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Bourne Dethrones The Dark Knight

It was bound to happen. The Bat had to fall at some point and, as predicted, he was brought down by Bourne, or more accurately Jeremy Renner, star of Universal Pictures’ The Bourne Legacy.

The Tony Gilroy-directed film actually performed better than predicted, however, slipping past the $35 million pre-release estimate to gross $40.3 million in its first weekend at the North American box office. Falling to third from the top spot, a position it had held since its July 20 release, The Dark Knight Rises still managed another $19.5 million, bringing its worldwide total to nearly $835.5 million.

The Will Ferrell-Zach Galifianakis political comedy The Campaign exceeded expectations, debuting at No. 2 with $27.4 million. The only new release of the weekend to under-perform was the Tommy Lee Jones-Meryl Streep dramedy Hope Springs, whose $15.6 million fell $3.4 million short of early estimates.

Those new releases will face stiff competition this week, however, with the arrivals of the ensemble action film The Expendables 2, the stop-motion kids’ horror/comedy ParaNorman, the musical drama Sparkle, the feel-good family affair The Secret Life of Timothy Green and the potential dark horse Cosmopolis.


  • Demoncat4

    figured sooner  or later the bat would not be number one any more interesting to see the film that knocked it off its throne was another adaption of the Bourne books.though surprised a will ferrel movie took second place

  • Evan

    The Bourne Legacy won’t make $400M domestically like TDKR, so “dethrones” is a funny choice for a word.

    TDKR is still on track to make a billion worldwide, or close to it.

  • Michael J

    No surprise here.What with the Olympics over and the sad but tragic shooting at least for now behind them, this was the perfect time for the Bourne Legacy film to take the number one spot.The film studio made a very brilliant move in delaying the movie.Who could have guessed that one horrible event would effect the box office as it did.Attendance was down but I can’t say that I blame the folks who decided to stay home or go anywhere else but the movies.Time heals all wounds but for Colorado it might take a bit longer and I wish them the best.