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New Iron Man 3 Armor Rumor Hints At Big Battle Sequence

Here’s some exciting news, Iron Man fans: It turns out the new Iron Man 3 armor we saw at Comic-Con International may not be the Mark VIII as we originally thought, but rather the Mark XLVII.

Latino Review has posted some spoilers about the new armor, so avoid reading this if you want to stay fresh for the upcoming movie.

As we already guessed, Tony Stark has to face off against The Mandarin’s Extremis serum-enhanced henchmen in Iron Man 3. He designs a new suit in anticipation of that conflict, and the suit ends up being the sleek new look we saw at SDCC.

The Mark XLVII is introduced in true Iron Man style in the script. “Tony’s about to go out and fight some bad guys when he mentions the Mark XLVII to Pepper Potts,” Latino Review writes. “Pepper asks what happened to the other forty and Tony just smiles.”

So how will the new armor help Tony combat The Mandarin’s army, you might ask? It turns out the Mark XLVII is capable of controlling multiple other Iron Man suits in battle. Apparently, the Mark VIII through XLVI are going to be Tony’s personal army in Iron Man 3. Talk about an exciting action scene to look forward to.

Directed by Shane Black from a script he co-wrote with Drew Pearce (No Heroics), Iron Man 3 is loosely based on the 2005-2006 “Extremis” story arc by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov in which a criminal is injected with a nanotechnological drug created by the U.S. military in an attempt to replicate the Super-Soldier Serum, triggering a mutation that grants him superhuman abilities.

Opening May 3, 2013, the film stars returning cast members Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau, joined by Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton.


  • matt

    Don’t get me wrong this sounds AWESOME, but I worry now about post Iron Man 3. I mean, how do you really top this? You get to a point where you one up then one up then one up but you’ll eventually hit a wall. If this is true your essentially causing a problem for all future movies that Iron Man is in. As the viewer, YES this is awesome, but how can I feel like Tony Stark is in trouble when at anytime he can slip into this new armor and control an army. 

  • Socialist_Flash

    God I wish they’d just invert the colors. 

  • FredII

    Well, you top it by having Avengers 2 as your pallet clenser between this and Iron Man 4.

    And for Iron Man 4, you go a Dark Reign Route, and have Tony on the outs, and on the Run having to live by his wits, and running out of friends.

    First rule of art, once you go as big and as fast as you can, you go slow and small, and see just how slow and small you can get, and then you get big again.

  • dayfan

     I know, right? Except for the face. They probably want to distinguish it from the previous ones, but yeah I think it would look better if the colors were inverted.

  • matt

    Actually it makes sense that the armor looks like this if you think about it they want the one true Iron Man to stand out among the sea of robot controlled ones. I’m not saying it looks good or bad i’m just saying that it makes conceptual sense if this rumor is true

  • matt

    ha I’m actually a highschool art teacher, I would love it if I walked into one of my classes on the 1st day and said “okay the first rule of art is to go as big and fast as you can then go slow and small then…then get big again” and see what happens. 

    Having a plot point like Iron Man being able to control an army of iron men is a huge story telling crutch for future movies. As the viewer it will always be in the back of your head that at any given time Tony could call in hundreds of armor reserves to help him. I’m worried it will remove any sense of of danger from future movies (including Avengers). 

    No other show expressed this more than NBC’s Heroes, If a character has the ability to heal anyone else using their blood it automatically creates a story crutch that writers then have to stupidly work around. The same goes if a character can time travel. The iron men army is on that level of story crutch. It’s one of those things that will LOOK AWESOME and sounds AWESOME for the movie but it isn’t taking into account future movies. 

    And again I think this is great and will look great in the movie but is dumb in the long run

  • Buggerbear

    I agree with all your points but its not that hard to work around technically; it can be a one shot deal or something; using the extremis like that pushes him to a point he has a seizure/haemorage and makes it too dangerous to use again.  Thats a cheap easy way.  Another way is to have the suits destroyed and scrapped at the end of the battle and just not have him make any more; Sure he would want to use his new abilities to remotely control techy weapons but not necessarily new suits.  And who is to say what will happen in Iron Man 4, whether it will feature Stark, or someone else in the suit.  RDJ is not contracted to make another.  I mean I hope this series continues with him as Tony for as long as possible but realistically I can’t see him making more than a 4th or 5th.

  • matt

    yeah I agree i’m making big jumps based on almost no information, time will tell

  • edge

    look,he already capable of doing that in comic,but he rarely using that isn’t?so that your answer

  • Mr_Wayne

    By that frame of mind we’re essentially holding back great moments simply because we don’t know if we’re going to top the next in the next movie? That’s not what good moments are about. There’s never really a ‘good time’ to release a good moment. That’s why they’re called good moments.

  • kalorama

    So, basically, before the movie’s even done filming people are complaining that it may be so good that it’ll make all the movies that come after it look bad? Really. REally? THis is a concern now?
    Ahhh, fandom.

  • matt

    a lot of you are all still missing my original point. It’s a story telling crutch…

  • kalorama

    Only to someone with a narrow, limited view of storytelling and a knee-jerk allor nothing reaction to every tidbit of info that gets published on the internet. There are dozens of easily imagined reasons why it’s not a storytelling crutch, but considering those would take all the fun out of preemptive complaining that fans love so much.

  • matt

     Again I THINK IT WILL LOOK AWESOME and probably BE AWESOME, I said this twice in the previous posts. It’s not complaining. I originally said I WAS WORRIED about it. Your missing my point entirely because of your hatred of internet trolls and your need to express your hatred for internet trolls.