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Boondock Saints 3 Isn’t Happening, Star Norman Reedus Confirms

Well, that was a short-lived dream.

Many fans were ecstatic after The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus revealed in an interview last month that The Boondock Saints 3 was “definitely in the works,” and he was meeting with director Troy Duffy and co-star Sean Patrick Flanery. Comic Book Resources was on the red carpet in Los Angeles last night for The Walking Dead premiere, and we couldn’t resist asking Reedus for an update on the sequel’s status. According to the actor, the comments were blown out of proportion — and it turns out The Boondock Saints 3 isn’t happening.

“I came here for something last week, or two weeks ago, and we had a meeting with Troy. I did an interview with like Men’s Health or something and the very last question they asked me was, ‘So, is there going to be a Boondock 3?’ and I said — I said, quote me — ‘I don’t know, but tonight I’m having a meeting with Sean and Troy to talk about it,’ and it went viral,” Reedus explained. “‘He says it’s happening!’ But I didn’t say that. For the record, I did not say that. But I will say that it’s not happening. There will not be a part three. Creative differences, so to speak.”

Considering it took 10 years for the sequel to The Boondock Saints to come out, it does seem like too much to hope that a third film would go into development only three years after The Boondock Saints II: All Saint’s Day hit theaters. Reedus seemed pretty sure a potential Boondock Saints 3 is dead in the water, but we’ve learned that in Hollywood you should never say never. Just don’t expect to hear about it going into development any time soon.


  • JokersNuts

    Probably for the best.  Part 2 was an awful mess and the director is a pretty ugly person (inside).

  • Socialist_Flash

    How so?

  • AliciadeAngel

    My fam and I was hopping 4 a part 3 so get y’alls butts 2 work

  • Ben Lebegue

    Creative differences aside I throw a bs flag on BDS not being popular. I know many people that have been looking forward to it since the ending of all saints day. What ever happened to giving the people what they want? I say if there is doubt that it wouldn’t produce enough income or enough whatever then they should take a pole with the public with the choice of letting them sit in prison or to make the third and final movie and bust them out. Weather they both die in the end or live doesn’t matter but to end a movie like they did in all saints day is very dumb. You can’t end a movie and obviously setup for a sequel and not make the movie to finalize their fate. I do admit that all saints day wasn’t as good as the first but that’s not the point. Don’t promise a finale and not live up to it. Sequels that are endings to movies like scorpion king 2 and never back down 2 were all dumb and should have never been made. There was no evidence of a sequel but all saints day sticks it rite in your face. I just ask the cast, director and producer to please consider putting whatever differences they have aside and give a proper ending to a truely awsome movie. It would be a real treat to have a movie that is actually with going to the theater and see instead of all the crap that they stick in them now and it would bring a smile to my face to see the boys fate. I will forever be a boondocks fan whatever the movie is made or not but it would be nice to actually see an obviously known and needed sequel be made instead of making a movie ‘that was kind of a mess in the first place ‘ become a terrible movie because of the ending. It just makes me mad when I watch a movie with an end that obviously needs a sequal and they never make it.

  • Paige2012

    I do not understand why they are not going to make a Boondock Saint’s 3! This series is by far one of my favorite series, and I am positive that if it were to come out, there would be a lot to profit from it. I know quite a few people that are looking for it to happen, and I myself am one of those eager people.

  • Bryan

    fuck 2 boondock saints 1 and 2 are my shit they have to make a 3 they cant just leaveem in prison wtf who can i write to express my feelings explicedly

  • Chaz

    BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BDS you have some hardcore fans out here and we want the 3rd movie! Come on guys give the people what they want.

  • Gex

    Isn’t happening! This is the biggest bull crap of an elephant I have heard all year! Ass F*#!

  • Gex

     Isn’t happening! This is the biggest bull crap of an elephant I have heard all year! Ass F*#!

  • BigBadWolf1017


  • Sara Hale

    The first one ROCKED!!!  Second was… ok. Kinda weird, but why bother leaving it TOTALLY open for a third if you are not going to make it? The Boondock Saints is my fave movie and I really want to see a third .(A 4th, 5th, etc… would be fine by me, too.) Nothing like gratutious killing that one is strangly comfortable with to take your mind off of the troubles of life. Now what am I going to watch while I drink my Cafe latte with a twist of lemon and Sweet’N Low and eat my onion bagle with cream cheese? 

