listed twice with no delineation between choices.

  • ATK

    I don’t care who is in it as long as it works, and has batman…and superman…damn it, bring me EVERYONE!!!!

  • Charles Gordon

    It tough cus i love Martian Manhunter but adding Hawkgirl instead would up the female ante of the big 7 (Supes ,Bats ,W.woman ,Flash ,G. Lantern ,Aquaman and Hawkgirl’s my vote .

  • Kevin Scanlan

    Not afraid to say it, Aquaman needs more support here. We need a new Batman that’s closer to Nolan’s then Schumacher’s, but maybe doesn’t growl (please). Wonder Woman is a Must, (new non-Reynolds) Hal Jordan, and I would pick Martian Manhunter, but expect they’ll probably go with Cyborg like the present Justice League. I also picked Green Arrow, though I really miss old DC’s Green Arrow. (oh yeah and superman of course, which I didn’t vote for becuase I knew he’d already have most of the votes)

  • Kevin Scanlan

    - Not afraid to say it, Aquaman needs more support here.
    – We need a new Batman that’s closer to Nolan’s then Schumacher’s, but maybe doesn’t growl (please).
    – Wonder Woman is a Must,
    – (new non-Reynolds) Hal Jordan.
    – The Flash (probably Barry Allen)
    – I would pick Martian Manhunter, but expect they’ll probably go with Cyborg like the
    present Justice League.
    – I also picked Green Arrow, though I really miss old DC’s Green Arrow.
    – oh yeah and Superman of course,
    who I didn’t vote for becuase I knew he’d already have plenty of votes

  • G & G

    I chose the the obvious first six, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman. Now let’s think for a second, we have an alien, a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist human vigilante, a princess who hails from Greek Mythology, the fastest man alive, a galactic space cop, and an Atlantean King who rules the 7 seas.

    Now I wanted Martian Manhunter for my 7th choice. And if not him then either Hawkman or Hawkgirl. But in my final thoughts, I chose Zatanna, the daughter of a master illusionist and the woman who understands the elements of the supernatural. I sincerely felt the team would be off balanced if we did not have at least one more female member on the team next to Wonder Woman, and at least a member of the team who can cast spells and elaborate on the supernatural.

    Now I sincerely hope if such a movie is made, they skip the whole alien invasion ’till the end to set it as a precursor for JL-2 Movie, otherwise it’ll be too similar to the Avengers and start a riot amongst studios and fans. I may be saying this too soon, but maybe do the JL-1 movie a bit like “Watchmen” elaborating with a little backstory of each character at least 7 minute segments or so, of who they are and why they fight who they fight and who they’ve come to be. So that when it is all explored and tailored in a way that it’s not too much info for movie goers to take in, that they can actually do something different from Marvel, and put the heroes against each other right off the bat, and have someone like Vandal Savage the main villian and go through the motions of “The Tower of Babel” or like the animated feature “Justice League: Doom”. Then at the end of the movie, have them meet Martian Manhunter … and sets the course for JL-2, an alien invasion type thing. And in that story line, have Martian Manhunter’s story (Jon Jones) be explored a bit, and actually have like 2 alien invasions. First that the Hawkgirl species came to earth to occupy it, but then aa a long and exhausting battle, the Hawk species cut their losses with the earth protectors when they learn that a greater threat arrive, and that can be something like Brianic, Darkseid, or Starro. Take your pick, by all means, it’ll be epic. After all is said and done, Hawks have a change of heart, leave the earhlings be, help the league stop the new threat, then go home. Hawkgirl decides to stay with the league, of course, not without ridicule by the humans, but she takes it, and tries to resin everyone’s trust.

    Anyways, that’s my two cents. I hope for something like this, but hey, who listens to me right.

  • ZBaksh386

    I’d say the bruce timm JL characters would be cool to see on screen.

  • jrau18

    Two articles and there’s “some serious pimping going on.”? Really?

  • Babybro

    Hmm, definitely superman, batman, Green Lantern, wonder woman, flash, aquaman, and cyborg, they are the big 7 and it will make an easier transition from those that watch the video movie to read the comic.



  • Ben Gebhart

    My ideal cinematic JL would be led by Wonder Woman, who forms and leads the team during an invasion from Apokolips. She’s soon joined in battle by champions from across the country (and beyond), whom include The Flash, fastest man alive…J’onn J’onzz, the Manhunter from Mars living amongst us as a private detective…Zatanna, world’s greatest magician…Blue Beetle, young adventurer encased in alien battle-armor…and finally Cyborg, a casualty of the invasion, saved by science, who joins the League at the 11th hour.

