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Nic Cage Will Be Left Behind

Nic Cage will go from riding with the devil to fighting the Rapture as the star of the upcoming Left Behind film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor will be directed by longtime stunt coordinator Vic Armstrong, who only has one other film to his credit.

Left Behind is a 16-book series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins that focuses on the Christian idea of the Rapture, which finds true believers being taken to heaven. Those still on the earthly plane find themselves dealing with the rise of the anti-Christ. The books spawned a trilogy of films starring Kirk Cameron. This new film series is supposed to take the basic idea of the source material but turn it into more of a disaster movie set-up.

Armstrong only has a few directing credits under his belt — a few episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and the 1993 Dolph Lundgren flick Army of One — but he’s been absolutely prolific on the stunt side of things. He not only doubled Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones flicks, but has coordinated everything from the original Total Recall to The Amazing Spider-Man.


  • Ryan

    Didn’t they already make this movie with Kirk Cameron in it?

  • Alex

    Yes, but now it’s time to Enter the Cage!

    I was watching Face Off last night and remembered how strange it was I could tell which character each of those two guys were playing at each time. Strange, but good.

  • Jacob

    So, they’re basically remaking “Knowing”?

  • Renaldo Matadeen

    The fail is strong here

  • mon-el

    This sounds sort of not so good, like when Hollywood made “The Vow” and unlike the true story, had the couple divorce in the midst of tragedy, which sort of missed the point of the title.

  • mdk

    Let me spoil the ending of the series for you:  Jesus, with a half-smile on his face, murders everyone who’s not a Bible-thumper.  True… sadly enough, buy a copy at Wal-Mart if you don’t believe me.

  • Demoncat4

    was going to say they already made this series into film with kirk cameron . guess they figured the series fits some other genere so lets do them again. and this time have nick cage invovled and let him work some more.

  • dayfan

    I know it’s against their rules, but somebody, Please!  start a kickstarter thing to pay Nic Cage’s  bills. I’m sure they’ll make an exception for him. Maybe they’ll even put a little “verified” checkmark like they do on twitter.

  • yooboo

    This will definitely be a disaster of a movie, err disaster movie. 

  • Lewis4510

    Nic Cage should be Left Alone to fade into obscurity.

  • Omegasaga

    Fact  christian themed movies ( with big budgets) ALWAYS fail!

    ( the exception is the Christ/Mel gibson flick )