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Star Wars Episode 7 Will Be ‘Original Story,’ Report Says

When it was announced Tuesday that Disney will acquire Lucasfilm and release Star Wars Episode 7 in 2015, many fans hoped that meant the new films would follow Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy (aka Heirs to the Empire), the bestselling novels set five years after the events of Return of the Jedi. However, a new report appears to dash those hopes.

Speaking to a source at Lucasfilm, E! News learned that Episode 7 is “an original story.” So what does that mean?

The website states, “Forget the Star Wars novels. Forget the graphic novels. Forget everything you think you know about what happens to Luke Skywalker. According to my sources, Episode 7 will literally be nothing you’ve ever seen or read before from the Star Wars universe.”

While that’s disheartening news, it also sort of makes sense. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are all much too old to play their characters, and bringing them back in future films would just contribute to the nostalgia culture we’re living in. Sure, it would be great to see one of the original Star Wars actors make an appearance in the new movies, but it also would be a self-referential nod that would take the audience out of the film.

The “original story” route seems like the right option because, if Disney’s going to make a new generation of Star Wars work in a way the prequel trilogy couldn’t, then the studio’s got to find a way for it to be a success based on its own merit.


  • Mike

    A new story with new characters, hopefully a great writer and director and we could have a winning combination. Looking fwd to this potential reboot.

  • Xaos

    Sounds to me like an Avengers crossover is in the offing


  • Efran

    Yeah, I think “original story” is definitely the route to go. 

    They should just forego all of the Skywalker/Solo nonsense and just give us fans what we are truly clamoring for . . . a sequel trilogy that focuses on the descendants of Jar Jar Binks. 

  • Bryan David

    I think taking the original concept hence ” Star Wars” the battle between the Jedi and the Sith would be a colossal mistake. It HAS to be connected to the original characters. Just call it Battle of the Planets or any other scifi movie then. The story IS about the Skywalker family. Any deviation from that would be like rewriting the bible and putting in Tom Brady instead of Jesus? What does Tom Brady have to do with religion? Nothing just like Star Wars isn’t Star Wars without a Skywalker.

  • Adam Walters

    KOTOR begs to differ.

  • Anthony

    My guess is that it will move forward to a time period that accommodates the original actor’s age. I’d say Mark Hamill will certainly get a significant role. We’ll probably get some small closure on Leia and Han.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some how characters/actors from the prequels also manage to make an appearance.

  • Bryan David

    Ummm….KOTOR was an offshoot from Star Wars. The movie universe is completely different even if KOTOR is badass and deserves its own series. I’m talking the last 3 movies.

  • Tyler

    I disagree with Bryan David….  They created an entire universe to play with…  all we have really seen is the skywalker clan.   There have to be more interesting people in this entire universe than the skywalkers.  I think SW-KOTR proved that star wars can be even more interesting without Vader and his spawn.

  • Alex Holt

    I don’t think that’s necessarily true tho I think some sort of original character involvement would be preferable to ground the thing- personally I think the best bet would perhaps be to have a storyline which is in someway overshadowed by Luke and/or Vader without actually showing the original cast in more than a cameo/climax.  

    I’d also say that really the Jedi/Sith conflict kind of misses why the original three work better than the prequels, which were far more about rebels vs empire – sure the Jedi/Sith thing was what set that off, but a lot of the problems of the prequels can be traced to treating it as a story about the destinies of superpowered mystical warriors rather than a western/samurai film in space.

  • Jar Jar

    Don’t see why they couldn’t just do the Thrawn Trilogy with new actors.

  • John Vinson

    Doesn’t make sense. How would Lucasfilms know what the storyline is if Disney JUST made the announcement for it? And Lucas has said the film will be passed off to new creators. Sounds like a terrible rumor.

  • Jim H.

     Actually, in the original announcement they said a script treatment of Episode VII was part of the deal, so they have to have at least a basic idea of where the movie is going.

