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Doctor Who Season 7: 5 Questions About What We Know So Far

We’re just weeks away from the debut of Doctor Who Season 7, the final season for Amy and Rory, the first since the Doctor’s “death” and one that promises a blockbuster movie every single week. Gearing up for the main event, you really shouldn’t be surprised that we have five questions about what little we already know about what’s to come.

Firstly, you have all seen this already, right…?

Good. Now, let’s begin.

What Are We Seeing In That Trailer, Exactly?
Apparently, scenes from at least four of the five episodes that make up the first part of the seventh season, judging by this list of titles:

Episode 1: Asylum of the Daleks (by Steven Moffat)
Episode 2: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (by Chris Chibnall)
Episode 3: A Town Called Mercy (by Toby Whithouse)
Episode 4: The Power of Three (by Chris Chibnall)
Episode 5: The Angels Take Manhattan (by Steven Moffat)

The only one I can’t see for sure in that trailer is “The Power of Three,” but I’m sure everyone else is as excited as I am about finally getting that long-awaited Doctor Who/Charmed crossover after all this time.

The Daleks? Really?
Something that I’ve found very interesting about the non-spoilery reviews that have appeared following the British press screening for “Asylum of the Daleks” is the repeated comments along the lines of “I was really over the Daleks, but this is the best episode they’ve had since 2006’s ‘Dalek’.” If true, that’s quite a compliment. Color me a little excited then, if still a little worried that Daleks are so overblown that we can pretty much write them off as useful bad guys these days.

Will Amy Die In The First Episode Of The Season?
Reports had Amy and Rory making it at least midway through the season before being written out, but the Doctor holding Amy in his arms at 1:23 seems to suggest otherwise… Especially with the non-spoilery reviews from the UK promising something dramatic happening to the Ponds in the episode. Is Amy going to die, and then make appearances from earlier in her timeline in later episodes…? We know that Steven Moffat likes to play with time travel, after all…

So, What’s The Overarching Story Of This Season?
According to interviews, there is no season-long storyline or mystery to this season, with the show instead trying to make every episode a standalone blockbuster of the week. Which… I kind of like the idea of – I certainly like the idea of different opening titles each week, I have to admit – but I’m also not sure I fully believe. After all, we have the whole “Doctor who?” question dangling from last year, and if rumors about this year being Matt Smith’s last one turn out to be true, you’d think that would get addressed at some point this year… So are we going to see an arc slowly emerge amongst lots of seemingly standalone episodes…?

When Does It Begin? No, Really, When?
In the UK, September 1. In the US… Well, BBC America hasn’t officially announced a date yet, but considering that it aired the same day as the UK last year, and the channel currently has all-new specials scheduled for the Saturdays leading up to September 1, I think we can confidently say that we’ll be seeing new Doctor a week from Saturday…


  • jrau18

    “rumors about this year being Matt Smith’s last one turn out to be true,”

    You do realize that this is a NEWS site? Why don’t you know that he’s confirmed through 2014?

  • Claygilbert1971

    Guys, get current, please, and don’t just post open-ended questions to generate more useless fan chatter on the Internet.  Matt Smith has already signed his contract for Season/Series 8, and yeah, that’s the next season AFTER the one you’re speculating about here.

  • apathymonger

    Do you have an actual source for the September 1st date? Everywhere else I’ve seen seems to just think “September” at the moment.

  • Chimera21887

    Matt Smith has confrmed series 8 as production on it has already begun…more people need to read Doctor Who Magazine for news like this

  • Tomfitz1

    So, let’s see if I got this right, a Time Lord is allowed up to 12 regeneration, therefore having 13 lives, correct.

    If Matt Smith is the eleventh Doctor, that’ll allow BBC for only two more Doctors.

    Any guesses what happens after that?

  • David Fullam

    Then Daleks are overblown? Ever see the Weeping Angels?

  • Alder

    My theory? 

    When River Song saved the Doctor in “Let’s Kill Hitler,” she used up the rest of her regeneration energy and gave it to him.
    If the writers are following canon, then that technically means the Doctor should have additional regeneration equal to the amount River Song had. (probably anywhere from 6 to 12)

    Source: In the DW movie featuring the Eighth Doctor, the Master attempted to steal the Doctor’s remaining lives by opening the Eye or Harmony/Heart of the TARDIS.

