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Jamie Foxx in Talks to Play Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is lining up an impressive cast. Following news that Shailene Woodley will play Mary Jane Watson, we’ve now learned that Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx is in negotiations for the role of Electro. According to Variety, the classic Marvel villain is confirmed as the antagonist, but Foxx is still only in talks.

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Electro was introduced in 1964’s The Amazing Spider-Man #9 as Maxwell Dillon, an electrical engineer who gained his superhuman abilities after being struck by lightning. The character has been speculated as the sequel’s villain since the post-credits scene of the first film, which prominently featured lightning.

There’s still is another important character for returning director Marc Webb to cast:  Harry Osborn. It’s clear The Amazing Spider-Man series is looking to move past the story of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, seemingly confirmed by Sony’s apparent desire to kill off Gwen.

Written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinkner based on a previous draft by James Vanderbilt, the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man is set to open in 3D on May 2, 2014.


  • Goon

    Motherfucker Jones!

  • 0bsessions

    I like this. A lot, actually. If nothing else, Sony’s done a fantastic job with casting in this reboot.

  • Stop IT

    The affirmative action/blackification of the Marvel Movieverse continues! 

  • Dave

    Oh good, he can play it like his here, Tookie Williams, an angel-dust smoking monster who co-founded the Cryps and kills Korean restautrant employees. Ofcourse, he was exicuted for that, even though people say he was innocent and he real nice guy, he wasn’t.

  • Guydc3

    In other news, Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee in X-Men First Class) in talks to play Static. Don’t start none, won’t be none.

  • uatu13

    Truly awful decision!

  • Carter

    just what I thought about the coments

  • Joseph

    Jesus no kidding.  Lowest common denominator strikes again.

  • Guydc3

     I’m black. I think it is a stupid idea. I’d prefer to see Electro look like he does in the comics. So, not necessarily LCD, just people wanting a more accurate depiction I think.

  • Leewan

    The first African American casting news is for a criminal and not Robbie Robertson.  Thats criminal

  • Joe Kontor

    Good! I enjoy racist people try to sound not racist when they cast a black person to play a white comic book character. Hint: If you start your objection with “I’m not racist, but..” you’re racist.

  • Ringo

    I don’t mind changing race for movies, but do we really need another black guy with electricity powers?

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Comments like that really are not necessary. Dumbass.

  • yep

     and the race comment begins!

  • Stephen Cooper

    Ugh. I can’t believe we’re still having these conversations about casting in comic book movies. Who cares if he’s black, it’s effing Electro. How about we talk about Jamie Foxx as an actor or the choice of Electro as the villain instead?

    What does everybody think, are they killing Gwen off in this one or the next one? My money’s on movie number three, when they introduce Green Goblin. What I’m really hoping for in the next one, is that we get the whole gang hanging out, which we’ve never gotten before. They’re bringing in Mary Jane and Harry Osborn, maybe we’ll get Liz as well. That’d be cool.

    Oh, and Electro is a good choice of villain. Jamie Foxx is neither make it nor break it for me, but hopefully he can play a decent comic book villain if he is cast.

  • Thebadass900

    BULLSHIT if they made Blade White, if they made Luke Cage white, if they made back motherfucking panther white YOU MOTHER FUCKERS WOULD BE PISSED AND BE SAYING THE SAME FUCKING THING 

  • ArmE

    I don’t necessarily have issues with “race-swaps” for the screen interpretations of characters, but I don’t get a good vibe off of this one. 

    I was fine with Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, because, hey it isn’t as though he wasn’t already doing the same on the pages of the Ultimates and he personified and credibly modernized the hard-bitten essence of the traditional version of character.  I didn’t bat an eye when Idris Elba was cast as Heimdall–it seemed to me as if had the Nords had a more inclusive culture as we do, the population of Asgard would have reflected the same.  The brilliant Elba more than carried the weight of a god, and seemed absolutely in place as another of the “divine” peoples of Asgard, along with Thor and now-Asian Hogun. 

    But i have issues with some others, notably Michael Clarke Duncan as Wilson Fisk, and it had nothing to do with the acting ability of the late actor, who was fine in this role (although better in others). A lot had to do with the optics: head of organized inner-city crime syndicate is now Black… to be defeated by the White uptown (as personified in the film) hero.  Now again similar racial dynamics would play out in this underwhelming (based on the first movie) franchise.  Jamie Foxx, I think, is very talented, and has shown to bring a lot of dimension to characters he’s embodied.  But, still… it’s not that I think African Americans need only play heroes..if an example is needed (it’s not), the aforementioned Elba was fantastic as resident “baddie” Stringer Bell on the more racially complex “The Wire”, and the show didn’t suffer from what I’m complaining about (also stereotype-breaking: Luther Mahoney from “Homicide”).  It may be just that for comic-based movies, due to time constraints, character development usually gets the short shrift in favor of action/conflict (and, rightfully so, development of the protagonists) and we’re left with dredging in common knowledge–including the socio-political–to fill out the characters and maybe, for me at least, the lingering legacy of past racial injustice (to say the least), still brings weight to bear, and gets magnified in the ‘titanic’ struggle between characters of these particular American backgrounds.

