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WB Passes On The Dark Tower, But Ted Producers Could Step In

Imagine Entertainment’s brain trust of Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Akiva Goldsman have ambitious plans for Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. The idea is for Imagine to produce three movies and two TV series with Howard directing and Goldsman writing at least the first installments. The project was previously in the works at Universal Pictures until executives balked at the scope, and corresponding budget, of the fantasy adaptation.

The project wandered for more than a year as Howard and Grazer sought financing for the epic — until earlier this month, when Warner Bros. expressed interest. But now that studio two has bailed.

However, Deadline reports an unlikely source could rescue The Dark Tower: Media Rights Capitol, which produced Seth McFarlane’s Ted and the upcoming Neill Blomkamp-directed Elysium, may be interested in financing the adaptation.


  • Demoncat4

    sadly figured that the dark tower would fall again for that thing is too rich and expensive to do right  on film too much material not to mention hollywood is too scared to try though given how twice this thing has been thouight dead and rose like a phoenix . hope the third try happens.