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What Would Clark Gregg Look Like As The Vision? (Like This, Maybe)

No sooner had The Avengers opened than viewers began to theorize — or is that fantasize? — about the potential return of fan-favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson as The Vision, the android introduced in Marvel comics in 1968. While that seems unlikely, Clark Gregg devotees can see what the actor might look like as the synthetic superhero, thanks to the jaw-dropping work of an artist going by the screen name bhsfx.

There’s always a chance Joss Whedon could see these images before he wades into the script for the untitled Avengers sequel, which opens May 1, 2015.

In related news — okay, “news” — Vin Diesel has sparked a rumor that he might be up for the role of The Vision, based solely on the Riddick actor changing his Facebook profile photo. So … there’s that. Get sculpting, bhsfx!

(via ComicBookMovie)


  • Jon A. Leslie

    Although the idea is fantastic (and that sculpture is amazing), Clark is not the right fit for the part IMO.

    As for Vin: Only if he can 1) pull of a faux european accent via vocoder (that’s how I envision Vizh voice), 2) lose about a hundred lbs. of his “muscle bulk” and become a lean muscle monster, gain about 2 feet in height and, of course, learn how to act.  

    The perfect fit is Harry Lloyd of Doctor Who & Game Of Thrones. He’d be a perfect Vizh! :

  • XXX

    No way fuck that! Thats not the real Vision

  • Alex Clark8888


  • Wrich Printz

    I think it looks great…though I did think it was Brian Cranston. I think Clark has the inside track, as he is very popular and liked by everyone he works with.

  • VenomMelendez

    Pretty Sure Vin would do the voice. and i don’t think Vision would not need an European accent.

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    Yeah… it’s a statue. They said that in the article.

    Also… The Vision is a comic book character. There is no “Real Vision”.

  • Retox9k

    thats an amazing sculpt… i mean just plain awesome.

  • legionquest

    This has to happen. It’s a brilliant way to introduce Vision within the confines of the cinematic universe and in a semi realistic way, plus a great way to bring back a fan favourite and it even makes sense from some of the scripted words of characters in A1. 

  • darthtigris

    I know every character has his fans, but I just don’t get the vocal support for having Vision in the movies, especially with Coulson’s face.  Vision is pretty much your standard noble android character.  I’m not against him being there, but unless you get into his WHOLE story (which would include Hank Pym, Ultron, Wonder Man AND Scarlett Witch, none of whom are in the MCU currently), there’s just really nothing all that interesting there beyond his abilities (e.g. see Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes season 2).

    As far as the sculpture, though, it’s good work for sure.  Clark should be flattered (and … maybe a bit creeped out?).

  • Ben Gebhart

    While I understand where you’re coming from (I think his voice was Brittish on a cartoon?), Vision’s brain-patterns were based on Simons Williams AKA Wonder Man, who’s an all-American Hollywood actor. His body was that of Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch, who I’m sure was given an American personality by the American scientist that designed him.

  • Dswynne1

     Considering that the cinematic-verse has it’s own continuity, a Vision can be included without the Pym backstory.

  • darthtigris

    Right, but as I was saying, THAT is what makes him interesting.  Not just Pym, but all of that stuff.  How do you do Vision and take away all of that?  That’s not Vision anymore …

  • Joe Kerr

    This actually look like my grandpa trying to be a super-hero. Also in my opinion a character like Vision will be defined by a deep voice wich Clark doesn’t have. It’s like Julian McMahon as Dr. Doom, fine actor but didn’t work because he had a wimpy/snarky voice.

  • Alan Alexander

    If they had any sense, they’d just bring Coulson back in the next Thor movie. He did fighting an Asgardian god. By rights, he should be somewhere in Valhalla right now. The first Thor movie was a fish out of water story about a god on earth. Bring Coulson into Asgard as a somewhat baffled and acerbic American who, by a fluke of theology, becomes a fish out of water in the realm of the gods.

  • coalminds

    Good example of why fan fiction sucks.

  • Zenstrive

    A Yankee in The Court of Odin