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‘Female Expendables’ Recruits Galactica Star Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff made a name for herself playing Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica before moving on to recurring roles on 24 and Longmire. But now Variety reports she’ll join the ranks of some pretty tough women in a film that’s been billed as “the female Expendables.”

Produced by The Grey and Dredd 3D‘s Adi Shankar, the project recently cast former MMA fighter and Haywire star Gina Carano. The only other thing we know about the film is that it’s being scripted by newcomer Dutch Southern (Hoof Harrington’s Greatest Hits).

It will be interesting to not only find out what this movie is called, but also who else Shankar can recruit for the film. Who would you like to see make the cut?


  • spider jerusalem

    And right out the gate, they hit my number one choice. Let’s add Sigourney Weaver, Summer Glau, Linda Hamilton and Gillian Anderson next, please.

  • Jamesmoore36

    And Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez

  • Melanie Dawn McGreevey

    Milla Jovavich (sp?)

  • Jdd1369

    Lucy Lawless of course …

  • John DeYoung

    Summer Glau, Linda Hamilton, Michelle Rodriguez, Lucy Liu, Kelly Hu, Tatanya Ali, Roxanne Dawson. Man this would be awesome.

  • John DeYoung

    Stallone is in charge. How about Chyna and Bridgette Nielsen?

  • Blakharte2002

    Why does anyone think a female version is needed? Ridiculous. Everyone thought the first movie was a stupid idea, thus this is a stupid idea.

  • Rod G

    All of ‘em plus Uma Thurman.

  • sillymander

    Hollywood needs to produce a female “Expendables” like it needs to produce a D-list low-budget Justice League.

  • Steven Derrick

     I would love to see Karen Sheperd and Cynthia Rothrock from the classic martial art films! These ladies started it all, friends.

  • Steven Wilber

    I would love to Karen Sheperd and Cynthia Rothrock from classic martial art movies of the past. These ladies started it all, friends.

  • Steven Wilber

    I would love to Karen Sheperd and Cynthia Rothrock from classic martial art movies of the past. These ladies started it all, friends.

  • Darwinsky

    How ’bout Brigitte Nielsen and Grace  Jones?

  • runnerx13

    The idea worked perfectly for the female Hangover, aka Bridesmaids. 

  • runnerx13

    I’d keep the cast simple for the first movie, no need to bust a nut with every single female action star. 

  • Lee127

    Sigourney Weaver (Aliens), Summer Glau (Firefly), Jennifer Garner (Alias), Gina Torres (Firefly), Emily VanCamp (Revenge), Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead), and in a league all her own…Scarlett Johansson (Avengers)

  • Mary

    I would like to see Karen Sheperd in the movie!

  • chrisdvanne

     Summer Glau is a pretty good choice and she can act  She’s not too big that she would be overbearing but she has played River Tam on Joss Whedon’s Serenity and Cameron in Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, two of the most iconic character in recent sci-fi history.

  • Moonluv5

     Cynthia Rothrock ALL the way, guaranteed hit if Cynthia is in it.

  • Tony Coates

    Another vote here for Cynthia Rothrock & Karen Sheperd. They’ve earned their stripes action-wise over the years and should be one of the first names on the list.

  • Anastasia

    I would like to see Cynthia Rothrock)

  • Malong21

    Great suggestions here, I totally agree, my fave choices would be Karen Sheperd and Linda Hamilton, Legendary Strong women AND awesome actresses :)

  • Jimfreewilson

    Katee Sackhoff is a good choice, but there isn’t anybody that could be better in this thanThe Lady Dragon herself, Cynthia Rothrock. Gina Carano is good too, but once again she isn’t in Cynthia’s class. Champion in forms & weapons 5 years in a row. A blonde haired Kung Fu gal that impressed the Chinese so much they made her a film star. She teaches seminars to Black Belts all over the globe, has her own apparel line, and still does exhibitions. Gotta have Cynthia.

  • Nancy Taylor

    It can’t be a female action film without Cynthia Rothrock.

  • Nancy Taylor


  • DINO20D

    would be good to have original action stars fm the 80s/ 90s eg Cynthia Rothrock, someone who can actually handle the actions … just like they cast Jet Li, Dolph L & JCVD … have to go along w the same/ similar principles right??

  • Jungle

    Definitely it should have the legendary Cynthia Rothrock, she is everything, good looking, perfect with just about any weapon, she is the total action star.

  • Harry Shivery

    I and many of my martial arts friends would like to see Cynthia Rothrock in this movie. She has a large following and I for one would tell all my friends and being willing to spread the word via Facebook.

  • Tony Coates

    Also, Cynthia Rothrock could help whip the girls into fighting shape for the movie :)

  • Tangsoomoo

    I think Cynthia rothrock should be in it, she is one old the most classical stars in the movie industrie for martial arts

  • G HUss

    We would like Cynthia Rothrock starring as well!

  • Orphan

    Yes, just because Bridesmades sold a few tickets doesn’t make it any less a stupid movie than the Hangover or the Expendables female or otherwise.

  • Adamshippee67

      I think they should of asked Cynthia Rothrock, first…The Female’s Baddest Kick Your Ass! If she is not in this movie, I will not go to see it!

  • Birgit

    Switzerland wants Cynthia Rothrock!

  • Blue Dilly

    If they put anyone in it, they should actually be an action star, IMO. Cynthia Rothrock, first and foremost. Without her, this won’t be much of a movie.

  • Mike Amowitz

    I would love to see Cynthia Rothrock in a female version of “The Expendables.”

  • Sanchobizz

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  • Revanhavoc