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Sony Moves RoboCop and Elysium

In a calendar shuffle, The Wrap reports Sony Pictures is moving the release of Jose Padilha’s RoboCop from Aug. 9, 2013 to Feb. 7, 2014, and putting Neill Blomkamp’s Elyisum in its place. The sci-fi thriller was originally scheduled to open March 1, 2013.

But the studio isn’t finished: Hoping to capitalize on the success of Hotel Transylvania, Sony has set Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 to open in that same window in 2013, on Sept. 27. Considering the animated monster comedy has earned $151 million worldwide, that might be a really solid move.

Lastly, the Happy Madison remake of the French short Pixels by Patrick Jean has been pushed back into development and taken off the 2014 schedule. You can check out the short film about old-school video game elements taking over Manhattan below.


  • Sephy

    Moving it from a late summer movie slot to early February doesn’t seem like a huge vote-of-confidence for RoboCop.

  • Lewis4510

    A February release is one step away from a direct to dvd release. Not good enough to warrant a summer slot but not bad enough to go direct to DVD.