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Hugo Weaving Doesn’t Want to Play Red Skull Again

Don’t expect Hugo Weaving to reprise his role as Red Skull in future Marvel films.

During a recent conversation with Collider, Weaving was asked whether he had any plans to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As most actors are signed on to multi-picture deals, it seemed like a fair question, but Weaving gave the impression he wanted to put put some distance between himself and his role in Captain America: The First Avenger.

“I think the tendency, with those films, would be to probably not bring a villain back. They might for The Avengers, but I didn’t think I’d be in Captain America 2 or 3. I don’t think Red Skull will be there,” Weaving said. “And it’s not something I would want to do again.”

With that being said, Weaving made it clear he has no hard feelings toward Marvel and is glad he joined the project. But he also said he hopes he won’t be asked back.

“I did sign up for a number of pictures and I suppose, contractually, I would be obliged to, if they forced me to, but they wouldn’t want to force someone to do it, if they didn’t want to,” he said. “I think I’ve done my dash with that sort of film. It was good to do it and try it out, but to be honest, it’s not the sort of film I seek out and really am excited by. As an actor, to do all sorts of different films is great. It stretches you in different ways. But, I increasingly like to go back to what I used to always do, which is to get involved with projects that I really have a personal affiliation with.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens April 4, 2014.


  • dareyy

    he just seems guarded and typical actor distant… i bet if the script & project was right, he’d come back to it. oh, and the money, too 

  • Anthony

    That’s a pity. I enjoyed Weaving’s performance, and thought he certainly looked great in the role. 

    My guess is that the Red Skull WILL return, probably around a third film. The character’s “exit” was done so casually as to imply unfinished business. Besides, Steve Rogers slowly discovering that more and more WWII elements are alive and well in the present day is a pretty key part of the character.

    Perhaps Weaving would be willing to do a cameo that allows for a transition to another actor. The Red Skull does like to inhabit other bodies, after all. If not, no big deal— Marvel has demonstrated ample willingness to change actors, as Edward Norton and Terrence Howard can testify…

  • Branden

    Weird that he doesn’t want to return for Captain America/Avengers and yet returned for all three Transformers movies.

  • Al D.

    Actor speak translate mode on: “Pay me!”

  • Alex Holt

    Could be the prosthetics thing, having to sit in makeup for hours before you even get onto the set can’t be much fun, especially compared against just turning up in a recording booth.

  • Lastnamecumbie

    He did the matrix sequels and he was the best actor in them all so he can do any captain america sequel lol.

  • Trevor Robertson

    He may not have had a strong “personal affiliation” or connection with the material, but he gave a great performance in a very fun film. I hope he continues to have success in his career.

  • Keroro_complex

    Meh, I don’t mind if he doesn’t come back.  His Red Skull wasn’t really as menacing, calculating, or obsessive as I had hoped. He could easily have been a power rangers villain. That’s not Weaving’s fault, but not having Weaving around might make them approach skull with a different tone.

  • Tim

    There is more than one Red Skull so adding one of the others and explaining it wouldn’t be to hard for writers.

  • CapCanuck

    @Brendan: Weaving was in Transformers??
    Guess he had a strong personal affiliation for ‘The Matrix’ though…?
    Bottom line, if the dude signed an agreement, should a person not HONOUR said agreement? Not that it matters much, next time the Skull could be in full skull mode all the time so MARVEL would probably not even need Hugo’s “face”…

  • Alex

    Can’t really blame him

  • Brandon Archer

    that’s his way of saying…”I WANT A RAISE”

  • warren

    wow!  where did that come from?  I thought the movie was great and he did a fine job acting.  Didn’t know he was so high flueting….What ever happen to loyalty?  If you signed up for multiple movies then you knew what you were doing then.  Put your big boy pants on and go do the job you were paid to do like the rest of do ever day and make minimum wage doing it. 

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Or perhaps actor speak for “Give me some creative control!”

