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Bates Motel Fills Family Vacancies

The big question on everyone’s mind when A&E announced it’s working on a Psycho television series was, “Who will play young Norman Bates?” Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, we now know: Freddie Highmore.

The actor who appeared as a child in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland and more recently in The Art of Getting By won the lead role in Bates Motel, which shines the spotlight on the character made famous by Anthony Perkins.

The series, created by Lost‘s Carlton Cuse and Friday Night Lights‘ Kerry Ehrin, focuses on Norman’s younger days helping his mother run the infamous motel, and their less-than-healthy relationship. Vera Farmiga (The Departed) is set to star as the younger Mrs. Norma Bates, while Max Thieriot (Kit Kittredge) as just announced as Norman’s older, rebellious, James Dean-like brother Dylan.

Bates Motel is set to premiere on A&E sometime next year.


  • Lucy

     I like this concept that the “Bates Motel” is taking, and I
    am especially excited to see Freddie Highmore take on the role of Norman. After hearing he
    was being considered, I was shocked. Having only seen him as a child actor, I didn’t
    think he could pull this role off. But a co-worker at Dish insisted that I
    watch his newest movie that proved he had matured into an incredible actor. So
    I rented “The Art of Getting By” from Blockbuster @Home, and I was blown away. I
    instantly ordered his other movies through the mail, exchanging some in the
    store when I was feeling impatient. It was such a convenient way to watch the
    progression of his talent. Its obvious from the beginning that he had a gift, I
    am not completely confident that he is the only one to take on this role.