  • Fill_sigg

    god game it

  • Tina M Avery

    i agree totally as i to am a boondock saints fan and feel the third is for sure needed to let us knw the boys fate weather good or bad a for the second i loved both movies and prob watch them once a week and love them more every time and cant 3ait for a third. so give the people what they want and set your diffs aside and get it together either a third movie or a serious i dont care but it has to have the actual boy in it  and let put and end to what the boys fate is going to be
    love the saints and cant wait for more.

  • Desligatho

    It needs to be done for if anything the die hard fans. The second was left way tto wide open for a trilogy for it to not happen. The first was made on an insanely low budget and came out great. The second had a little more $$$ for production and came out great as well. It shouldn’t be about the money, it should be for the fans. Personally, I would do it and not care how much the film makes just as long as the fans are happy. If Willem Dafoe and Peter Fonda put their faces in the film, then there has to be SOME kind of “magic” to the film. Bottom line is…………………………………… DO IT FOR THE FANS!!!!!!

  • Desligatho

    That person is obviously NOT a fan of the Saints.

  • Aldorion

    If they don’t make a movie they better make a x seasons so we can watch thos for i need a BDS 3 damn we all need a BDS 3…

  • Sfsf

    Watch “Overnight,” a documentary about Troy Duffy and his pretentiousness

  • Manfly

    Watch “Overnight,” a documentary about Troy Duffy and his pretentiousness

  • Safsaf

    I hope you’re joking, otherwise yeah retard fans like you fanned the first one

  • KiaCocktail

    I’m a huge fan of the original Boondock Saints – it still is one of my favourite movies of all time, but All Saints Day honestly was a crapfest, especially compared to the original.  If you can’t see that, you’re obviously blind.  The casting in the first one was amazing, but the casting in All Saints Day were ridiculous: Judd Nelson as an Italian mobster?!  Some unfunny Mexican guy as a replacement for Rocco?!  And the plot was unnecessarily convoluted.  Whatever happened to the Saints just going around killing bad guys?  I would have been much happier to see that.

  • Ravi808

    ARE YOU FRICKEN SERIOUS? I need a 3, I need to know what happens next…

  • Indicasimpson

    The second one sucked bad! But Im such a fan.of the first one. They couldn’t just leave a good movie be

  • Luciferrising7

    Jokernuts suck my dick idiot

  • Www Johnjohn

    that is some bullshit. Boondock Saints a good fucking movie now hurry up the third 1

  • Www Johnjohn

    tell those fucking people to do their fucking job

  • Krissie

    This is f***ed and not just f***ed but like elephant d**k pound in the a** no reach around jungle f**ed! I was waiting for the boys to be broken out of prizon. Come one people! Pull ur heads out of yer a** The boys are bad a** and everyone loves them. take 10 years to make this movie. I dont care. Ill be there for the midnight showing. Boondock saints is the shit. Dont give up on it.

  • Saintecks13

    still makes me sad :(

  • Djdee49

    ya come on gives us part3

  • Djdee49

    I Think They Should Make A Part 3 Cause 1 AND 2 Was Great So YA Come On Guys Give Us Part3

  • Cerelia

    They are gonna leave us hanging now?

  • Lil_mexicano92

    I think it’s BS if they don’t make a new movie
    Like wtf really? I have plenty of friends that are just waiting for the movie to come out so we can all go out and watch it
    First movie was definitely amazing
    Second one was good until the end, it made it THAT much better knowing there would be (atleast) one more movie. So I (and im sure many others) KNOW you should make that third movie

  • Annamrobison

    Everyone I know rather loves The Boondook Saint movies or likes them.I don’t see why they wouldn’t make a 3’rd.

  • Cowgurl4always

    OMG make the third one!!!! Are yall nuts???? Boondock saints 3 will be so damn awesome. Yall will loose money if you let it die. You have to make a 3 rd one!!!!

  • Cebuboy


  • Noemail

    III is still coming (Trust me)

  • ryan fitzwater

    it probably wont have the same cast if it does happen in the future, so im not excessively anxious. All Saints Day was a great movie, but was garbage in comparison to the first film. Also i fail to see where the directors personality reflects on the quality of the film.

  • Wolfintheshadows713

    Aw what? I really was looking forward to the third one. Dammit.

  • Jasminetownes

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  • Nygaard

    Come on now! I’ve been waiting 4 Number 3 ! And now you say that it’s not happening. Well you guys really know how 2 fuck things up! 

  • Tots123ern

    That’s so fukd up you just can not end a movie like that you must have a three…

  • Bloop

    You got that right why would you just stick something like that in every ones face an say “naaa I don’t thing im going to end this movie for get every one who gets mad cuz they will never know what happens to them

  • Mayu

    I watched Boondock Saints II. Loved it. They need a Boondock Saints III. I hope in the future it’s reconsidered but that it doesn’t take 10 years to do it.