  • HED

    Weaving as so perfect for the Red Skull, but I think that I’d rather he not come back (the Skull, not Weaving)

  • Michael J

    Is this not the same man who had no problem playing Agent Smith in 3 Matrix movies?  And how can we forget the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and last I checked he was also in the Hobbit movie coming out December 14,2012.I’m sure the House of Mouse is willing to give him a comfortable amount of money if the Red Skull is indeed in the sequel film of Captain America.Being in a sequel for a third blockbuster movie for Hugo Weaving shouldn’t come as a surprise, if they do come calling him.I mean, the man’s been in two giant blockbuster franchises that were made into trilogies.(The Matrix and Lord Of The Rings) What’s another one?

  • Pissed with Hugo

    He’s been in 3 Matrix films, 3 Transformers films, V for Vendetta, done 3 LOTR films plus he’s got 3 more on the way and not to mention all the additional voice-over work for video games and direct to video films related to these big film franchises….the guy’s made a name for himself on superhero & sci-fi genre films and now he’s biting the hand that fed him?!?!?! HUGO, DON’T PISS OFF THE FAN BOYS!! Suck it up and finish your contractual obligations. You can do chick-flicks afterwards for all I care if that’s what you want…just don’t forget who and what got you to where you are right now!

    Fine, I can understand he wants to do other things. But there are other ways of saying it so it doesn’t make him sound like an ungrateful actor towards a genre that has embraced him and made him a household name. He needs someone from PR to tackle this ASAP and have him save some skull…er…face.

  • Chris Routly

    I like Weaving, and I thought he did a fine job, but him coming back or not doesn’t seem like a big deal as far as franchise continuity goes. Red Skull is so covered in prosthetics that they could be made on a new actor and no one would care as long as they look similar enough after all the makeup is applied.

  • Truthseekingmissle

    Good for you Hugo.  Playing A marvel villain is like being a clown balloon in a country fair.  Nothing interesting to do.

  • Joseph O.G. Amyotte

    Translation: “My Avengers cheque was small, perhaps this will make them re-evaluate my fee.”

  • Darthfrogass

    Oh blah. Another hipster artist too good for the movies that give him a paycheck.

  • YoYoMa

    The Red Skull in the used several different human faces in his returns so Weaving is not necessary for future appearances however he did a great service to the role and I wish he would reconsider his decision if given the opportunity.

  • YoYoMa

    *The Red Skull in the comics

  • Joe Huber

    I like his performance but not attitude about doing sequels. Comic-book movies rely on people coming back for the sequels. If he could work with Michael Bay for three films it couldn’t have been that bad to work on Captain America. Maybe it’s cause he only had to do voice work and didn’t have to deal with Bay, but this is disappointing. I feel this is a ploy for money. If they can have 3 different guys play Hulk and 2 play Rhodey I guess it won’t hurt to get someone who wants to play Red Skull. If it’s about money go with someone different. If he really feels that way it will be better to go with someone else anyway….

  • legionquest

    Meh, it’s a guy in a fask mask, anyone could do it. They dont need him and if he doesnt want to be there then no point making him. Dick thing to say though, dont sign on to do a multi-film deal if you dont want to do a multi-film deal. 

  • Xsikal

     I wouldn’t be shocked if that was part of the reason.  It could also not have anything to do with Captain America specifically… after being in the Matrix films, the LotR films, the Transformer films, and now Captain America, it’s understandable he might just be ready for something new.

  • mel

    He did the voice for Megatron.

  • ReyMatt

    It would be cool for him to return as Dell Rusk in Captain America: Red Zone…

  • Intruder

    Well, his talent was wasted in the movie so good for him. They didn’t make him menacing enough or give him much to do. Same goes for plenty of actors. Colbie Smulders best work in Avengers was the gag reels. Marvel movies are highly overrated fan service.

  • T.

    all cast members of the LOTR movies had quite extensive make-up work done each time, including Weaving. So he must be used to it.