    I feel Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern have already been introduced to the modern audience. If Warner Bros. wants them to join the League later and push smaller-time characters into the background in the sequel, fine, but I feel a JLA movie could be a great platform to bring more characters into the forefront and potentially (re-)launch a franchise or two. The name recognition is there with WW and Flash who could be given the larger spotlight so as to avoid potentially damaging solo movies, and I believe enough kids that watched JLU on Cartoon Network would go to see J’onn and the others in live-action. Please-o-please, I hope something like this is what we get…

  • Caz

    Ummmm actually Aquaman was an original so they probably wouldn’t pass up on him. But I have to say, that Choi/Atom, Jordan/GL, Allen/Flash, and Queen/Arrow (plus the Trinity) would be the best/most logical line-up.

  • Mr_Wayne

    Must be a Marvel fanboy.

  • Emanuel

    the original 7 (Supes, Bats, Diana, Hal, Arthur, Barry and Martian Manhunter) + THE ATOM (Ray Palmer)

  • Nachtnoir

    I think Warner would be best served to take a page from Ron Howard’s playbook and do movies with a tv show tie in. He is trying to do Stephen King’s Dark Tower as films with tv show tie ins. Do Justice League films with either separate hero tie in shows, or do the side kicks/Young Justice as a series with guest shots periodically with the main heroes throughout the season. Cast actors that aren’t afraid to do tv for the films and try to find the middle ground between the darkness of Nolan and the campy Schumacher with a dash of teen angst/earnestness of Smallville. With Arrow already coming there is already one DC character who could pop in, and the shows could share villians, writers and production.

  • Jake

    Superman is in. Guaranteed. Man of Steel will be phenomenal. Next up is Wonder Woman. Probably wont have her own movie based on how difficult it would be to pull off. Sadly, Christian Bale said he won’t be doing any more movies as Batman and I think It would be ridiculous to cast someone else for the role. Instead, they should have Joseph Gordon Levitt as Batman/Nightwing. Next is Flash. He’ll get his own movie beforehand to lead up to the JL movie. Green Lantern, as terrible as the movie did in the box office, will actually fit very well into the JL story as it already introduced possible story arcs such as Amanda Waller. I believe they’ll have a GL 2 before the JL movie as well. Hopefully, it’ll do better. Next would be Cyborg, who would work perfectly in my opinion. Last, and certainly not least would be Martian Manhunter.

  • Quinn Hopkins

    Way to hide Cyborg away from the rest of the current team…

  • Lyle

    We couldn’t vote for the Yazz? That’s just wrong!

  • hondobrode

    Left out Superman and Batman, agreeing that the public already knows them.  Time to expose some more characters.

    Keep Martian Manhunter as the team leader and telepath.  His power set is on level with Superman.

    Absolutely WW stays.

    Flash & GL are both big draws and tons of people know them too.

    Aquaman is in to raise his public awareness with his new cool factor on full display.

    The Atom !  The imagery and uniqueness of the character would be great.

    Huge Hawkman fan, but put Hawkgirl in to help balance out with another female character.

  • MetalArtois

    You only need Superman,Batman,Flash,Green Lantern,Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter. Could end the film with the others joining up later. You only need the people they make movies for. 

  • Stpatrick67

    The Avengers movie replaced Wasp and Antman with Hawkeye and Black Widow, so I don’t think it should be the big seven.  I think for DC to be successful, they should have the Justice League movie come out first and then they can do individual movies.  I would recast Superman and Batman and then include Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Flash, Zatanna and Hawkman.  The movie can touch on origins without it getting heavily laden in them.  I would stay away from Apokolipse and Darkseid as the villain. 

  • Grungust073

    I’m picking Captain Marvel (fewer ties than Superman), Nightwing (either as himself or as Batman’s successor), Maxima, August-General-In-Iron, Steel, and Manitou Raven.  I think these characters are unattached enough to use freely as well as create enough of a buzz about.  It meets Hollywood’s multicultural requirement, and I think visually, it’d be interesting to see them together, with the different things you could do with costuming.  In the last category, however, of visual, August-General-In-Iron and Steel might be a little too similar visually, in which case I think I’d replace August-General-in-Iron with The Atom (Ryan Choi, which sadly would also give filmmakers someone to kill off for pathos.)

