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First Look: Svetlana Khodchenkova As Viper On Set of The Wolverine

Although Fox has never commented on reports in July that Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova had stepped into the role of Viper, we now have confirmation in the form of photos from the set of director James Mangold’s film.

Spotted by Hey U Guys on the Russian fan site HughJackMania, the images show Khodchenkova wearing imaginative, HYDRA-esque sunglasses and strange, beaded gloves. While the film’s take on Madame Hydra doesn’t have green hair, she clearly isn’t low-key.

Created by Jim Steranko, Viper is a terrorist and mercenary who’s battled such Marvel superheroes as Wolverine, the X-Men, Captain America, Black Widow and The Punisher.

Based in part on the 1982 Wolverine miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, The Wolverine has Logan battling ninjas and the politics of the Tokyo criminal underworld for the heart of his ex-lover, the daughter of a Japanese crime lord.

Khodchenkova, who’s best known in the West for her role in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, joins a cast that includes Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima and Brian Tee. The Wolverine opens July 26, 2013.


  • Guydc3

    Um, okay. I won’t be THAT continuity guy and just say, I’m still excited for the movie. Probably safe to say the Silver Samurai won’t be silver-adorned at all then. Still everything we have been hearing about the flick sounds good. 

  • Cmozer2635

    Why no green hair?  I don’t get it.  That’s like Wolverine having no claws.

  • careyt

    just one more reason to not give a shit about this movie. when Darren dropped out I knew it would be destined for the same fate as the last crappy wolverine movie. not that a lame character like Wolverine deserves a good film, though.

  • legionquest

    There isnt really a need for no green hair beyond ‘green hair is too comicy, this is teh realz and grimdark!’ 

  • Tyrell Archer

    You’re right… she isn’t low key at all.  That was Tom Hiddleston.

  • Spyder

    Cam we stop pretending this picture tells us much of anything. For all we know she appears later in the movie with green hair. And frankly sometimes things have to be change to make them believable.

  • Chaim Mattis Keller

    Are you kidding me? These days, green hair barely causes a double-take.

  • Xsikal

    Huh.  Well, hopefully the movie is good, regardless.

  • Captain Comet

    Does this mean she cant appear in the Marvel movies? And will they not be able to mention Hydra in Wolverine?

  • Fury

    who cares if she’s got green hair, she’s cute.

  • Brad O’Leary

    she’s a white, blonde chick? always thought she looked asian in the comics. oh well, hopefully she’ll still be kick ass and be evil. anything’s better than January Jones robot Emma Frost in First Class!

  • legionquest

    Then why no green hair here? 

  • Quiknkold

    I wonder if they will actually mention Hydra in this. Who knows? Maybe they’ll link The Wolverine to Captain America : The First Avenger? And maybe Jack Kirby will rise from the grave

  • Steve Johnston

    She’s Madame Hydra.  That’s who she was before she killed the male villain known as Viper and assumed his code-name.  Or are they just calling her Viper because they can’t use Hydra in the Fox movies?  Hmm.

  • Thom Vane

    I have trouble letting an article on this movie go by without bemoaning Aronofsky leaving it. It would have been incredible.

  • Pplonthenetlie

    but doesn’t this movie take place in the past?

  • LoveWaffle

    Not having green hair is bad enough, but that she’s wearing the hair up like that is just as bad.  One side of her face is supposed to be hideously scarred, which is why she wears her hair long and covers half her face with it in the comics.  Unless they plan on using CGI in post-prodution to make her Jonah Hex, this is a no-go.

  • Akkadiannumen

    So instead of giving her green hair which would make her look cool on top of looking like the character, they gave her Gaga-style boots that make her look stupid.

  • sandwich eater

    Didn’t Viper have black hair with a greenish tinge? Also, shouldn’t the rights to Viper belong with Marvel instead of Fox, since she debuted in Nick Fury’s comic book?

  • Greg Phillips

     Get over yourself.

  • xMatt

     I love how one photo can cause such ire amongst the comic community.

    Who’s to say how she looks in the comics, isn’t something that’s going to happen in later scenes, or throughout the film?

    Aaron Eckhart wasn’t brunette enough in The Dark Knight D:

  • careyt

     get over myself? wtf does that even mean? Wolverine sucks, and is a crappy overused comic book character that needs to die along with Jean Grey and Venom. Give me logical and reasonable reasons for why I am wrong instead of taking a straw man attack against me.

    it’s fanboys like you who suck up everything you’re handed as if it’s gold that screw up the comic book industry. Watchmen sucked, and Alan Moore is an overhyped hack. just sayin.

  • Rebeca

    does anybody knows what brand are the reading glasses she wears on the movie?