  • Jugga Lord

    He acts as if he didn’t know what he was getting into when he signed up; before even. I get that he wants to pursue other things, but he really should’ve thought about that before he committed in ink. That he’s trying to now guilt Marvel into letting him out of his contract… Kinda pathetic really. And this is the same guy who willingly stayed on for all 3 Matrix films. *sheesh*

    While I’d much rather not see the character recast as it mucks with continuity, losing Weaving wouldn’t be such a loss. He’s vastly overrated anyway. He’s got one note. No range. 

    Guarded? Get with the program or get out of the biz. It’s not as if he signs on to these small indie pics. He knows what comes with the turf. He should be on his knees thanking whatever devil he made a pact with for his involvement in some of the biggest franchises of all time. Instead, he’s complaining and thinking that he’s bigger than his contract. Sorry, but he’s not so big as to call the shots. Eastwood he is not.

  • Jugga Lord


  • Jugga Lord

    Guess you didn’t see Thor then. … Or Spider-Man 2. … Or X-Men First Class … 

    Go back and watch your overrated pos TDKR again. Cosplay Bane til the end of all you want. 

    Truth seeking missile my tuchus.

  • DC

    He’s a dick!!

  • The__rock__says

    1st matrix movie was great, also they pretty much created the franchise
    and made it popular from scratch wich should add excitement for all
    participants, also 2 and 3 were filmed together.

    LOTR was award winning
    and considered “the trilogy of a generation” also filmed together.

    Transformer’s only did voice.

    Captain America was
    medriocre, its biggest selling point is that it lead in to Avengers, so really there is no point in comparing how many movies he did for other franchises cause its easy to see why he would be more excited to participate in them.

  • JozefAL

    Gods, what whining. 

    No, I’m not talking about Weaving.  I’m talking about the comments here.

    I don’t blame him for not wanting to return.  Whether he signed a multi-film contract or not is completely irrelevant.  There’s NEVER any guarantee that an actor will actually be in those films and many times those contracts simply prevent them from taking on film roles they’d prefer doing but can’t because of the damn contract.

  • Jugga Lord

    I’m not comparing one movie to the other. What I suggested is that, having been a part 4 other trilogies, he’d surely know his way around big productions/franchises and contracts. 

    Unless he’s lived in a cave for the past several decades, he’s no doubt noticed that comic movies are rarely ever stand alone affairs. Multi-picture deals are the norm these days. When you sign up to do X-Men, Batman, or Avengers, they almost always option you for a certain number of pictures. There’s no surprise there. Unless he rubber stamped his contract, it should’ve come as no shock to him what he signed on for.

    Look. I feel bad for the guy. Maybe he didn’t have a great time with the makeup. Maybe he and the director didn’t get along. Maybe he though Evans was a total tool. Maybe he thought the movie should’ve been called “Red Skull & Friends”. Whatever. None of that changes the fact that he knowingly signed a contract. Marvel wouldn’t be forcing him to play the Red Skull again. They’d simple be ENforcing the contract which he had previously signed. There’s no point of him complaining about a contract made in good faith. He’s being a whiny baby now. 

    Honestly, I don’t know how big Weaving thinks he is. Strip away the Hobbit, LOTR, Matrix, & Transformers movies and he just becomes another “that guy” actor. He’s not exactly a household name, unless you think that “Agent Smith” is his real name. Without genre flicks, he wouldn’t even be that. Weaving should just suck it up and meet his obligations like a man. 

    He owes a great debt to genres films Without these flicks, he’d still be the voice of that dog in Babe. He needs to know where his bread is buttered.

    Weaving should’ve just kept his mouth shut. Wanna know what happens when you whine and play diva? You end up Ed Norton instead of Mark Ruffalo. 

  • Omegasaga

    Well imagine how BAD this will be for Cap 2 if he IS forced back into the role.

    The press will have a field day with it— IF this article ever surfaces anyplace else.

    And when an actor says he doesnt want to be in a role and is forced to– who the heck wants to see him do it then.

    Skull can easily be replaced

  • Omegasaga

    yeah right?   Or like his role in the Lord of the Rings movies are so big that he would care that he was in those either.

  • Omegasaga

    putting on elf ears is probably about 10 hrs less than Red Skull makeup.