  • Jennifer_darley

    THIS BLOWS!!!!!!! WAS SOOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO BDS 3! I THINK YOU SHOULD RECONSIDER MAKING THE MOVIE. IT IS A DEFINITE FAVORITE OF MINE! :) i am so bummed that 3 isnt coming out being that the 2nd one left an ending for the 3rd. :,(

  • Mitch Betz

    there has got to be a boondock saints 3 come on i mean, pedicabo Lorem ipsum dolor sit alia secundum auditum esse dicebat. Placere facere secundus.

  • Btibbitts51

    I would like to see anotherBoondock Saints. The first two we’re awsome. and for those of you who didn’t like the second one you ain’t gotta watch it. Go watch marry fucken poppens :D

  • Debandrews

    That sucks, but you never know they did leave the 2nd one with a possibility there would be a thirds, if they don’t want to do a movie why not a series, but you have to have the original cast otherwise it just wouldn’t be right.

  • Bdgmlg92

    as a fan of boondock saints, i must say, get over your creative differences and bring the third one to life and make it an awesome one.  at first i did not want to watch the movie because of the title but now i watch it over and over and wish he had put the scene with their mother in the first one because it is outrageously funny. i love this show enough that my daughter has the tattoo of the prayer and i am getting it also.  Cameo90

  • Shahryar Niazi

    Fans actually Boondock Saints 3 is coming, Norman Reedus said on Oct 9, 2012 which was after a few days of this news. LOOK HERE’S THE PROOF THAT HE IS COMING BACK:

  • Jeri

    what the fuck .boondock saints needs to be made o hell come on

  • Covanent

    I think BD 2 was fucking awesome…anyone who says otherwise is not a Saints fan and a blasphemer! 

  • The Clutch

    Part 2 was most definitely not an awful mess. And sarcastically speaking, hollywood is not filled with ugly people right? The way part 2 ended demands a third. If it is not made then the creators will have let down a legion of fans. And they better not turn it into a television series. We deserve better.

  • Emmaleader1991

    I totally think the third one should be made as the first two are/were fantastic. Bothe and my sister are completely in love with the films. Sean and norman should fight to have it filmed and relesed.

  • Reneephilliptrusdell

    please come out with another movie cuties

  • Gaara

    What ever the reasons, i think there must be a number 3, i have 1 & 2 … GREAT MOVIES

  • Readgirl

    You can F**K OFF, this simply cannot be, there are parts/scenes in part 1 and 2 to prove that there is another one (personally there should be two), so, stop f**ckin round. , Cut the coffee house bullshit, cut the hollywood drama act, and lets see the real ending here!

    from readgirl.

  • z=z(2)+c

    I think they should make a third one simply because they left a huge motherfucking cliff hanger at the end of the second…

  • Sawtoothrelic

    that is so messed up boondock saints three will be an amazing movie i loved both movies one and two now all we need is for them to pull there heads out of there a$$ and come up wit one. it should not be a tv series but should remain as movies and i say this because series can go to far and end up bad but movies can come to an amazing end.

  • yoo

    Love the movie! Hoping a sequel will be up in the near future,..coz I wanna see hoe the boys r doing in prison n how they got busted out!!

  • Beautiful Vixen26

    that’s bs there should be boondock saints 3 or even rename boondock saints return or something similar! They have a creative touch yes the first movie was better and the way they ended the second movie they should have another one just, put more action find similar but different story base as the first one! The second movie wasn’t horrible but it definitely wasn’t up to par with the first one! They should really put some thought into it! Or if they weren’t going to make another they shouldn’t of ended it they way they did in the second movie!

  • Sberry715

    Imma need part 3 to come out..this is an awesome ass movie..

  • Deger

    The documentary isn’t really authentic, though. Both actors Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery said it was purposfully made to make Troy Duffy look like an asshole.
    Watch this interview on youtube:

    They’re asking about the documentary at minute 12.

  • Dustangel1974

    i want a 3rd!! love these movies! come on now!!!

  • 7235

    i want a Boondock Saints 3

  • Marcusthebluepanda

    As much as I wish that there would be a third, I think it’s better to leave it open-ended. Sides, most third movies suck anyway.

  • Marcusthebluepanda

    I liked the second one, it was the first one that I saw. It was a little more crude and still funny. Though the first will always be the best.

  • Orestad92


  • Tabbielane

    Need to make a 3rd the 2nd one ended way to messed for there not to be a thrid

  • Boofacekillah


  • Boofacekillah

    that is bull

  • Micheal R. Driscoll


  • Cmdeathlord

    fuck it ill do the wrighting for the damb director

  • Faroutflylife

    well crap! they kinda left it open for a 3rd movie at the end of the 2nd one….