  • percane

    episodes 7-9 should still have luke skywalker. there is a lot of symmetry between the first and second trilogies, that should be continued. old man skywalker taking on the obi-wan role, but the main characters being new would be the best way to go, but they should definitely continue the skywalker story.

    gary kurtz once said in an interview about the whole 9 movie cycle that the original plan was to have luke not fight the emperor until he was an old man at the end of episode 9. we could end up with an “original” story along the lines of dark horse’s first series Dark Empire, where the emperor has cloned himself, the difference being it would take place farther down the line rather than right after RotJ

    once we get past episode 9 though, by all means, ditch the skywalker clan. all bets will be off at that point

  • John Vinson

    That was when Lucasfilms owned it.

  • percane

     disney already has a treatment from lucas for all 3 episodes

  • percane

     no, that was said by kathleen and george in the video interview AFTER the announcement

  • John G

    Why not both! Disney could set episode seven 50 or even 100 years after Endor and farm out to Pixar an animated adaptation of the best of the expanded universe novels and graphic novels. Mark Hamill is after all a world class voice talent actor! They just bought a 4 Billion money cow they might as well milk the shit out of it!

  • Tfrework

    I think the only connecting characters we can count on are R2 & C-3PO.
    For some reason I seem to remember hearing rumors years and years ago that the original plan was 9 chapters with them being the link. It was always debunked, but it may now come to pass.

  • Hosstbl1

    If is it doesn’t contain Luke Skywalker, it may be Star Wars, but it’s definitely NOT THE third trilogy.  It would just be a trilogy of films set in the Star Wars Universe.

  • slafaive

    As long as Lucas isn’t writing the dialogue, it has a real chance!

  • Mike O’Neill

    I’m all for an original story, but I fail to see that excluding the EU is necessary.

    From my understanding, the EU doesn’t go beyond 30-40 years after Jedi, meaning that the new movies could simply end up picking up later in the EU. 

    Added bonus for DIsney would be the increased interest in the EU, which would make them more money.

    All that being said, adapting an existing EU story would be a huge mistake.

  • LightningBug

    I think they should go ahead with the story of Luke/Lea/Han/Chewie etc. with a new young cast, and pick it up just where they left off. Also, I think they should completely ignore all of the books, comics, videogames, and whatever else that have been written. What would be the fun in a Star Wars trilogy which all the hardcore devoties already know the plot of? Throw out the novels, or just demote them to fan fiction. I want to be surprised when I go to a Star Wars movie.

  • disgruntledjawa

    I’d like to see them tie in the Skywlaker/Solo clan at least for the next few movies.  If the planets aligned right and they got Ford to do another Star Wars movie (multi picture deal to do another Indiana Jones with a Star Wars cameo) you know Hamill and Fisher would be on board.  If they came back just do something along the lines of the New Jedi Order book series and shift the focus on to the Solo kids.  I’d really like to see a series of movies based on the bounty hunters.  Do a dark Boba Fett movie and include Dengar and some of the other bounty hunters. 

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Lucas once described the original trilogy as “The Redemption of Anakin Skywalker” and the prequels as “The Corruption of Anakin Skywalker.” Clearly, the third trilogy was intended to be “The Legacy of Anakin Skywalker.” They don’t necessarily need for Luke and Leia to still be around for that. That said, I would like to see at least Hammil as Luke in a supporting role.

  • cybertigger

    We are going to find out that the Empire was supplied by Stark Enterprises

  • Defensivedrivinginformation

    Argument deserves merit. I completely agree. There MUST be a Skywalker in the new films. 

  • Darthvdr09

    knights of the old republic movie

  • Another Ian

    Make the films take place after all the original characters would be dead.  Luke has restarted the Jedi Acadamy and his decendants are the ones we follow.  Easy.

  • Matthew

    But Tom Brady has replaced Jesus. He’s doing just fine too.

