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Parker Trailer Shows Off the Same Old Jason Statham

The first trailer for Parker has arrived, and it looks like it’s exactly what we want from a Jason Statham movie.

The film follows Statham as the titular thief, who ends up teaming up with Jennifer Lopez to steal from the men (led by Michael Chiklis) who tried to kill him. Sound familiar? It doesn’t matter. Parker looks like it has all the excitement and thrills that make Statham a staple of the action genre.

Based on the series of crime novels written by the late Donald Westlake, Parker centers center on a cold and ruthless thief who, despite occasionally resorting to murder to get what he wants, lives by a strict professional code. Several of the novels have been adapted for the big screen, most famously the 1967 Lee Marvin film Point Blank (based on the first book The Hunter).

Parker stars Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis, Wendell Pierce and Clifton Collins Jr. It’s due in theaters on Jan. 25, 2013.


  • Greg

    D.E.W. is rolling over in his grave… If he were alive, it’s likely another movie would have been made, but the titular character would not have been named “Parker”. Walker, McCloud, Macklin, Porter, sure, but not Parker. Check out Darwyn Cooke’s “Richard Stark”s Parker” instead.

  • Strongarmjason

    … well, thank goodness for the books, because this isn’t it. I was initially excited by casting Jason Stratham – a little out of the box, but okay! I can see that too many executives in Hollywood had too many “good ideas”

  • Statham

    This. Thank God we’ve got Cooke doing great stuff with the material. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Gabe

    I saw at least 4 different Parker novels in that trailer…. which probably means its become a watered down mess

  • Cjorg2

    Maybe the silly prick shouldn`t have sold the rights to the books or character then. But I doubt he`d be rolling over in his grave at all. The director`s cut of Payback was a pretty good interpretation IMO. Statham usually puts out a standard level of quality film – not many surprises here. I`ll wait and see.