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Samuel L. Jackson Stars in New Pro-Obama Ad ‘Wake the F**k Up!’

In a hilarious callback to his 2011 narration for the parody children’s book Go the F_k to Sleep, Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson stars in a new political ad from a pro-Obama group titled … “Wake the F**k Up!”

Yahoo! has the exclusive premiere of the Jewish Council for Education and Research-sponsored spot, which at three minutes and 40 seconds, probably won’t be part of any big television ad buys. However, given its nature, it’ll likely get plenty of play on cable news shows. Even if you’re not an Obama supporter, it’s pretty damned funny.

Featuring a script by Go the F_ to Sleep author Adam Mansbach, an anxious little girl goes from room to room in her house, asking her family members — all enthusiastic Obama supporters in 2008 — why they aren’t more energized about the presidential election. As her parents, brother, sister and grandparents each dismiss the girl’s concerns, a rhyming, cursing Jackson appears to make the case for President Obama (and against Mitt Romney).

“Hell no, it can’t wait, your lives will be affected,” Jackson tells the girl’s frisky grandparents. “Romney and Ryan will cut Medicare if they’re elected. Ask the fact-checkers, those two are fact-duckers!” “What do you want us to do?” grandma asks. “Say, ‘Hell no, motherfuckers!”


  • Bedlam66

     That was Brilliant. I haven’t laughed that hard in a couple weeks.

  • Fed-up

    4 years ago they were out on the street? I guess they were able to get jobs as lobbyist, my gift business has plummeted. Small town Banks, hospitals, and insurance providers aren’t buying anything from us anymore and the only companies that do are doing it with fat government contracts and not private sector dollars. My second job teaching at a local public college is thriving off deadbeats who want government loans the wont pay back and pell grant money, staying in class long enough to withdraw without penalties, yeah that’s the economy I want an e onomy dependent on government hand outs with people using money meant for education as income be quad they found a way to cheat the system or can’t get a job and make a living on scamming the handouts.

  • pDUB

    jesus h. christ. why are they yelling at us? maybe people aren’t so enthusiastic this time around because obama wasn’t who we thought he was.

  • Lewis4510

    I wish Sam Jackson would Shut The Fu*k Up. Like I give a $hit what this jacka$$ has got to say about anything. 

    He’s said some vile things on his twitter feed about how he wished the hurricane had turned toward Tampa Bay and wiped out the city because the republicans were having thier convention there.  Of course he had to retract what he said due to the massive negative feed back it stirred up. Maybe he realized that wishing people to die just because they don’t worship at the Church of Obama wasn’t a great career move.

  • joejoe28

    Wake the F*%^ UP! OBAMA is destroying America!! If you don’t like Mitt, vote 3rd Party people!! Stop crying and complaining and do something! America belongs to the people, not the political party!!!

  • hope4change

    Both Obama and Romney have their faults. However, one has proven to be an effective leader and the other is painfully slow to learn. Jackson said that Romney wants to lessen the power of unions as if that’s a bad thing. When retired police and firemen in a major city in California average over $70k/year in their retirement, you don’t think that unions have contributed big time to government deficits? When teacher unions don’t want their members held accountable for the quality of their teaching, you don’t think that’s a bad thing. I lost credibility for Jackson when he made the idiotic statement that “Off course I will vote for Obama. He has the same color skin as me.” I don’t track the color of skin (as Jackson does), I track a person’s effectiveness. Grow up Jackson!

  • AshleighB

    ok this is totally random but where do i know the lady that is playing the grandma from?!

  • Bob

    LOL @ destroying America.
    Don’t be so stupid and hyperbolic.

  • Bob

    Uh, obviously -you- give a shit about what he has to say. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be so angry.

  • Robin strömbäck

    Did a just hear Dreamhack or it just some in my ear

  • Jseguin

    Nobama in2012!  He’s had his chance, did nothing that helped the country other than entitle a large group of people!  I feel there are better people out there than either one of the men, but lets give another person a chance… could he do any worse??

  • Shea

    I go to one of those colleges because I can’t afford the University. I think the problem is terrible teachers like you who don’t believe in their students. Why do you even work there? If you hate the kids QUIT! People like you are bringing the whole country down, a**hole

  • joejoe28

     Stupid would be voting for this clown again! Talk to you again in four years Bob….I’ll be the one saying told you so!

  • Deborahdbanks

    Hilarious ,I loved it ,  funny and to the point, People better WAKE UP

  • p5t

    love it