  • Scott Nicol

    Also, the 12 regen limit was imposed by the timelords (to prevent them becoming immortal or degenerating after 10s or even 100s of regenerations) and they’ve waived / overcome this limitation in the past (e.g. they gave the master a new regen during the timewar, he’s stolen new regens etc). So not only are the timelords not around to police the 12 regen limit, there are lots of past precedents out there in the canon to overcome this if it becomes inconvenient for the writers.

  • ATK

    8/25 uk

  • Robert Sienicki

    But he’s not. He said that he didn’t sign anything new so he is Doctor only for season 7 and 50th anniversary specials.

  • Robert Sienicki

    They changed it. Now it’s i guess 521 or something. It was during Sarah Jane Adventures.

  • Jackmurphy1969

    September 1 is over Labor Day weekend. BBC America does not, for some reason, show new Dr. Who on holidays. With the exception of the Christmas specials. September 8 is a strong possibility, but the 1st is very unlikely.

  • oldman .

    seem to recall the 521 line was a Doctor joke. Most reports I have read seem to agree that River gives up her remaining regens.

  • Stpatrick67

    5 Questions about Season 7
    WIth this being the Season before the 50th, why have the Daleks and the Weeping Angels back again?
    Doesn’t Amy deserve something better than being killed off the show (If that truly occurs)?
    Last season was the season of waiting (Amy and Rory and the FANS), why can’t we have the whole season all at once?  If you need to shoot the whole season, to give you time to edit it and add the computer graphics – take it.
    Why doesn’t the Doctor take his companion(s) to the past of other planets, does it always have to be Earth?
    Do we really need to know who the Doctor really is?

  • David

    Production has not begun on series 8. Hell, they only just started production on the Christmas Special, which falls in the middle of series 7

  • Brian from Canada

    In answer to the 3rd, this season is split over the Christmas break due to financial reasons: the first 6 will be in 2012 along with the X-Mas special, and the remaining 7 will be in early 2013. It’s not the only show to be hurt by costs either… Top Gear UK has been postponed until February 2013 as well (instead of the usual November or so)/

    Regarding to the fourth, The Doctor has a strange affinity for Earth and humans. That’s been stated regularly since he revealed he’s part human. The only notable past he’s dealt with is Skaro (home of the Daleks), but that was linked to the narrative of the Daleks vs Timelords.

    In answer to the last one, fan speculation is that he’s the mysterious “other” that started the Timelords along with Omega and Rassilon — and that the 50th anniversary special will pick up on the fact that The Doctor’s DNA was imprinted on Rassilon during “The Five Doctors.”
    IF this is true, that makes The Doctor a first and last Timelord, an interesting premise.

  • jrau18
  • sillymander

    Calm-down with your “but this is a news site” responses.

    Most of the posts on Spinoff are commentary of the opinion or rumor-mill variety.

    They can’t even seem to get Graeme’s posts edited, when he fluffs spelling or grammar.

    Treat it as undersourced schoolyard gossp, and chill-out.

  • jrau18

    How would the past of a different planet differ from it’s present, from your POV?

  • Zor-El of Argo

    That rule of 12 is completely blown. When David Tennant met Sarah Jane Smith he told her he had regenerated several times since they had last met. Also, David Tennant managed to regenerate once without changing. Matt Smith may be the 11th on screen Doctor but not truly the 11th Doctor.

  • apathymonger

    They last met in The Five Doctors, so he had regenerated into 6,7,8,9 and 10 since.

  • Liv

    If you look at the BBC America schedule for the 1st its a Doctor Who marathon, including the Christmas special at 8:00, then it just skips 9:00 and goes to 10:00. Obviously they aren’t going off air for an hour, so it has to be on.

  • Danielbriscoe

    I think the power of three will have the 11th, 10th and 9th doctor in it the three doctors of the new series since it started in 2005

  • Elizabeth Tropp

    Actors do this all the time though in order to get more money from the directors so that they’ll sign on my X-more number of seasons. We’ll see what happens when it gets closer to the end of Smith’s contract.

  • M.

    BBC America is doing the new season on Sept 8 as on the website schedule on Sept 1 they are showing reruns.

  • The 14th Doctor

    As of 1pm MST , twitters on BBC America were stating Sept 1 st for  BBC1 premire, the 8th for US.
    All subject to official BBC confirmations

  • jrau18

    “to get more money from the directors”
    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Faust

    OMG! It feels like years since the last series!! So glad its finally back! Although I am totally over Daleks – I could go without seeing them again. Looking forward to seeing how Amy dies.

  • Peter Fusco

     The Doctor is NOT part human.

  • Peter Fusco

     Actually I think it refers to Amy, Rory and Rorys father