    Then again i thought the skull makeup was CGI right?

  • Omegasaga

    His voice in the Transformers films was unidentifiable.  I would have prefered the ORIGINAL voice actor oposite prime

  • Tophman

    You’ve gotta figure that after the Matrix films (that put him on the map), he’ll start wanting to pick his own projects like a lot of ‘thespians’ do. Specially now that he’s got LoTR (plus the upcoming Hobbit) films under his belt, he can choose to do what he wants.

    The thing is, I wonder why he agreed to do a multi-picture Marvel deal in the first place. Perhaps it was because he expected that his role would have more meat? I love the fact that the current crop of Marvel films have been mostly about the heroes rather than spending 50% on the villain’s back story.

    For the Red Skull, I felt that it was bleh… nothing special… nothing like what they did with Loki who got a heck of a lot more screen time. Just face it, you spend hours every day getting stuff glued to your face to create a character that you can’t connect with because the script didn’t give you a chance to explore him.

    Obviously all we’re doing is conjecture here though I seriously doubt that financial reasons would be top on the list (unless he’s in debt or has a problem with his bookie).

    Nevertheless, I echo the sentiment that the Marvel suits can easily get another actor to fill the red prosthetics if Weaving was out. It’s just a shame since I did enjoy Weaving’s performance in the few scenes he was in. I guess time will tell … just psyched I’m gonna see the Winter Soldier play out on the big screen very soon.

  • Jugga Lord

    The contract is NOT irrelevant. It’s entirely the point. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t want to play Red Skull anymore. He gave his word, in writing, that he’d play him again if asked. A man’s word has to mean something. 

    Also, these contracts aren’t preventing him from working. He’s free to work. He just has to make himself available, as stipulated by contract, when asked. These execs and directors are just fine schedule juggling, as are the actors. 

    And if he has to turn down an even bigger role because he’s contractually tied to this one, which shoots at the same time? Too bad. Hindsight is always 20/20. He shouldn’t have agreed to the contract’s terms if there was doubt or if he only wanted to do one flick. His obligations have to take priority over his wants. That’s life for everybody, actor or otherwise.

    If Weaving feels that enforcing the contract would equal being forced to keep his word then I feel bad for him. His word must not mean much. 

    Weaving should also consider himself very lucky. He should be thankful to be working when so many actors are waiting tables or mixing drinks. Few actors have had as many great opportunities as him. And if he fancies himself better than this particular franchise… 

  • Jugga Lord

    “Well imagine how BAD this will be for Cap 2 if he IS forced back into the role.

    Are you suggesting that he’d tank his performance? The show must go on and, if he has any integrity, should still give 100%. It would reflect poorly on him if he didn’t.

    The lesson of the day is: “Think before you sign.”

    Marvel could easily replace Weaving as the Red Skull. I agree. However, they shouldn’t have to. They already have Weaving, who had previously agreed. Similarly, Weaving shouldn’t try to wiggle out. He should just do his job. Sorry, but life has no “retcon” button.

  • Dswynne1

     Most likely Weaving wants to earn movie awards, like a Golden Globe or an Oscar.  And I can understand this, since, unfortunately, you could bring in movie goers into theaters with your performance and still not be seen as a “thespian” (as oppose to being an “actor”) by the movie industry.  At any rate, I wish him well.

  • Dswynne1

     Well, there are other Cap villains out there, like Baron Zemo and Sin.

  • Jugga Lord

    Then maybe he should stop getting involved with all of these multi-pic deals. 3 Matrix. 3 Hobbits. 3 LOTRs. 3 Transformers. Optioned for multiple Marvel movies. If he’s wondering where all of his Oscar opportunities went… There ya go.

  • Esteban Pedreros

    That’s just a bit of misleading tactics…  Red Skull always comes back

  • Jean Prouvaire

    Weaving is a very good actor as anyone who’s seen him perform live in plays such as Uncle Vanya or Les Liaisons Dangereuses, or in smaller films such as Proof, can attest. I’m sure blockbusters help his bank balance and open doors for him, but I doubt they present much of an acting challenge. And I say this as a nerd who’s enjoyed all the LOTR, Matrix and Marvel Studios movies to various extents.

