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Community Taps Tricia Helfer As Inspector Spacetime Super-Fan

NBC’s Community has a lot for sci-fi fans to look forward in the upcoming fourth season. Not only will the fourth episode feature Abed attending a convention devoted to the Doctor Who-like Inspector Spacetime, but it will include a guest role for Battlestar Galactica star Tricia Helfer. TVLine reports the actress will appear as Lauren, a huge fan of the series.

Helfer sent geek hearts aflutter as Caprica/Number Six on the Syfy sci-fi series. Since then, she’s gone on to voice The Grid in Disney’s animated TRON: Uprising and star in the short-lived dramas Deep Blue and The Firm.

The object of Lauren’s obsession Inspector Spacetime, made its first appearance on Community with the Season 3 episode “Biology 101″ and has gone on to become an Internet sensation. Community returns on its new night on Friday, Oct. 19 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT


  • T.Vu

    Oh yea. Can’t wait for Oct. 19

  • HED

    Not a fan of Helfer.

  • DarkieMel

    “Community taps Tricia Helfer..”   I’d like to tap her too