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The CW Hopes Embrace Will Be Next Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Big news, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans: The CW is hoping to create a new supernatural drama that will fill the shoes left empty when Joss Whedon’s cult-favorite series when it went off the air in 2003.

The hook of the show, titled Embrace, is that it will appeal to the same type of group that loved Buffy in the late ’90s and early ’00s. Based on Jessica Shirvington‘s novel of the same name, the series follows a protagonist who discovers she’s a half-angel who’s the “key to a centuries-old war between fallen angels and their earthly protectors.” Change “angels” to “vampires,” and we see the Buffy connection.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news, adding that Bill Laurin and Glenn Davis will write and executive produce the show along with the help of Amblin Television’s Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. The CW has only given script orders to the series, so no word yet on casting, potential directors or an air date.

Back when The CW was The WB, the network took a chance and picked up then-up-and-coming writer Joss Whedon’s TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show went on to be one of the channel’s biggest hits of the ’90s and became a cult classic that is still relevant and continuing on in comic book form now. As for Whedon, well, he directed a little movie called The Avengers, which ended up being the third-highest grossing film of all time, and is now signed on to work for Marvel for the next few years. Not too shabby.

It makes sense that The CW would look to recreate that sort of success. Shows like The Vampire Diaries, Smallville and Supernatural all grasp at the cult craze that Buffy has, but none has quite been able to recreate it. It has almost been a decade since Buffy went off the air, and we’ve missed its wry sense of humor and fantastic take on the supernatural ever since.

The thing is, Embrace will be missing one key factor to Buffy‘s success: Whedon. Hopefully, The CW realizes that Buffy was a hit mostly because Whedon is a great writer and work on Embrace from there. The world he developed allowed Buffy to thrive, and episodes like “Once More, with Feeling” wouldn’t have worked without his creative mind behind it. Our hope is that Bill Laurin and Glenn Davis (known for working together on 1-800-Missing, Power Play and Once a Thief) have the same sort of talent needed to create a lasting legacy like Buffy‘s.

No word yet on when Embrace will hit airwaves, but it’s just one of many big projects The CW has on the line-up. The network is developing a similarly teen-oriented show called Copeland Prep that’s written by Bret Easton Ellis and has Catherine Hardwicke on as executive consultant. There’s also the proposed Wonder Woman prequel Amazon, which we hope will compliment this season’s DC Universe newcomer Arrow.


  • Skapunkboi19

    The plot sounds kind of like that miniseries Fallen ABC family did a few years ago that stared Paul Wesley.

  • LightningBug

    It is hard to capture lightning in a bottle. Hopefully they understand that shows like Buffy only gain initial audiences because of their high concepts. It is the character work that allows these shows to really thrive, and convinces that initial audience to stick around and tell their friends.

  • Rob Durdle

    Or they could bring firefly back.

  • danpsou

    What happened to the Buffy remake that was supposedly on the works a couple of years ago?

  • BeastieRunner

    It was, thankfully, canned.

  • danpsou

    Yeah, I just google it out of curiosity. Man, at the time I missed some of the really embarrassing over-the-top reactions by the mentally-unstable amongst us fans… pretty silly stuff.
    But yeah, I admit it didn’t seem like a very thought-out plan, bringing the franchise back so soon.

  • Seahawk

    If it’s on the CW then it’s probably going to be cancelled after one season anyways!

  • Jim H.

     I had the same thought.

  • RunnerX13

    Is the CW really that stupid that they don’t realize that Whedon was key ingredient to Buffy?

  • ZBaksh386

    lets see if it can.

    ideally i would say Supernatural managed to be the next buffy/angel but its on its way out so we could use a replacement.

  • Landosystem1138

    They had one.  It was called Angel, but unceremoniously canceled despite increased ratings in its fifth season.

  • Adam Hoffman

    What I liked about BtVS was that amid all the supernatural danger and high school drama, there was also a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.  That’s what I think is missing with a lot of supernatural dramas these days.  They all take themselves far too seriously.

  • Jose_luispinto

    Though I loved Buffy ut was never that huge according to the
    Ratings the wb no one show at the time
    Was believe it or not 7 heaven

  • Matt

    As a whole Buffy doesn’t hold up anymore. I was a huge fan of it when I was in high school but my wife and I tried to re watch the whole show (angel too) and we couldn’t get past mid season 4 before it got too formulaic. Every Whedon directed episode was usually awesome but for every Whedon episode there was 15 Xander is a hyena episodes. 

    And this brings me to a complaint with most CW related TV shows (formally WB). They work on a very specific formula. You get 4-6 HEAVY story related episodes that are usually written and directed by the creator of the show. Usually speaking these episodes are the 1st (and sometimes 2nd depending on a 2 hour opener), the 6th, the 12th, an episode around the 16th, and the final 2 episodes of the season. The rest of the episodes are given to other writers and are usually padded episodes that don’t affect the overall plot of the season. In the last 5 minutes of every padded episode they give you a morsel of the overarching plot to keep you going. And oh yes, one episode of the padded ones is the “Meta” episode of the season (which is usually also fun and good). 

    Angel and Buffy were horrible offenders of this formula, as was Smallville. The worst currently is Supernatural, and I’m super worried Arrow will fall prey to this…

    I know many people that like this formula, but I would rather (personally) just have a more meaty season (like Lost or battlestar or breaking bad). 

  • Flip Maker

    The one without Joss?  I’m pretty sure that was killed.

  • Richard Casey

    Eh. The thing I loved about Buffy wasn’t the plot, it was the writing and the characters, this doesn’t grab my attention in any way shape or form. That said, from everything i’ve seen about Arrow and how they’ve well and truly fucked it up, i’ve got little interest in anything on the CW besides Supernatural, and even then from what i’ve heard it seems like they might be fucking that up this year.

  • Demoncat4

    figured the cw would want to use the formuala of what made some of its shows on the ole wb a hit . embrace sounds interesting. as for air date proably next season or not till 2014 at the earliest

  • Kevin Blatchford

     Whedon wasn’t involved which is both the long and the short of why it never got beyond the discussion stage. As much as everyone wants to see him revive both Firefly and Buffy, he’s repeatedly said that he’s not going to do it. It would be nice, tho….

  • Rchung10

    You have to read the books they are amazing! I cannot wait for this series to air and I am hoping very much that it will make it and be a success.

  • Zoey3299

    please make this a series please all my friends and i want 2 watch it so so bad ! PLEASEE !!!!!!!!

  • Courtney

    I am a fan of BTVS , I watch it on Netflix and I watched the spinoff. None of these shows will ever compare to Buffy the vampire slayer , I just wish that josh whendon would create another show about demon slaying with the exact same characters and more. And the Buffy remake isn’t happening , they canceled it because of the disappointment of the producers writing . If only josh whendon knew about Netflix, there are a lot of fans out there

  • Dini

    Do you mean 7th Heaven? That show had horrible writing, which resulted in contrived performances and poorly executed themes. Probably goes to show ratings don’t necessarily indicate the show’s good.