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Finally, Y: The Last Man Adaptation Is a Priority For New Line Cinema

Less than six months after New Line Cinema revived the long-stalled Y: The Last Man, Vulture reports the studio is making the adaptation of the acclaimed comic book series a priority.

According to the website, the executives are so pleased with the draft from Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia that they’ve already begun meetings with potential directors. The duo follows original comic writer Brian K. Vaughan and Carl Ellsworth (Red Eye, Disturbia), both of whom have taken cracks at a project that’s been in development since at least 2007, with D.J. Caruso “loosely attached” to direct before walking away in 2010.

Published from 2002 to 2008, the Eisner Award-winning comic series by Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra follows Yorick Brown, an amateur escape artist who, with his pet Capuchin monkey Ampersand, is the last survivor of a mysterious plague that killed every other male mammal on Earth. The two set off on a globe-spanning journey to reunite with Yorick’s girlfriend and to discover what wiped out the world’s Y chromosomes.

Caruso and New Line, a sister company of publisher DC Comics/Vertigo, disagreed on the adaptation’s format, with the director envisioning a trilogy and the studio reportedly wanting a single film.


  • Satbigs

    This would need to be a trilogy.  Don’t bother adapting it if you’re just going to whittle it down, there’s too much good stuff.  And please, don’t hire poor directors like DJ Caruso and an actor to play Yorick who couldn’t be further off (Shia Labeouf).  Also, hire Annie’s Boobs.

  • Perfect Methods

    How bout everyone stop making this movie and get AMC on the phone to do her right?

  • BeastieRunner

    I would much rather see this as a TV show.

  • Joshua Hoffman

    AMC or HBO should do a 2 season limited series that erupts into a feature length film. Has not been done yet and could work very well for Y.

  • Junk Punter

    i can’t imagine Hollywood adapting this because they would be to scared to put this many women and only a couple men in any project.

  • The Popcorn Jockey

    i would much prefer this as a TV miniseries like Walking Dead. its an easy way to tell the story a and takes the time to space things out.

    but if it MUST be made into a movie, i’d go with the trilogy. that would do the same thing as the series and keep things from feeling rushed

  • Gregorso

    YTLM is a long story. This needs to be a TV series, like The Walking Dead. 

  • Mike Boarts

    I’m not saying anything new when adding “trilogy” or “television” to the conversation.  However, if it’s likely happening on the big screen, I can’t imagine justifying a short book like the Hobbit can get three movies, but insisting 60 issues of dense material is only allowed 2 hours of screen time.  

  • Slartibartfatsdomino

    High production tv show would much better suit the material, I agree.