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Arrow Unleashes Royal Flush Gang

Oliver Queen will be going off-list in an upcoming episode of Arrow. The CW’s new hit series finds the Emerald Archer taking down people from his late father’s enemies list, but in an upcoming episode called “Legacies,” he’ll face off against a new threat: the Royal Flush Gang.

We’ve known for a while that Kyle Schmid and Currie Graham were set to play Ace and King, respectively. Now, thanks to The CW, we can see them in all their hockey-masked glory. That’s right, instead of being a super-powered gang of criminals, this incarnation makes their name robbing banks.

Arrow‘s playing card-themed episode “Legacies” will air Nov. 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


  • Dfc2896


  • NeronWillRise

    Meh you’re face. I like it. They took a stupid ass group and made them kinda cool.

  • james t

    “Meh you’re face”

    Me YOU ARE face?


  • Greg Phillips

    Yes, this precisely. Good update, from appearances only.

    This show has been a pleasant surprise. Tightly scripted, reasonably well acted, and filled with tremendous fight choreography.

  • Shokdiesel

    I hope they get some tech upgrades in the future to distinguish them from two-bit criminals. I’m really digging their look.

  • Jonathan Litwinka

    Why aren’t they doing what smallville did? Create your own characters and start off small and get sillier and sillier until suddenly people dressed up like playing cards seem like a mundane thing

  • Blade X

     What you call “cool”, I call generic looking. There’s nothing special or unique about their look for ARROW. This is generic low budget costumes for a tv SERIES.

  • Charlie B

     What do you expect ?? Like you pointed out , it’s a tv series . They don’t have movie budget money to toss around . This is a good take on the gang with what they have to work with.

  • Jasong72483

    I never knew Sportsmaster was in the Royal Flush gang……oh well more ppl for arrow to kill:(

  • Bathawk1

    don’t care for the look itself, but i’ll deal….c’mon it’s what? the third of fourth episode? come pare, the first season of smallville to the last….if this series makes in nine or ten seasons, i’m sure there will be flying playing cards in the future

  • Michael J

    You forgot the part about the, as you call them, “a stupid ass group,” I’m quoting you there NeronWillRise…( gazoontite…)  which happened to have a badass superstrong android named Ace.Just saying.

    The Royal Flush gang in the capable hands of a great writer, can be made to be more dangerous and intimidating.Guess we’ll find out what they look like in this new 52 universe of Dc comics.Hopefully they won’t be turned into a big joke.

    Speaking of Jokes, why not team-up the Joker with the Royal Flush gang and really give Batman some hell.I’d read that book.

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

     The did team up with the Joker and gave batman and all the other heros alot hell. Although its not in a book it was in the Justice League the animated series season two episode Wild Card.

    As for the suits in the new show there ok I dont expect them to do anything big with the third string villains there saving the budget for Ollie’s big enemies and team ups with other heros.

  • NeronWillRise

     What you call “generic looking” I call realistic. This show is a more grounded take and as such, I think these guys have a cool look. What’s a real “gang” supposed to dress in? High tech expensive superhero costumes?

  • Fireball11121

    Will ace still be a giant robot?

  • M Arthurdouglas

    wild dog!

  • Renaldo Matadeen

    Thank God for Nolan’s vision…cuz they are damn well ripping it off


    No they took a flashy D level  supervillian group  and replaced them with the bank robbers from the movie HEAT.

    this show RUINS  all DC properties.


    this reminds me of the TV versions of Nick Fury or Generation X….. the FLASH tv show & WONDERWOMAN are lightyears better than this show.


    when you have cosplayers showing up at cons in faithfull and AWSOME looking costumes…. dont tell me they dont have the budget to do what random people can.

    we live in a world with the entire Marvel univers on the big screen in flashy costumes.

    you dont need a big budget to do faithful costumes on TV… just the balls to do it.

    ARROW is an insult to comicbook fans


    No Charlie B    — i pointed out that a TV budget HAS the money to do what Cosplayers do perfectly at cons….   have you ever seen some of the cosplayers these days? The costumes are not only 1000% accurate– but they look quality awsome ( not cheap or silly)…..
    accepting what DC gives us in these generic TV shows   ruins the chance of properly done versions of their characters.


    And the diff between this and the FLASH, SUPERBOY, or WONDERWOMAN tv shows are what?     a soap opera storyline?   Who cares if the guy shooting the arrows has good action scenes… its GENERIC….   put the flashy costumes on EVERYONE and call them by their full names.
    I want the huntress in her full purple costume.
    I want DEATHSTOKE in blue chainmail and orange boots with a big ass sword.

    not the Nolan version of Green Arrow  on a weekly series.


    Its an adapted comic propety… when you take somthing and water it down and make it too realisic– you loose everything that was special about it.
    the concept of Street level superheros and villians are only cool in the comics because of their flashy looks or powers if they have them.

    When you make everything look like every other tv show— you are then stuck with a generic show…  
    Seriously what is “SPECIAL” about ARROW  ( he;s called GREEN arrow btw)


    this show wont last that long.    Smallville was popular because it was superman mythology….
    GREEN arrow doesnt have that appeal…. plus– this show is 100% generic


    NOLANS generic looking Batman movieverse  ruined DCs movie & TV properies…

    once you start making EVERYTHING dark and 100% everyday looking– you take away what was special about these properties..

    Id rather watch the FLASH tv show than this ARROW show.