    Look, I’ll be the first to concede if I’m wrong in this prejudgment.  The motivations and character of this version of Max Dillon or Foxx’ portrayal may pull him out of any race-tinged fleshing out, as Sam Jackson did with Fury.  But Fury already was a great character which, as said, Jackson was well able to embody onscreen…far better than the previous version of usually White character by the ‘Hoff.  I don’t think you could avoid the landmines in this scenario even if you brought in as amazing an actor as say Andre Braugher. Electro hasn’t ever seemed to have that great character defining storyline (even counting Dan Slott’s excellent work… Electro’s still just not that complex–jerk gets powers by accident, uses same to make fast cash, then later uses power set feed his inflating ego). This version of Spider-Man, already suffered from ham-fisted story-telling in everything but the initial part of the courtship of Peter and Gwen, and despite my thrill at the then-casting, failed to deliver anything beyond the mediocre.  I don’t expect the sequel with principal storytellers on board to bring more, certainly not an opportunity for good character development from an already not-that-strong-a-character villain.  

  • Joseph

    You explaining that you prefer they hew along the lines of the comic character is one thing; exclaiming “The blackification of the Marvel Universe continues!!” or whatever is quite another.  Regardless, I would say the ethnicity of Electro, of all people, is probably the least important identifying aspect of him.  I’m more worried about what his costume will (or, more likely, won’t) look like.  I love his costume but somehow doubt it will translate to film.

  • Joseph

    You’re an idiot.  Black Panther is the king of Wakanda, his African heritage is an important part of his character.  Same fo Cage – the character is rooted in blaksploitation films, that would be like making Shaft white.  Blade could be white, and I wouldn’t care.  But Electro being white plays no specific part in his origin or in 40+ years of stories.  Max Dillon can be black, Indian, or Asian and it wouldn’t necessarily make a damn bit of difference to the character.   

  • Joseph

    I agree with you to an extent, but judging from the internet (and let’s be honest, the persistent ignorance of many in this country), playing villains (or sidekicks, I guess) is about as close to a black actor is going to get to a superhero film.  For some reason studios refuse to get Black Panther/Luke Cage going, and can you imagine if they tried to change a high profile, established hero from Caucasian to African-American?  If people are up in arms over Heimdall and Electro for God’s sakes, imagine if they really did cast Donald Glover as Spider-Man? 

  • Christopher Douglas

    Might as well

  • Kyle Casey

    Though I know Max Dillan (Electro) is caucasian in the comics, I think this could be on par with casting Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin in Daredevil.  Kingpin is also white in the comics, but I can’t think of anyone else besides Duncan who could’ve pulled it off.  Now there are a number of people who I can see as Electro, but I think if Fox gets the part, it will be pretty amazing, no pun intended.

  • Tony

    Those are heroes and major characters.  If they made Mongoose white, no one would complain.  When they made Terry Fitzgerald white in the Spawn movie, no one complained.

  • Zor-El of Argo

    If there is one white superhero who could be played by a black man, it’s Spider-man. If your only exposure to Spider-man was reading a prose story of his origin, you might even assume that he is black.

    That said, I would be very suprised if Green Lantern isn’t played by a black actor in the upcoming Justice League movie.

  • taozen

    Why is it that there are so many black characters with electrical abilities?  Fox should star as Black Lightning in a movie and not playing Electro.

  • JP

    total miscast.Fox’s personality does not fit the character.

  • cmonnow

    jamie fox sings r&b……

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    Electro’s character doesn’t have anything to do with his race. Electro’s a criminal with electricity powers. Nick Fury is a great spy/solider/commander him being white has nothing to do his character. Hence Samuel Jackson. Black Panther’s name relates to the black empowerment movement, he is an African king and lives in Africa. His character is defined by his race also Luke Cage, and to a lesser extent the Falcon.

  • nonna

    Electro’s race was never a big deal, or important part of his character. He was a bad guy who shoots lightning. Jamie Foxx would be an awesome bad guy who shoots lightning!

  • Huh??

    Not too crazy about jamie foxx playing electro. I hope he surprises me…

  • TheFortiesGuyStrikesBack

    Don’t care that he’s BLACK…only that it’s Jamie Foxx!

  • SomeSense

    Then lets cast a Martin Luther King movie with a white guy.  Blame Marvel for not putting out numerous black characters.