  • Guydc3

     This please! KOTOR FTW!

  • DrNo

    “Original story” does not necessarily mean it won’t involve the characters. They just might discard all the continuity from the books/comics.

  • darthtigris

    1) Not using the EU is the right choice.  Those stories were never canon and have already been told in a medium that was best suited for them. 

    2) There is NOTHING in the story cited here that says that characters won’t return (Terri should adjust that part of this story).  It just won’t be based on previously released post-RotJ EU stuff.  It’ll be an original story.  So that means that characters may return.  Which leads to …

    3) I personally think at the very least that Mark Hamill as Luke should return as a 30+ year older character.  Sure, droids and long lived aliens could return too, but of the core, the heart, he just makes the most sense. 

  • Sock

     This.  Then if they did want a Hamill cameo, with the whole force ghosts thing you could easily have Luke show up to guide the new protag like Obi Wan in Empire and Jedi.

  • Frank_piss

    Having the old actors make cameo appearances wouldn’t be a bad idea though, at least it would demonstrate a commitment to furthering the original story rather than connecting the dots in the most facile, large-print way in order to market a bunch of new toys.

  • Tfrework

    They might not even do that. All it really means is that they are not going to do a movie adaption of an existing story.

  • Dae

     The Extended Universe begs to differ. KOTOR, SWTOR, etc., all didn’t need a Skywalker.

  • Katyfootball20

    George Lucas is still writing them, he just not directing or producing. Lets just say he’s the creative consultant.

  • Riska

    I don’t know how I feel about this really. Just because it’s an original story doesn’t mean you can’t have Hamill reprise the role of Luke in a Ben Kenobi esq performance. If the film is set 2 decades after ROTJ then he’s the perfect age. I would love to see what Skywalker did after the fall of the empire.

  • TheBalkin

    I was excited until I remembered Disney’s John Carter…

  • Hunter

    U know wat would be awesome is if they cgi’d Mark hamill’s face like they did in tron with Jeff bridges, and they use a young actor to portray his movements.

  • some guy

    I hope it’s completely original so I can see all the psych fanboys going crazy.

  • Hunter

    Yeah that would be even more awesome if they have the old mark Hamill, especially to the fanboys.

  • Howtick

    Ok mercenaries quests of smugglers new creatures that combine Jedi powers just the force being explored as unknown can carry a story. The propaganda of the empire that makes people forget value to join the winning side and better life for there planet .its a winner no matter what . There is no bad scenario

  • Megan

    Exactly!! Even if it’s not the OT characters, you could focus on their kids (Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo and Ben Skywalker.) Have Mark play Luke, who is now a Jedi master like Obi Wan. Say that Han and Leia have settled down, are on a mission, whatever. Harrison and Carrie don’t have to be in it if they don’t want to. But they have to have Mark, or it’s writing a story without the orginial main focus.

  • Phantomranger

    I kept thinking they would just use new actors in place of the original characters, but, if they go say, 30 years or so after ROTJ, then they could use new people! 

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Phantom Menace took place roughly 30 years before A New Hope. Starting SW7 roughly 30 years after Return of the Jedi would balance the saga out and make any original actors they may decide to use the right age.

  • Sowat

    As a Star Wars fan I actually love that the new films have nothing to do with anything else. If they suck, you still have the old films and EU content, and there’ll be the new crap in its own corner. If it’s great then we can enjoy it on its own merits.

    But it’s Disney, so if they’re hands off like with “Avengers,” we have hope. Some hate “Avengers”, but most don’t. If they’re hands on, we’ll get standard, homogenized, bland sci-fi fare like “John Carter” and what the “Pirates” movies have become. Not good or bad, just ok, which would be bad for Star Wars.

    Hopefully its like the New Star Trek or Nolan Batman films, which don’t bother what came before it. Hopefully it’s not even Episode 7, but something else entirely different… “Disney’s Star Wars” lol.

