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HBO Renews Boardwalk Empire As Sesame Street Debuts Parody

Boardwalk Empire has been renewed for a fourth season less than a month after Season 3 debuted on HBO.

It isn’t clear how many episodes the fourth season will have, but we’ll likely learn that number soon. At least we know Nucky Thompson will live to see another year, although we can’t say the same for any of the other characters.

Boardwalk Empire is coming off a good year already, having recently received four Emmy Awards: Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series, Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series and Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role. This year’s season debuted to 7.2 million viewers.

“Terry Winter, Martin Scorsese and the rest of their outstanding team continue to produce a stunning show that never fails to surprise and entertain,” Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president of programming, said in a statement. “We are excited to bring this unique series back for a fourth season.”

We know of at least one group of people who are excited about this news: the folks at Sesame Street. The children’s program revealed a parody of the series that is equal parts hilarious and spot-on. Maybe PBS has something with “Birdwalk Empire,” but we’re not sure how Steve Buscemi must feel about being compared with Nucky Ducky Thompson.


  • Back Burner

    Boarkwalk Empire is fantastic, though I seriously question the educational merit of this “parody”. are they trying to cater to those edgy pre-schoolers who watch a lot of HBO programs? “Birdwalk Empire”, “True Mud” no child gets the referrence and the adults that they are trying to pander to aren’t going to be super-wowed by it either. Good grief.

  • ColdG

    I actually think this is somewhat cute! For a moment, I did think that Boardwalk Empire wasn’t the best choice for Sesame Street, but ultimately this is for the parents’ amusement. I remember watching Sesame Street when I was a kid and there were puppets singing a parody of The Beatles’ Let it Be. At the time I didn’t know of the band, I just thought they were singing about the letter ‘B.’ I’m thrilled that the Boardwalk Empire has returned for a fourth season, and I’ve been recording each of the new episodes because there’s always so much going on that I like to watch them twice over. The hard drive on my Hopper DVR holds 2-terabytes, so I have plenty of room to archive the whole season. Any day now I’m waiting to hear that BE will be renewed for a fifth season. I’ve heard from several of the people I work with at DISH that this announcement should be made within the next few episodes.

  • RunnerX13

    It’s for the parents who are forced to watch
    those show.