  • Cjorg2

    Hugo Weaving fought long and hard for the career he currently has.  He doesn’t owe you or any fanboys out there shit.  He was an excellent actor, starring in excellent roles long before the Matrix, LOTR, and Captain America.  He got those roles because of all the hard work he’s done over the years, not because some crying fanboy like you handed it to him.

    The guys 52 – I can understand him not wanting to sit in a chair for hours while Red Skull make up is applied.  I can understand him not wanting to repeat himself in a film where he’s already played the same character.  Voice work and starring in LOTR weren’t huge roles that demanded a lot of his time.  He starred in LOTR because he’s a LOTR fan.  So he’s not a huge fan of playing a friggin’ campy Nazi villain. Excuse him!! He’s probably interested in doing other stuff and is hoping Marvel Studios will use all of Cap’s other villains before asking him back.

  • Cjorg2

     Exactly – plus a new actor could play him because the Skull was his REAL face and the human one was his mask.  As a result he doesn’t need to look like Hugo Weaving at all.  In fact he’d be pretty stupid to get his cronies to make a new human mask that resembled his original face – Cap and SHIELD would recognise him straight away!!!

  • Cjorg2

     He didn’t even mention Batman.  Or DC.  Only dickheads like you even make a distinction between Marvel and DC films.  They’re both about guys running around in their underwear. No difference whatsoever.

  • Cjorg2

     I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to play the watered down PG rated version of the lethal Nazi the Red Skull.  I’m sure when George Clooney signed on for Batman he didn’t realise what he was getting into either.

    Contracts are great but who’s to say that what Weaving originally signed on for was the end result?  Cap was an OK film, but it could have been much better.  The Red Skull, while visually stunning, was reduced to a mere glimpse of the brutal, manipulative, terror of WW2.  Maybe Weaving was hoping for a film more like Spielberg’s WW2, and less like the Goonies version of WW2.

  • Cjorg2

    “Weaving should’ve just kept his mouth shut. Wanna know what happens when
    you whine and play diva? You end up Ed Norton instead of Mark Ruffalo.”

    Your comment would make sense if Norton still wanted to work with Marvel Studios.  He doesn’t and was quite happy to walk away. 

    Your comments about Weaving’s resume are laughable.  He’s an actor who has starred in a lot of excellent films that WEREN’T “genre” films well before the Matrix.  Sure, starring in them is a great payday, but you can’t eat cereal all day can you?  You assume Weaving wants to be a household name as well.  Your comments are so ignorant it’s laughable.

    Weaver’s already on the record saying that he wants to stop starring in big blockbusters and concentrate on smaller films and the stage where you actually act and are not a cog in a big machine.  He’s been in more notable, and award-winning films and plays that blockbusters as well. The fact that you only know him from Babe and Transformers demonstrates that you likely watch anything outside of flashy superhero and scifi films.  He doesn’t need you as much as you apparently need him. Get a life.

  • SteveMcSheffrey

     If he wants asses in the seats he does owe them.  He wanted fame and money and there’s a price.  He just wants to be left alone?  Off Broadway is calling…

  • Motoflou

    Just throw some elf ears on him.  He’ll be fine.

  • Cjorg2

    Read his bio and you`ll see that`s pretty much what he wants. And he still owes you shit all. He wants to keep making the films and starring in plays you and other fanboys`d never want to see. So your point makes no sense.

  • Jimmy

    I think Weaving needs to take a restraining order out against you. Your obsession with him is disturbing.

  • Statham

    I don’t know, the Skull’s look was almost too well done to be CGI.

  • Statham

    Or perhaps even actor-speak for ‘I’m not really interested in doing the whole clichéd nazi-supervillain thing again’.