  • PsychoGoatee

    “While that’s disheartening news, it also sort of makes sense. Mark
    Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are all much too old to play
    their characters, and bringing them back in future films would just
    contribute to the nostalgia culture we’re living in. Sure, it would be
    great to see one of the original Star Wars actors make an
    appearance in the new movies, but it also would be a self-referential
    nod that would take the audience out of the film.”

    I disagree with all that. For one, them mentioning Luke Skywalker if anything means Mark Hamill might be in the film. Two, why would you think they’re too old? At least two of them are still actively working. Even if it’s in a smaller Obi-Wan ish role, it’d be great to see Mark as Luke. And maybe cameos for the others. Nobody complained about Nemoy in Star Trek, and he’s a lot older than them.

  • JP

    Star Trek moved on without the original cast, Star Wars will too.

  • LightningBug

    He’s not writing them. He wrote story treatments for three more movies. That’s like an outline basically. It is my understanding that scripts frequently depart from treatments.

  • Rob Mcgill

    If it has Jedi and it is a Post-Episode 6 universe then they need to explain the link from Luke Skywalker. Since Luke was the last of the Jedi they can’t just drop in a new Jedi population out of thin air. So regardless of how far into the future it is, they need to explain the history.

    However if it is another prequel they can pretty much just make it up as they go.

  • Jim H.

     Yeah, like I said, a treatment for at least Episode VII was part of the deal included in what Disney bought.

  • Jim H.

     The problem with going ahead with something like that and ignoring all the books and comics is that it would be telling people who have spent years and years reading those stories that they no longer matter.

  • Brannahdel

    They need to have a connection with the Skywalkers. Forget all your fan boy knowledge and what you would like to see. Giving the audience that knows only the movies an emotional anchor (Skywalkers and probably Luke / Leia / Han or another character from episodes 4-6) would create a strong connection. The audience would be just waiting for that moment when one of those characters appear on scene. And it can be used to pass the torch.

  • Pkastner

    I think you guys are misreading the quote. It says “Forget everything you think you know about what happens to Luke Skywalker.” That doesn’t mean Luke Skywalker won’t be in it. It means none of the novels, games or comics tell Lucas’ version of his story.

  • Deanjsimons

    maybe the big bad is actually Thanos 

  • Darcey McLaughlin

    Interestingly, Mark Hamill responded to the sales news by saying Lucas called a meeting with him and Carrie Fisher this summer to tell them they were doing a new trilogy following up on Return of the Jedi.

  • Masked Man Issue 1

    Exactly. Who the heck cares about Star Wars without the Skywalkers/Solos in it? It’s just not “Star Wars” – it’s something else. I also think the quote was misread and have been misinterpreted everywhere.

  • John in DC

    @c3eba25d0a5539ced999614e1bf2513c:disqus Star Wars as a franchise is inhabiting by characters that are not related to the Skywalker family. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the recent Star Wars MMO, Jedi Knight Games, and a ton of novels don’t focus on just the Skywalker/Solo family.

    The Original Trilogy was about Vader, his rise and fall, and his redemption. To George Lucas that’s it for story telling purposes. But the Star Wars universe is filled to the brim with mnay interesting characters. It does no one any good if you restrict stories to focus on just a single person or group.

    Many comics like Superman, Batman, give the impression they are about that singular character, but then there are many stories where the title character isn’t even involved.

    Please read this for a new perspective:

  • Eric

    It only makes sense! Lucas claimed YEARS ago that he broke the whole story into 3 trilogies. Now that Hamil, Fisher and Ford are older we can look at the 3rd chapter of the original story.

  • ZBaksh386

    cool but i rather it be new characters in a new era of star wars way after the clone wars and the rebellion.

    makes for a fresher start.

