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Mark Millar, the Joss Whedon of Fox’s Marvel Properties?

Mark Millar has taken on a pretty big role as Fox’s Marvel creative consultant, and it’s not something he’s taking lightly. Although it’s something of an unprecedented position, Millar told Word Balloon (via he finds his role parallels that of another big name at Marvel Studios.

“If there’s a comparable job, I guess it’s probably what Joss [Whedon] is doing over with Marvel Studios,” Millar said. “It’s very, very exciting. Just as a fan, to be at the heart of something like this is wonderful.”

Millar also offered updates on Fox’s current slate of Marvel movies, saying director Josh Trank’s take on Fantastic Four “could not be more different” than Fox’s previous two franchise installments. And The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past will be awesome.

“I can’t say too much about it right now, but The Wolverine has only just started shooting really, I mean it’s been shooting for a few weeks now. I really do like it and I’m really impressed by it,” Millar said. “Days of Future Past, which is being written at the moment, is the next one up and at the same time, Fantastic Four is being written right now. In a weird way, it’s just the easiest job in the world as I’m surrounded by people who are so good!”

Fans were excited to learn Millar would be brought on to consult with Fox because that would likely mean he would raise the quality of the superhero films the studio is putting out. But Millar pointed out that not every Marvel movie Fox has adapted has been as bad as, say, X-Men: The Last Stand, and that he thinks some of their projects deserve more credit.

“There have been some poor decisions in the past, but you also have to remember that there have been some excellent ones too. Bryan Singer’s X-Men for example, I think revolutionized superhero movies. It pre-dated Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and I think you forget how close that was chronologically to Batman and Robin!” he said. “To open with a Holocaust scene in a superhero movie was just unheard of. Fox get a lot of flak for the films which didn’t work out, and quite rightly, but you forget that they’ve done some really great stuff too. I’m thinking specifically of X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men: First Class.”


  • Duke Stratosphere

    “If there’s a comparable job, I guess it’s probably what Joss [Whedon] is doing over with Marvel Studios,” Millar said.

    So other than the “write and direct a highly successful movie”, “write and direct the sequel to the highly successful movie”, and “develop a new TV show in the same cinematic universe as the highly successful movie”, they have pretty similar jobs… ;-)

  • Duke Stratosphere

    All snark aside, while I’m not a huge fan of Millar he’s at least a comics fan and hopefully he can help Fox get past the lackluster X-Men 3 and the two Fantastic Four movies. I’m hoping that Daredevil actually went back to Marvel/Disney.

  • guest

    Yeah, this isn’t about comparing Millar to Whedon but Fox to Marvel. Fox has turned out more Marvel movies than any other studio and Millar cited the only three that were any good. I’m glad to hear that Fox realizes they need some help.

  • darthtigris

    … am I the only one that sees this as bad news, if only because it improves the chances of Fox getting an FF movie made before the rights revert back to Marvel?


  • Alex Holt

    Much as I agree that X-men and F4 would be better off at Marvel, the flipside of this is that if Marvel DID have the rights to them, that’d slow down us getting films of some of Marvels great B and C list characters – we probably wouldn’t be getting Guardians of the Galaxy, and things like Dr Strange, Black Panther, Luke Cage and Iron Fist would probably take even longer than they are.

  • Lead_sharp

    3 out of 9? Even if I am more forgiving than most when it comes to Fox Marvel I’m not going to pretend that 3 / 9 is a bright side.

  • darthtigris

    Oh I agree about the X-men.  With the exception of recent developments in the comics, they have always been in their little section of the Marvel universe anyway.  But the FF are INTREGAL to the MU in so many ways.  Even if not having their own movie, cameo appearances would make a ton of sense.

    As for the MCU, I’m still waiting to see how they choose to expand into new properties.  The two movie a year cycle for the phases can only hold so many movies, and with sequels to current successful properties taking up so many spots they may have to adjust their format to introduce the others.  Maybe a cinematic equivalent of the Marvel Two-in-One, ala Grindhouse … ?

  • Desi Woods

    If Fox is just going to carbon Copy everything that Marvels doing then I’d rather see Marvel do it outright.  

  • Desi Woods

    You’re not the only one. If I had a choice I would’ve hoped for Marvel to get F4 instead of Daredevil. They’d fit a whole lot better in the MCU then they would in some lame shared X-men/FF universe. 

  • Desi Woods

    Marvel’s continued success would mean that they could expand and push out more films per year. So with them doing films in phases I could see them at some point releasing 3 or 4 films a year or maybe 1 per season, saving the lesser known hero’s for the winter months and call them “One shots” or “Spotlights” While building up the blockbuster character films for the Spring and Summer.