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NBC Follows Alice (and Clara) Down Rabbit Hole in Wonderland

Although The CW is already developing a contemporary reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, Deadline reports NBC is now wrapping up negotiations for its own take on the Lewis Carroll classic.

Written by Whit Anderson, who at one point was attached to the planned Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake, Wonderland is set following the events of Carroll’s 1865 novel, and centers on Alice and a new character named Clara. Seven years earlier, Clara’s life took a turn for the worse, and a mysterious stranger tells her the explanation lies in Wonderland. To get her life back on track, Clara must wage war on the world’s reigning queen, the woman once known as Alice.

The project is produced by ABC Studios, Brillstein Entertainment Partners and CSI creator Anthony Zuiker through his Dare to Pass banner. “Whit Anderson is a true visionary,” he said. “Her reimagining of Alice in Wonderland blew us away and we are very excited to bring this to television.”

By comparison, The CW’s Wunderland, from McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision, centers on a young female detective in Los Angeles who discovers another world exists beneath the surface of the city. Lionsgate TV also recently acquired the rights to Zenescope’s Wonderland comic series.


  • ZBaksh386

    im probably gonna like the nbc alice more than the cw alice.

  • Michael J

    What is it with these tv networks that makes them want to copy another one by making a show based off the same characters? Sherlock Holmes anyone? BBC did it and then CBS.Oh and how can we forget, CW released the dreadful Beauty and the Beast remake based on the 1980’s tv series then ABC said they were going to create their own version based on the original fairy tale.Now we’re going to have two Alice in Wonderland.They are all coming out in pairs.They have no imagination, what to ever.