  • Hobgoblin

    Well, good! My first thought was ‘I hope they won’t do the Zahn triology.’.
    Thrawn’s a cool character but I could never understand why Timothy Zahn’s triology was so popular. It overly relied on references to the original triology – like every single scene was reminisced on. Things like “seeing the rancor made Luke re-live the moment in Jabba’s palace, when…”, “Thinking of Darth Vader took Leia back to when she had to watch Alderaan explode…” etc etc etc. Weak writing, and very distracting.
    While the actual story certainly had it’s moments, it didn’t hold up after an interesting build-up, and several key revelations way too predictable (the developments around Thrawn’s bodyguard).

    I wouldn’t mind if they used the character of Thrawn or even Mara Jade, as long as it’s in a completely new story.

  • Big H

    It’s not a reboot.

  • beane2099

    I’m for it.  As Star Wars fans we want more star wars.  And I’ll be glad to see a take that isn’t mired in “homage” to every little thing in the original trilogy.  

  • Zack

    Exactly. Why not begin during Legacy? Or events after Legacy? only a few characters from the original trilogy would still be alive by then…

  • Tim Marshall

    It’s actually NOT disheartening news for fans of the films- at least the first trilogy. I do like some of the EU books- mainly the early Han Solo trilogy and Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, but it is wise to ignore the Eu for any new films, just like Lucas ignored the EU for the prequels. There’s absolutely no fun in rehashing any EU storyline, in my opinion, mainly because it’s already been done and most of the EU isn’t all that great anyway. Better to be original and not be hamstrung before you even begin filming.

  • Tim Marshall

    Exactly. The EU is its own separate thing. Boba Fett in film continuity is dead. Most of the stuff in the film prequels destroyed continuity for the EU so there’s really no point in following any of those stories.

  • Tim Marshall

    The new films will involve Luke, Leia, and Han in some way. You can bet on that. They just may not be the focal point.

  • Tim Marshall

    Exactly! Luke would definitely be of an age to train young Jedis and Leia would be a leader for sure. It’s a no-brainer to involve them and Han in the storyline, IMO.

  • Tim Marshall

    Lucas is not writing them. There are treatments that Disney bought as part of the package but the dialog will not be coming from Lucas. Thank Jeebus!

  • Tim Marshall

    I don’t accept Lucas’ idea of what he feels the original trilogy is about considering how he’s butchered the original trilogy and undermined the entire Star Wars saga. The original trilogy is all about Luke Skywalker’s quest, his journey to growing up and becoming a man. And it is completely at odds with the prequels both in spirit and in execution.

  • Tim Marshall

    They no longer mattered anyway because of all the stuff in the prequels that destroyed the EU continuity. And Boba Fett is dead, no matter what any novel or comic-book writer thinks.

  • Tim Marshall

    It was a treatment for all 3 films.

  • Tim Marshall

    If you have a Star Wars film without any Skywalker connection, it will fail miserably. The majority of the people out there that enjoy Star Wars films, and helped make it the huge success that it is, have never read a single Star Wars novel or comic book. 

  • Tim Marshall

    The original trilogy was about Luke’s journey, not Anakin’s, regardless what Lucas has to say about it.

  • Tim Marshall

    Ask the average person out there if they have ever heard of KOTOR or heck anything in the Expanded Universe. Most won’t have a clue and they will be the majority who will be lining up for the Star Wars films. Any Star Wars film has to have a Skywalker connection or it will be doomed.

  • Dandan

     Nostalgia culture? wtf? i don’t personally see anything wrong with the original actors returning to their roles but i guess if the writer wants a bunch of tweens or teenagers playing star wars roles well you can go find the prequels for that to see how well that actually went.

  • Sithlord1

    Episode 7 should be 100 years after return of the Jedi. 

  • random guy

    Well as far as i know the whole star wars universe is a closed book and it all ends in  138 ABY (Darth Krayt is killed for a final time by Cade Skywalker)

  • John Yang


    they betray all stories of Star Wars and it’s fans.

    dropped all old stories to trash can and rewritten a new story line with a old title for their business, good job.