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‘We Do Have Plans’ For Thanos, Marvel’s Kevin Feige Teases

Although Thanos creator Jim Starlin seemingly confirmed the Mad Titan will play a role in both Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers sequel, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige is remaining tight-lipped, saying only that the classic villain was included in the closing credits of The Avengers for a reason.

“We do have plans for him,” Feige told MTV News. “I wouldn’t say we ever feel the need to rush anything one way or the other. We succeeded in Phase One because we stuck to our guns and stuck to the plan. That plan took place over many, many years and it ultimately paid off. I see Phase Two unfolding in the same way of us taking our time, us doing what’s right for each individual movie, while folding in elements that will not only build up to the culmination of Phase Two, but even Phase Three.”

But while he’s in no hurry to reveal where Thanos might next be seen, Feige revealed he’s been pleased with audience reaction to his brief first appearance.

“There’s a great track record now about lobbing something in at the last moment to get the audience buzzing,” he said. “Particularly when it came to Thanos, [we knew] that most people in that audience had no idea who that purple guy was — but they could clearly tell he was important, and knew if they asked the two or three people sitting next to them, somebody would know who he was. […] “Suddenly, you have a million people who had never heard of an Infinity Gauntlet or a Mad Titan learning those terms. I love that. I love when the experience goes beyond the movie theater and encourages people to look deeper into our universe.”

Marvel’s The Avengers arrives Tuesday on Blu-ray and DVD. Guardians of the Galaxy is due in theaters Aug. 1, 2014, followed by The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


  • IndigoTribesman

    The thing that sucked with me is that everyone in my first viewing thought that it was Super-Skrull and in all of my cinema viewings + talking to friends I was the only one apart from my little brother who knew it was Thanos (He only knew because of SHSS)

  • Jamil_Scalese

    I looked like an ass in the theater for how excited I got for the mid-credits scene. Most of the people round me were like, “who?…what?”. I really thought it was going to be Red Skull, since, you know, he got sucked into space or something at the end of Captain America.

    I’m glad it’s Thanos though, such an awesome character. Here’s hoping “Phase 3″ is Ultron… come on Pym, work your magic!

  • Kyleandroschuk

    I’m so glad to see Starlin’s efforts bearing fruit for Marvel! I grew up in the 70s, and when I first seriously started collecting comics (early 80s) , my focus was the Starlin Capt Marvel run, Warlock, and the Avengers and Marvel Two in One annuals! and around the same time, the Death of Capt Marvel graphic novel! I thought Starlin was GOD!  So goood!  I can’t wait to see what they do with Thanos!  Screw all the Inifinity Gauntlet shit!  The original run was where it’s at!

  • darthtigris

    Super Skrull???  How can you be geeky enough to know who that is and think that he would know the secrets of the cube and could aid Loki in this fashion?????  Dude, your friends ….