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Less Snow White, More Huntsman in Universal Sequel … If It Happens

Stars Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart with director Rupert Sanders

Contrary to reports that Kristen Stewart had been dropped from a planned sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman following her much-publicized affair with director Rupert Sanders, Universal Pictures insists the follow-up is progressing as planned. However, that plan apparently consists of a lot more Huntsman and a lot less Snow White.

While the studio tells the Los Angeles Times the second movie will focus on Chris Hemsworth’s character, with the possibility of smaller a role for Stewart, The Hollywood Reporter‘s sources contend the project is being re-conceived as a full-blown spinoff, leaving no room for the Twilight Saga star.

The studio has yet to settle on a writer and director, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that screenwriter David Koepp (Mission: Impossible, Premium Rush) was “settled out of his rich contract” because of the change in focus. Sanders is said to be on the list of possible directors.

The first film, which also starred Charlize Theron, grossed $389.2 million worldwide on a $170 million production budget.


  • JozefAL

    Well, the first movie would’ve benefited from a whole lot less “Snow White.”  Kristen Stewart was quite easily the single worst thing in the movie.  I mean, the girl had the charisma of a turnip and she was supposed to be the “leader” around whom the troops were supposed to rally?  Of all the people that Charlize Theron hurt and killed (or attempted to hurt and kill) in the movie, Stewart was the only one I really didn’t give a crap about.  Her dad?  Gods, I hated Theron.  The poor girl who was in the other tower prison cell?  Gods, I felt so sorry for her.  The Hunksman–I mean, Huntsman?  I was so hoping he’d find some way to slice off Theron’s head or drive his sword through Theron’s heart.  The poor young guy who called her out?  I felt like my own heart had been cut out. But with Stewart?  Please.  Just kill the little whiny brat and be done with it.  (And hell, when you’re rooting for the Huntsman to wind up with William because THEY have the real sexual chemistry–and not just because you like a little guy-on-guy action–you just have to wonder what people see in Stewart?  Dakota Fanning and Saoirse Ronan were considered for the role and they went with Stewart?  She *had* to be sleeping with the director.)