  • Statham

    Given the Skull basically got taken ‘somewhere else’ at the end of Cap, they could easily just bring him back with a different visual and a different actor. If they’re doing the Winter Soldier story, the Skull gets killed off and brought back there anyway – so the guy’d sound and look different because hey, comics!


    That’s too bad.  I was wondering if Red Skull had become Thanos

  • AirDave

    Hugo Weaving really enhances the quality of a picture. I’ve not seen “V For Vendetta”, so I wouldn’t know there, but every other film I have seen him in he’s been the highlight. His Red Skull was one of the best parts of Captain America.

  • K is for Kmo

    Please explain to all of us how Hugo Weaving is a hipster. 

  • Compulsive Collector

     Spider-Man 2 is your example? Jesus Christ…

  • Compulsive Collector

     People just love to use the word “hipster” as a blanket attempt at insulting anyone for anything, even if they have no idea what it means ot the word cannot possibly apply to the situation.

  • David Fullam

    Well that…SUCKS. He was dead on as the Skull and won’t be easily replaced.

  • hysanadu

    I disagree with other comments – Hugo Weaving did a good job as the Red Skull.  He had just the right amount of menace and outright craziness, mixed with his brilliance.  I never really thought of the Skull as a scientist or genius, but they had to change it for the movies to explain his obsession with the Tessaract.  He did have a fascination with the cube in the comics, so it felt right.  I think Weaving is good at playing ominous bad guys.

    Also, even though people are calling for Coulson to be the character, I think he would be a good choice to play The Vision.

  • Demoncat4

    pity that he does not plan to return as red skull thought he nailed the guy though saying no could be that he can not reveal that marvel has plans for the red skull in future films due to the deal he made but other wise guess marvel will be recasting red skull should they use him more.

  • DCE

    Oh, VERY intelligent.  Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  • ComicGeek

    How is it “not the sort of film I seek out and get excited by” when he’s done Transformers and the Matrix three times each? 

  • Juggalord369

    So posting to a thread is now obsession? Get real. This is literally the first time I’ve posted something about Weaving since Matrix 3. Y’all post. Somebody replies. That’s just how it works. No obsession her. Not in the least.

    – J -

  • Juggalord369

    I only watch superhero & sci-fi? Come to my house and browse through my 2k+ DVDs. =)

    Seriously though… I won’t deride the man for wanting to pursue more artistic and challenging roles. That’s perfectly fine. However, if he wanted to stop making blockbusters then maybe this is something he should have considered before contracts. Just saying. It was well within his right to say “one and done”. Totally. And if Marvel insisted on multiple films being in his contract, he also had every right to walk away too. He didn’t.

  • Charlie B

     He didn’t get famous “all by himself” . If people didn’t go to see his films or shows  , he wouldn’t be shit . So what you are saying makes even less sense . Sit your ass down and be quiet .

  • Charlie B

     What does it means . you seem to have all the knowledge on the meaning . Explain .

  • JuggLord369

    In all fairness, he knew what Johnston was all about. Rocketeer was all the evidence of what was in store for him. That he got a watered down version of WWII shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise. That would be like wondering why your Uwe Boll helmed video game movie didn’t turn out well. That’s like Bill Murray excusing his part in Garfield and the final product.

    Additionally, Marvel makes superhero movies not deep and factually intense documentaries. I can’t imagine anybody expecting this to be Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers. It’s Captain A

  • Juggalord369

    For a comic book movie? Doc Ock got a Fairly meaty character arc. I think that Raimi did his level best to humanize a fairly 2D villain. Much better than, say, Kingpin in Daredevil.

  • Charlie B

    Haters gonna hate . Everyone who doesn’t like something that’s popular , always use the it’s “overrated” line . No it’s not . It was well made and everyone liked it except for a few folks like yourself . smh.

  • Bret

    Eh, that’s ok. I actually preferred Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Bastards) be Red Skull. He’d be great.

  • EVH

    Looks like he wants some more serious roles, could Turner & Hooch 2 be on the horizon?

  • Cjorg2

     He worked hard to make the career he currently has – you and all the other fanboys out there didn’t go out of your way to give him any favours.  He won his role through hard work, not because fanboys gave them to him.  What can’t you understand moron?