  • wjwilson

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… you can’t just end a movie that way and NOT make another one. since it took 10 years to make the 2nd i will be patient and wait till 2019 to check back for any updates. but i for one would like to know how the friggin’ saints gets out of jail… because you know they are going to. 

  • Blackthornforestry

     maybe you should learn to spell first!

  • Halfinsane21

    I loved the movies, but to think of it, a boondock saints 3 would nice, but I think the director wants to create a suspense, let people’s mind race about what happened after the 2nd, and then a little while later, come out with the third, U’m not saying I don’t want a third, i do, but maybe we should cool down about it. If you think about it, there’s not left of the series to go on, there isn’t an enemy, most of the elements are gone, the only thing left discontinued was the boys in prison, they can’t make an entire movie off of that.

  • et spiritus santi

    They say there will not be another but do not be surprised if they are if the money is right and the public wants it it usually happens I just worry about how they change actors for sequels

  • boo.

    they better make a third one ;0 .


    Atleast release the script or write a book, so we know how it ends -_-

  • JOJO

    boon dock saints may be my favorite movies of all time and if we don’t get a 3rd after that ending i will be upset lol

  • Sara razo

    They need to make 3rd one no matter what I’m only 13 so plz plz make an other one before I’m dead

  • Leah Morin

    “Creative Differences” Means “They won’t give me enough money”

  • sadfasdfsd

    the movie is in the writing process as we speak, i got this from the words of Sean Patrick Flanery in person just a day ago!!!!

  • William Kelley-stover

    they need to finished what they started and make the third film. Also if Norman Reedus does this while he does the walking dead he can make three times the money doing both because most of america enjoyed both films so they should give the fans what they want.

  • geegirl2213

    I have both Boondock Saints l & ll…. My husband & I have watched them so many times, they are by far my favorite movies… They so need to do what ever the hell that needs to be done to start production on the 3rd on & do it hella quick cause all of the fans are waiting!!!

  • Chelsea Merriman

    I just saw the first Boondock Saints movie about 2 days ago, and just got done watching the 2nd one…me personally, they really ended the 2nd crappy. Being as it may, I liked the second one, just not all the flashbacks, kinda got confusing. But it seems that the ending is just too un-finished. They can’t just end a film like that, I for one would think it would be interesting to see the 2 brothers get out of that jail…but no! Hollywood wants us to imagine for ourselves as to what happens next…how does one map that out? It’s like an episode of Sopranos, they always end the show in mid sentence…maybe it doesn’t matter what the full sentence is…but some people like it when people FINISH things. This movie series ended way too short…maybe on the next blue moon, they’ll decide to make a 3rd one…they may not even post anything about it…maybe it’s a surprise. But i’m just going to end this on a little note. I enjoyed watching the 2 movies, seeing my favorite actor (Norman Reedus), in action. Just a shame they’re not making a 3rd one!

  • Gail Sanders

    He cannot leave us hanging like that. There is definite possibilities for part 3. So many directions to take if they use their imaginations

  • Aries Mendez

    What a bunch of dumbasses, why make two incredible films to not even finish the second one, they misleaded all the fans in hope of us thinking there was going to be a part 3 for they obviously left a continuation of part 2… wtf, why do that then… what a poor excuse for these directors, must be part of some conspiracy.

  • noname

    all of you get a life

  • Lars

    I like both BDS Movies, BUT i have to say that i felt the first one had much more energy and creativity then the second one had, perhaps it’s best the series ends With the second one

  • bah121212

    bah1212112 : i loved both, why not be like the series “fast & furious” when you have great team that really pulls the story together {fictious or not} work it. its better than crap that they are remake from yesturyear because they are running out of ideas. and after 20 slasher movies you’ve kind of seen them all.BDS is actually trying to society in some kind of balance.truely if we all had more faith in some higher power & ourselves we could do some street sweeping in our own neighborhoods. XOXO

  • Joseph Mancuso

    The Boondock Saints 3 is coming out soon,can’t wait

  • Don Lyng

    Maybe the fact Duffy is a fucking alcoholic has something to do with it. He post shit ALL the time on face book and is wasted in damn near every post. We KNOW he is working on a script. We have seen Sean doing a read through of it. Citing ‘creative differences’ means Duffy has yet again written shit garbage like BDS 2 and Norman doesn’t want any part of it. Hell even Sean called Duffy out on the garbage he has written so far…and that’s a fact…