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Fringe Season Five: Five Things To Know Before Next Week

Fox’s Fringe returns for its fifth and final season next Friday, jumping into the future to wrap up the series by giving us the showdown between humanity and the Observers… not to mention a Walter Bishop just a little unlike any we’ve seen before. Here are the five things you need to know before next week’s season premiere.

The Observers
The villains of the final season have been in the show all along as something more ambiguous and mysterious. It turns out that Fringe take on Marvel’s Watcher character (Note the similarity in name and also the bald head look of both) are actually the future descendants of humanity who have evolved a mastery of time (Not only can they travel through time, they seem to have the ability to see time as a whole, and not a linear sequence of events) and traveled to the 21st century having destroyed the Earth from their home 26th century. Think of it as the ultimate Terra Nova joke, if you remember that short-lived show from last year. They have previously seemed to be able to, if not change time – thereby explaining how they could travel to the past and invade Earth – but at least survive changes without being affected themselves, which may be important in future episodes.

The Purge
“The Purge” is the name given to the wholesale slaughter of humanity conducted by the Observers when they arrived on the Earth of 2015. It’s unclear how many humans were killed, but it was definitely enough to significantly change the balance of power on the planet – As a result, humans are kept as something between a sub-culture and slaves in the world of 2036, tolerated by the Observers and working in their service much of the time.

The Rebellion
Unsurprisingly, not all humans are happy with the way things have turned out, and many are working together in some kind of underground organization to fight back against the Observer occupation. It’s not clear yet exactly how widespread this rebellion is, but in “Letters of Transit,” the episode that set up the status quo for the fifth season, we found out that there are rebels working undercover in government agencies, so it’s safe to assume that there are allies all over the place, waiting for the moment to strike.

The Fringe
And what of Fringe Division in this Brave New World? Well, they’ve gone from investigating the unexplained to, it seems, policing humanity on behalf of the Observers. Agent Broyles – a man showing himself more and more capable of apparently turning traitor if it’s in his best interests, it seems – is still in charge of the Fringe Division, but I really wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he’s still a good guy, and just working very deep undercover… but time will tell.

The Daughter
One of the major revelations of “Letters of Transit” was that Etta – the protagonist of the flash-forward hour – was the daughter of Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham. Like her mother, she appears to have special powers that make her of particular importance to the plot, if not the Observers themselves… But what those powers are, and whether or not she will prove to be the key to whether or not humanity can be saved (The plot hammer would suggest so, but Fringe doesn’t always go the obvious route) remains to be seen.


  • Oneonly

    Another thing you might’ve overlooked, Walter Bishop had his brain restored shortly after getting freed from the amber to a point before he had the sections removed. Giving us a Dr. Walter Bishop who is a bit more ruthless, , mentally sharper ,and perhaps arrogant than the one who we’ve been familiar with all these years.

  • Demoncat4

    not to mention walter got his brains restored and is more nasty and bell was around in that time line encased in amber because he did something to oliva till she is now back in play . not to mention nina still around up to stuff

  • Pedro Bear

    Is this the future of the time line from the first few seasons or the future of the time line where Peter died as a child in both universes?

  • FringeLost

    Fringe season 5 will be:

    I hated 419, and hoped that with surprise previews from the screener epi 1 I would be interested, but everything I read confirms what I expected:

    Family Walter, Etta and Peter, making sure from the start that Walter is the center, and everything is about and for him, or better Noble, as it has been for 4 seasons, biggest mistake of Fringe.

    Olivia Dunham the outsider, the loner once again, and once again Anna Torv the ungreatful part , as wel all know that the the responses she got in the beginning had everything to do with the role she played.
    (Saturn awards were the only media in the US who have recognized the awesome acting of Anna Torv from the start, 4 noms, 3 wins (Noble only got 1,))

    John Noble wants to be the popular guy, so from the previews, be prepared for another round of his overacting selfpity, poor Walter , that the Us critics seem to love.
    Why not have Noble play the outsider, not easy to like character?
    He would not know how.
    Wyman has already stated that season 5 will be written for Noble needing his Emmy, so expect a lot of attention getting scenes with Walter tortured, and oh dear may be Olivia confronting him for once (only she will be the bad one)
    I totally dislike Nobles acting, he plays to the camera, look at me acting, and a lot of overacting.

    I am amazed how everyone on Fringe has to put Noble on a pedestal, where Noble himself, is condescending about his co-stars acting, it always aboutme John Noble the great actor, blames the writing when he has to do something he cannot bring across and never credits the crew.

    Anna Torv, so underrated by US critucs and Wyman and production, always credits the writers (despite getting hardly decent one), always praises everyone on the cast and always praises the crew, and is friends with many of the crew.

    BTW: Noble started a twitter account, only to sent tweets out about not getting an Emmy-nom.
    Even directed at Emmy itself,
    This is poor bad-taste and beyond pathetic.

  • Joshua

    Am I the only one who hated the flash forward episode in season 4? The observers had always been portrayed as morally grey before…I preferred them that way.

  • Joshua

     Walter is the reason I watch the show (season 4 was god awful). The other actors are good at their craft but Walter is the only character whose arc I enjoy.

    Peter has to be one of the most criminally underdeveloped main characters in all of fiction. They hinted he had an interesting past in season 1. Four seasons later we don’t know anything about it.

  • nn

    John Noble
    and Anna Torv are the best actors of fringe, like Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul
    are in breaking bad they deserve all the awards and respect of the world, the
    big mistake was to underestimate these two fringe players to favor   Joshua Jackson. The third season fringe
    until entrada was great thanks to the talent of Anna and John. From the second
    half of third season, when the character of Olivia was diminished in favor of
    Peter is that the series lost its luster and quality.

    We also
    have to consider that John is twice as old as Anna and so much more experienced
    than her, but both are great.