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5 September TV Returns We Can’t Wait to Watch

It’s been a long summer, but September is almost here — and with it, the start of the new fall season of television. New shows! Old favorites! They’re all here, which means that we’re cheating with the regular recommendations of five shows to keep an eye out for this time. Today, we’re giving you five season premieres of returning shows to tune into, and on Saturday, five all-new shows you might want to check out. Let’s revisit some old friends first, shall we?

Doctor Who
Like this wasn’t going to be on top of my list. Returning for the first part of its seventh season, Who‘s fall run offers five “blockbuster” episodes featuring dinosaurs, Daleks, gunfights with aliens in the Old West, and the end of the Ponds – although whether or not that means the end of the Ponds or just their time on the show remains to be seen. Geronimo, indeed. (September 1 at 9pm Eastern on BBC America)

The Office
All good things must come to an end, and after nine years, that includes the American version of the classic BBC sitcom (which managed less than 10 percent of the American show’s number of episodes). While many familiar faces have already exited the series – In addition to Steve Carrell’s exit a couple of years back, this year also sees a lack of Mindy Kaling, who’s off creating her own sitcom on Fox – the final season promises to introduce the camera crew that have been shooting the documentary about the Scanton office for so long… as well as, we hope, bringing back some of the missing characters for an emotional final episode. (September 20 at 9pm Eastern on NBC)

Parks & Recreation
From one NBC sitcom to another — and if you’re wondering where Community is in all this, it’s not back until October — as Leslie Knope enters government and Ben Wyatt moves to DC for his dream job. Weirdly and wonderfully, expect cameos from real-life politicians like Senators Barbara Boxer and John McCain as the series tries to make a long-distance relationship work, but if that’s not your thing, there’s always Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman and Aniz Ansari keeping things anchored back in Pawnee. (September 20 at 9:30pm Eastern on NBC)

How far can you bend a series’ concept before it breaks? Ask Castle, which ended its last season with the eponymous writer finally coming clean about his feelings for Beckett, who equally finally told him that she felt the same — but only after she’d quit the police force and Castle had been forced out due to their insistence on trying to unravel the truth behind the murder of Beckett’s mother. Should we prepare for some Moonlighting-after-Maddie-and-David-got-together style awkwardness, or will this show work out how to keep its spark now that its leads have found theirs? (September 24 at 10pm Eastern on CBS)

Another show heading towards its end this year, Fringe jumps decades into the future and right into Observer-occupied America for its final season, aiming high as it tries to bring everything together before the end. What do the Observers want? Why is Olivia and Peter’s daughter the key to everything? And should we be scared of Walter now that his brain is whole for the first time in the show’s history? Expect answers to all of those questions and more; me, I’m just hoping that we’ll see a return of The Pattern before too long. (September 28 at 9pm Eastern on Fox)


  • Breadline

    Wow. Not one of those shows do I watch regularly. Is there nothing else?

  • Skapunkboi19

    Can’t wait for Park & Recs to return. I like that they finally got Castle and Beckett together and hey it worked on Bones when they finally got the two leads together.

  • Suthernboy72

    Definitely looking forward to the return of Doctor Who and Castle, two of my favorite shows. Hope Castle can keep the spark alive.

  • David

    The British version of the Office didn’t “manage” to get fewer than 10% of the episodes of the American one. They ended it at a good, sensible place, whereas in typical American style, this one has gone on far too long and has been driven into the ground.

  • Michael J

    I am looking forward to the new season of FX Sons Of’s not on the list?

  • Terrible-d

    Did Castle move to CBS or is that a misprint?

  • Ultra_Brabbnus

    Just a couple of days till the return of Doctor Who. Can’t wait. I have not missed an episodes first broadcast since 1981

  • ATK

    Doctor Who – So done waiting. Office is cool but glad they decided to wrap up rather than get cancelled eventually. Also looking forward to;

    9/9 Robot Chicken / DC Comics Special
    9/11 Sons of Anarchy
    9/21 Haven – Scifi season 3
    9/24 HIMYM – Season…where we still don’t meet the Mother
    9/25 New Girl – Season 2
    9/27 Large Boom Hypothesis – Season 6
    9/27 Person of Interest – Season 2
    9/30 Once Upon a Time – Season 2
    9/30 Family Guy/Simpsons/American Dad
    9/31 Firefly – Season 11 – In the Alternate Universe where Firefly is still on the air. (Priority 1 nasa)

    and I’m sure your going to do a separate article for new shows but I’m impatient;

    9/17 Revolution – NBC
    9/26 The Neighbors – ABC
    9/27 Elementary – CBS doubt it will beat BBC but i’m willing to try
    9/29 TMNT – Most recent incarnation
    9/? (How to Train Your) Dragons: Riders of Burke
    9/? QI – Series J

  • ATK

     Oh yeah…Forgot Clone Wars – Season 5 – Still the only good to come out of the Star Wars prequels.

  • Cory Jameson

    I’ve watched 10 episodes of Dr. Who from the Eccelston and Tennant series and while I find Tennant to be an excellent actor, I just don’t like Dr. Who as a series AT ALL. I don’t understand everyone’s fanaticism for it. 

  • jb

    can’t wait for Fringe.

  • RunnerX13

    Homeland, Boardwalk, Once Upon a Time, and Robot Chicken.  That’s pretty much it for me.  Walking Dead too, but that’s technically returning in October.  When does Community return? 

  • Demoncat4

    cant wait for fringe and learn if walter and crew will wind up beating the observers or watler having a whole mind going to prove to be more scary. plus also finaly learning who the person behind the office fake doc of the show is 

  • ATK

    October 14 I beleive

  • Jbhurt007

    You should check out the last 2 seasons (Matt Smith). One of my favorites was Blink (with Tennant).

  • Daniel Fugate

    Doctor Who is at the top of my ‘can’t wait to see it’ list for September! Thank goodness it returns TONIGHT! *excited*

    I’m also looking forward to:

    Fringe: Love the idea of a time jump. Glad the show is getting a season to time things up. Although I’m still wishing it wasn’t the last season.. *sigh*

    Once A Upon A Time: My favorite new show last season! This show just got better & better. And the new season sounds excellent. Wish it was coming back before the 30th!

    Person of Interest: The runner-up for favorite new show of last season. Its a close one to call really (but Once wins out because I’m a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan). Person of Interest is just such a cool show. The new season should be even better.

    Hawaii Five-0: Really fun show. Looking forward to its return, even though I will probably be watching it On demand & watching Revolution live.

    I was about to add Supernatural to this list, but then I remembered it won’t be back till October. :(