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NBC Debuts Trailer and Photos For Mockingbird Lane Special

Well, it’s official. As we reported last week, rumors that NBC would air the pilot for the Bryan Fuller/Bryan Singer Mockingbird Lane pilot as a Halloween special are true. Although the $10 million Munsters reboot, which stars Jerry O’Connell, Portia de Rossi and Eddie Izzard, apparently didn’t live up to network expectations, the pilot will finally get seen Oct. 26. To get viewers, NBC has released a trailer and a series of images.

As you can see in the video, Herman Munster is now computer-operated while Grandpa and Lily transform into creepy-crawlies at will. Heck, there’s even a full-on dragon, a reference to Eddie’s pet Spot who lived under the stairs in the original CBS comedy.

This whole process raises some interesting questions. If NBC wasn’t happy enough with the pricey pilot to turn it into a series, why show it at all? (Is it simply an attempt to recoup part of the costs through commercials, or is it a trial balloon?) If the special turns out to be wildly popular, will that breathe new life into Fuller’s vision for the series? Even if it does, will the increasingly busy creator have time to return? He’s not only working on Hannibal for NBC but also The Lotus Caves on Syfy.


  • Michael J

    Why do you mock us NBC with this horrible…I can’t even…I don’t know what to call it.You call it a remake but when I look at it,..what you call the Munsters…they don’t look anything like the original.The only person who looks the part is Herman Munster daughter with the blonde hair and girl next door looks.The fact that you changed the name of the mini movie special, tells me, that you fear the wrath of the fans of the Munsters tv show.You move away from the source material, that you aren’t even in the same galaxy.

    What I see when I look at your version of the characters, is laziness.No effort at all.This is like turning Lady Gaga into Cinderella or even transforming the Adams Family into the Brady Bunch clan.What’s the purpose of even doing this, if you had no plans on keeping the things that made the Munsters beloved and adored by their fans? 

    You’ve torn apart the template and said, “Hey, let’s make Herman Munster look like a regular guy with a really bad nasty looking scars around his neck and body.His son can transform like Teen Wolf and Grandpa Munster will be like the vampires from Twilight but minus the crystal glowing skin in the sun thing.

    I could go on, with why I hate your vision of these Iconic characters and how you stripped the Munsters of what made them so popular but I realized now that, it’s not worth it.I’ll just purchase the original tv show and enjoy the adventure not too mention the joy that I get from watching them.May your show rot in the bottom of the garbage bin and that no one watches this watered down version of the Munsters…that isn’t at all the Munsters.This is no different than Alien Ninja Turtles but I digress and so I take my leave.

  • Spic9h

    Actually, it’s hugely different  than Alien Ninja Turtles because Bryan Fucking Fuller is writing it. You know, the guy who wrote his way onto a job on Deep Space Nine. The guy who wrote for heroes for the first season and also wrote and created Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, and Pushing Dasies three of the best Television show PERIOD. There’s a stark difference between deconstruction and deviating from the source material for shits and giggles.

  • PretenderNx01

    There’s also a difference between “deconstruction” and just ripping of the movie version of The Adams Family. LOL

    Every great writer has a moment in their career where you just have to grin and bear it, this is Fuller’s.

  • DaMak

    I think the blonde is Herman’s niece by the way…

  • DaMak

    I never did get why people are antagonistic to something they seen clips of… let’s see how it plays out before claiming how the show doesn’t compare to the original…