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Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson Shoot Space Station 76 On the Sly

One of the hardest things to keep in Hollywood is a secret. With so many magazines, papers, websites and blogs hunting around for the next big scoop, it’s a wonder anything can go unnoticed. But, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that’s exactly what happened with Space Station 76.

The film stars Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Matt Bomer, Jerry O’Connell, Kali Rocha and newcomer Kylie Roger,s who all came together for writer and director Jack Plotnick. The filmmaker is an actor turned playwright and acting teacher who used his connections to amass the impressive cast. The story itself is an ambitious mixture of drama, sci-fi and comedy used to tell an autobiographical tale of Plotnick’s experience growing up in the ’70s.

“People think that the 1970s were about the discos and the free love, but in the suburbs you were left feeling, ‘Where’s the party?’” Plotnick said. “So the emotional story is what I felt in the ’70s. My parents weren’t happy together and they stuck it out for the kids. It’s an homage to them. And in one way, I think we’re like these solitary ships in space trying to connect.”

According to THR, “Tyler plays a new assistant captain whose arrival causes tension amongst the crew while Wilson is the bitter and suicidal captain. Bomer is a technician with a robotic hand who is married to a manipulative woman (Coughlan).”

Plotnick shot the film in just 20 days in Los Angeles, but now faces the task of adding in all the special-effects shots, noting, “I asked myself several times, ‘Why didn’t I make a movie that took place in an apartment?’ But then I pinch myself that we got the cast that we got.”


  • qnetter

    Jack is an awesome talent and a neat guy. I’m glad to see this come together.

  • brownbear42

    I wonder when hes gonna release a trailer for the movie? I want to see a snippet of it before I can make a decision.

  • Dragoo

    So a first time director makes a low-budget film starring a bunch of B-list actors and no one notices? Shocking.