  • Jimmy

     No, it’s a watered down version of the comic.  Even the sanitised Captain America comics from the 70s were more violent and adult that this film.

  • Jimmy

     The amount of comments you’ve made on this one thread is bordering on the ridiculous – mainly because you keep repeating the same comments over and over again.  It’s like Weaving has pissed in your cereal or something.  It’s obsessive for so trivial a matter.

  • Jugga Lord

    You do realize that you can make this same exact claim about a number of other people in this thread right? No matter. 

    I’m well aware of how much I post and the certain level of overlap. Even so, I personally feel as if each reply contributes something specific. It’s not meant to be obsessive. Just thorough. 

    So, while I appreciate that you took the time to “instruct” me on how to post, a task which I’ve apparently been doing wrong for decades, perhaps you could be a little more constructive in the future. I am no common troll.

    Honestly, I don’t spend my day thinking about guys like Weaving. I really don’t. I’m 38yo and obsession is simply a waste of my time. For you to suggest that I’m sort of whackadoo… Offensive. Stuff like this is why I hate the internet sometimes.

    Anyway… That’s that. Good day.

  • hysanadu

    I keep hearing that from fans, and I just don’t see it.  If anything, it feels too much like typecasting (not that Weaving hasn’t been at this point).  I actually think they should go younger with the actor, believe it or not.

  • Statham

    Maybe he was contracted to do three Transformers films. And as for the Matrix – he at least had some real meat to get his teeth into there; Despite the fact he turned into a large ham in the final Matrix movie, Smith as a character has the most development of all the characters in the series, arguably. So there was at least something for him to work with.

  • Darrell D.

    You really have no idea of what you’re talking about, and you fit the entitled fanboy stereotype perfectly.

  • SteveMcSheffrey

     All he wants is the opposite of what he pursues?  So he’s hypocritical that way too?

  • GeoGirl2008

    It was mostly makeup with his nose being digitally removed.

  • GeoGirl2008

    They did try to get the original voice actor for megatron, but after a screen test it was decided that he sounded too old to reprise the roll.

  • OptamusPrimel

    It’s alright, I’ll take the Nazi guy from Inglorious Basterdz as his replacement as Red Skull

  • Jake Gensler

    Lame! Weaving brings such a great quality acting element with him. I hope he changes his mind. I dont want to see somebody else play Red Skull because he was so perfect as him.

  • James22

    Shut the fuck up.

  • bob

    only dickhead mother fucking cunts like you go on these superhero stories and pretend that there just underwear heroes. Your probably a pathetic loser you fucking ass whole dick face. Go back to sucking your own micro dick.

  • Anthony

    Doubtful that after his turns in some of the most major franchises (LOTR/Hobbit and The Matrix, most notably) he needs the money. It’s strange that a lot of the notable British actors that have worked on comic book films have expressed some displeasure at the way they’re created: Idris Elba said he had a terrible time working on Thor, Alan Cumming (not British, I know, but from the UK) flat out refused to return as Nightcrawler right away, though he said he’d be up for a cameo in Days of Future Past, if asked, now Hugo Weaving saying Marvel films are not to his taste. Very interesting.

  • Anthony

    He also shared in an interview with The Guardian that his role as Megatron was “meaningless”, that he hadn’t even read the script, and that he only accepted the part because he didn’t realize how big the films were going to be. He and Michael Bay never even met, and they spoke on Skype only twice over the course of all three films.

  • Anthony

    Acting is slightly different. You sign the contract half the time not knowing anyone involved or what the process is going to be like. So, actors will jump on a role only to find out they don’t mesh with the director, or the studio doesn’t want the actor to have any creative control, or myriad other potential problems that then drag on for months and months of shoots and reshoots.

  • Anthony

    Or he could just tell the truth instead of sugarcoating things just to win affection from people he’ll never meet and that will go see the films anyway, whether he’s in them or not.

  • Anthony

    Or, apparently, Iron Man.