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Blake’s 7 Remake Lands At Syfy

Martin Campbell’s remake of the classic BBC sci-fi series Blake’s 7 has officially landed at Syfy, Deadline reports. We first heard about the project from the Green Lantern director and indie TV producers Georgeville Television last month when they were planning to shop the series to American networks.

The pilot is being written by Heroes and CSI writer and supervising producer Joe Pokaski with Campbell directing the pilot. Syfy has set up a deal with Georgeville where it will agree to a 13-episode season if executives like the script.

The original series was created by Doctor Who writer extraordinaire Terry Nation in 1978 and featured a Dirty Dozen/Suicide Squad-esque group of criminals trying to make good by serving out their sentences doing some good instead of being executed.


  • Bill Sodeman

    This could be really, really good. 

  • Proximity

    The last paragraph gets its facts wrong – they were escaped convicts and freedom fighters trying to bring down the government, while occasionally indulging in a spot of piracy. They were also mostly of questionable morals, which was an entirely good thing. Looking forward immensely to this remake.