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End of Watch and House Finish Neck and Neck While Dredd Fizzles

Open Road’s action-drama End of Watch and Relativity Media’s horror-thriller House at the End of the Street finished the mediocre weekend at the North American box office essentially tied for first place with an estimated $13 million each, followed by the Warner Bros. father-daughter baseball melodrama Trouble With the Curve with $12.72 million.

However, it’s expected that once receipts are counted today, the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring End of Watch will stand alone in the top spot, something Deadline notes comes as somewhat of a surprise, given its R-rating and more limited release (2,730 theaters, versus 3,083 for House at the End of the Street and 3,212 for Trouble With the Curve, both of which can probably be considered disappointments for their respective studios).

But perhaps the real story is that Dredd 3D, which opened in first place in the United Kingdom, bombed in its U.S. premiere, finishing the weekend in sixth place with an estimated $6.3 million, behind Disney’s Finding Nemo 3D ($9.4 million) and Resident Evil: Retribution ($6.7 million).

The Top 10 was filled out by The Weinstein Company’s The Master ($5 million), Lionsgate’s The Possession ($2.6 million), The Weinstein Company’s Lawless ($2.3 million) and Focus Features’ ParaNorman ($2.2 million).


  • K Man

    Shame about Dredd in the US. Me and my friends in the UK thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Molly Whipple

    Shame Dredd didn’t do better box office. I really enjoyed it and was hoping there might be interest in more.

  • Jfresc2

    I guess we won’t be getting a sequel to Dredd.

  • Lead_sharp

    Guess no one likes being taken the piss out of.

  • evilpresley

    I took a bunch of my female cohorts who had no idea what Dredd was, and they loved it. I did as well. Marketing seemed to be a bit lacking for it. What a shame. I would anxiously await another 2 films. Judge Death!

  • Wildstorm

    and so goes the slow painful death of 3D

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    definitely. I saw avengers and dkr promo in my sleep. I didnt even know dredd was out yet. could also be down to people have had a sci-fi overdose.

  • Shawn Richison

    Well, I wouldn’t exactly characterize it as a bomb. Compare it to RE:Retribution, which did comparable $, but had 3 times the budget, 4 movies already in the franchise a more bankable star and no 90s Sylvester Stallone bomb to get over. Maybe word of mouth or int’l receipts will make the difference…

  • Thedreamerlion

    The Dredd case is just a shame. I live in Spain, I really wanted to watch the film (the critics were way better than anyone expected and some of my friends were really happy with it); but the thing is that the movie has been barely a week in cinemas and, a second one with just one session per day (likely at midnight)…
    I can undestand this happening in a country like Spain, where the big figures of the ¨culture¨ industry treat these movies as something worse than porn…
    I guess that now my only choice is download it illegaly.

  • Yanks5179

    Actually, according to, the budget for Resident Evil: Retribution was $65 million; Dredd had a budget of $50 million.  Res Evil’s opening weekend in the US got almost 1/3 back with $21 million whereas Dredd barely got 1/10 back.  I honestly don’t see any way it’s NOT a bomb in the US as of right now.

  • Michael J

    I’m shocked.Dredd looks good and End Of Watch seems like a really great film.Maybe things will pick up when the time travel Loopers film come out this Friday.

  • Deanjsimons

    i hope dredd performs better in the next few weeks. if the international take is just enough a sequel could happen….

    Out of solidarity for Dredd, plus the fact I loved it first time around, i could easily give it second and third viewings myself. Now i just need to convince about a million more people to join me….

  • Ultras28

    No idea this was coming out yet.

  • JustMe

    Advertising – either lack off or the form it took – may be an issue. Most radio stations anounce the movies opening that weekend on Friday. Two different stations described it as a remake of the sylvester stallone Movie.

  • bmiddleton2

    Dredd was freaking awesome.  Hopefully word of mouth will help it in the coming weeks…

  • Moon

    Yes, those people from the future certainly stayed away in droves.

  • Rod G

    Lesson 1 might as well apply to Dredd 3d’s case.

  • Gwilliam66

    I will not pay for nor go to 3D movies and my local theater had one showing of non-3D on Friday at 4:50pm. I was going to go, but oh well…

  • Doctorfluxx

    I hope word of mouth revives Dredd while its still in theaters. Its a bad ass movie that makes flicks like Resident Evil seem like a bad joke. Which isn’t hard because that’s exactly what those films are. 

  • Mattaakers

    Too bad, Dredd was excellent.

  • Badly Drawn Cartoons

    I finally get the true adaptation of a comic I grew up with and no one else goes to see it! 

    I was really hoping for a whole series of these.

    If there are any dredd fans yet to see it… go watch it twice!

  • Convoy

    Where was the promotion? Battleship was promoted more than Dredd. I knew when it was coming out because I have an interest in it and it looks more like something out of 2000 A.D. But to the general movie going audience, some of who may hear Dredd and think back to that Stallone crap feast, or just don’t know who Judge Dredd is, they may either have no clue about this movie or avoided it because of the name relation. I’m going to see it this weekend, but my brother loved it. A female friend of mine who generally hates sci-fi and comic book movies enjoyed it as well. So I think if it promoted on a larger scale that it would have done better.