    EDIT: That being said, I think they would probably attempt to cleave as close to the Trinty / Silver Age Trinity as possible, with Supes / Bats / Wondy and GL / Flash / GA, with Black Canary as the breakout star (the one the movie follows, as she comes into her own and saves the league with her combination of martial arts and just-learned-to-control Canary Cry)

  • MetalArtois

    You cant pick the lesser characters, people will have enough trouble getting back into Superman, learning about Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman, then on top of all that you got another Batman to deal with…which should be the last one before the JL film. You may as well keep the big names in and then if it is a good and successful film, you can add other characters in a sequel. 

  • Josh

    I’m endorsing the plan that Bobby Drake (and others) proposed: Keep Batman and Superman (MAYBE Wonder Woman) off of the team to allow for development of the other characters. The general public is already confused enough why a team that has Batman and Superman on it needs the other characters at all; indeed, Jerry Seinfeld had jokes about it 15 or 20 years ago.

    If I have to have seven characters (and not twelve) then I’ll go for John Stewart, Wally West, Shayera/Hawkgirl, J’Onn, Wonder Woman, the Atom, and the JLU version of the Question. John Stewart not gives the cast some diversity, but he’s more familiar to most fans (no matter what WB wants to believe, more fans saw and liked JL/JLU than they saw or liked the horrible GL movie), and it stays far away from the stench of the Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan failure. Wally West is fun. Shayera prevents all out sausage-fest and is probably the most interesting character from JL/JLU. J’Onn is the heart and soul of the Justice League, despite what Geoff Johns thinks (or does not think). Wonder Woman needs a place to debut, and it might as well be here. The Atom is awesome, and Avengers hasn’t done Ant-Man yet. And the JLU version of the Question is the Batman-like powerless guy on the team for strategy, insane fight scenes, and comic relief.

    I’d not add Green Arrow for two reasons: (1) the show, and (2) JL movie will already suffer from inevitable (and logical) comparisons to the Avengers, and I don’t want people to be able to say “See? JL copied the bow and arrow guy from Avengers” because I would have to punch those people in the face.

  • Hyk9266

    August-General-in-Iron, Zauriel, Elongated Man, Mystek, Crimson Fox, Godiva, and Animal Man

  • Hyena

    Trinity plus Flash and GL.  Zatanna and Canary to up the female count and maybe introduce a new character to hook in the masses.  Stargirl would be a good one too.

  • Rufus Clutch

    Who thinks the Jay/Barry/Wally confusion us getting old?

  • MetalArtois

    There isnt any point in trying to complicate it. WB should commit to a JL film before The Man of Steel is released, then at least we know whats going to happen and then at least there is character development before hand so that the JL films isnt wasted telling tedious origin stories. 

  • WonderScott

    I think it needs to expand from 7 members to something larger to get some more gender and racial diversity in the cast.  Not all the characters need to get the same focus, some can be supporting characters and still have amazing moments of sharing and showing their intelligence, powers and heroic spirit.

    1. Superman
    2. Wonder Woman
    3. Batman
    4. Flash
    5. Green Lantern
    6. Black Canary
    7. Cyborg
    8. Black Lightning
    9. Vixen
    10. Hawkman
    11. Hawkwoman
    12. Green Arrow
    13. Zatanna
    14. Atom

    Treat it like the Young Justice animated show.  They give you a lot flavor with other characters while focusing on 3-5 at a time.  

  • Another Ian

    Hawkman, Power Girl, Blue Beetle, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Rocket Red and Starman…that’s who I voted for…but I’d have thrown a few other randoms in there if I could.  Dr. Fate, Vixen, maybe Cyborg.  Just make it the most ridiculous team of mashed up characters as possible…who cares?  Really, choose the randoms and make them whatever race/sex/etc. as you please and away you go. 

  • Patrick Keely

    JL should be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, GL, Aquaman, and Cyborg.  If they do the reverse of Marvel (like the original plan) and have the Justice League movie then solo films, the movie will need to be told through mainly one team members perspective and the best choice for that would be Cyborg.  Follow the new origin that Cyborg is the result of the Apokolips invasion and be the character that everyone can relate to.  I originally thought Green Arrow for this role, but I think Cyborg will have a better emotional impact, especially if he’s only created halfway through the film after a failed repulsion of the Apokoliptan forces by the other members of the Justice League.

  • HispaNerd

    I went half Dream JLA and half “Match the Avengers”, so I picked Martian Manhunter/Nightwing/Cyborg/Lightest/Zatanna/Vixen/Godiva!! A guy can dream!!

  • jeremymace

    I would just let Bruce Timm and Alex Ross do the whole thing.