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Snow White Director Stalking Universal’s Van Helsing Reboot

Director Rupert Sanders might have shot himself in the foot earlier this year after achieving a good amount of success with his debut feature Snow White and the Huntsman. Soon after the film’s $56 million opening, word broke that the Sanders had an affair with star Kristen Stewart, who was in a relationship with her Twilight castmate Robert Pattinson. Tongues wagged, apologies were made, and Universal Pictures is said to have shifted gears for the film’s sequel, focusing less on Stewart’s Snow White and more on Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman. Sanders’ involvement in the sequel has yet to be determined.

Twitch reports, though, that the studio might not be done with Sanders, who’s said to be in casual talks to direct its upcoming Van Helsing reboot. The script is being written by the Star Trek 2 team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, with Tom Cruise set to star and produce. Kurtzman has said he wants to set the film in the real world “without sacrificing the fantasy elements.” The project might be Cruise’s next. If so, expect all the players to be announced relatively quickly.


  • Adam Hoffman

    As long as the Frankenstein monster in the reboot is more badass.  I can’t stand the idea of an iconic literary/cinema monster who HAS TO BE RESCUED . . . TWICE!