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Ed Brubaker Lands Espionage & Crime Pilots At NBC & Fox

When Hollywood snaps up comic creators, they snap them up fast.

The Hollywood Reporter has news that Ed Brubaker, best known for his acclaimed run on Marvel’s Captain America andcreator-owned titles like Criminal and Fatale, has signed deals for two television pilots with two separate networks. At Fox, Brubaker will team with Awake producer Kyle Killen for Rising Suns, a crime drama focusing on an American Yakuza underboss on the run from a female FBI agent. Meanwhile, NBC has picked up an untitled Brubaker-written espionage drama that will be produced by Universal Television alongside executive producers Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplan, who are at work on the mideseason replacement Do No Harm.

CBR readers doubtlessly saw this coming months ago as Brubaker teased both projects in an interview on the future of Fatale and his writing career. “I’ve got blind deals for two TV pilots this year,” he said in August. “Technically, that means I’ll be writing two TV pilots, and one pitch is completely original while the other is based on this comic idea I’ve got. It’s an odd situation, but I’m still trying to learn how to navigate these waters more than anything. It’s a learning experience.”

Of course, as a comics lifer the writer has no intention of stopping his comics work if his pilots are picked up for series. Aside from Fatale with Sean Phillips, Brubaker has been promising another new creator-owned series to debut next year.


  • EwokSlayer

    this is the guy that writes those soft-boiled wanna be noir comics. Pass

  • Kaz Zazel

    Good for Ed!

     Even though these aren’t really my taste, I will tune in because it’s Brubaker. Now all we need is news of Fatale being adapted for cable and/or as film(s).

  • Quann

    Exciting! Awake was a top notch show and Brubaker’s creator owned comics are miles ahead of most of superhero work. I will tune in for both.

  • EddardStark

    I’m happy for Ed. He deserves all the recognition and success he can get. I hope Marvel consults him for Cap 2.

  • AceOfKnaves

    The writing has been on the wall for years now. Brubaker has been expressing interest in transitioning to tv and movies for a long while, and recently the only comics output of his that has been interesting are those he clearly has passion for (creator owned stuff and Winter Soldier). It’s almost as if as soon as Cap relaunched you could tell that he just didn’t care about mainstream comics anymore other than Winter Soldier, who is essentially an entirely Brubaker-original.

  • AceOfKnaves

    I mention all that, because even though I’m happy for him, when he’s into his comics he’s my favorite writer… I will miss him on Marvel books.

  • Eric

    I hope they turn out better than Angel of Death.

  • Demoncat4

    nice for ed to get to dable in tv  and hope its the start of having his own work done for tv. and should be interesting to see how ed manages to pull off doing both tv and comics should either pilot go to series

  • Akkadiannumen

    Good luck, Ed. Which one is based on a comics idea?