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Will Star Wars: The Clone Wars Move to Disney XD Next Season?

The news last week that Disney is acquiring Lucasfilm immediately unleashed a whirlwind of questions. What will the newly announced Star Wars Episode 7 be like? Who will write and direct? What will happen to the partnership between Lucasfilm and Dark Horse? What does this mean for the Cartoon Network-based Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

The Hollywood Reporter may have the answer to one of those: According to the trade paper’s source, the licensing deal between Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network parent Turner Entertainment will end with this season of The Clone Wars. Word is that the CG-animated series will then move to Disney XD, which airs the Marvel-based cartoons Ultimate Spider-Man and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The Clone Wars, which debuted in 2008, is now in its fifth season, which began Sept. 29.


  • ATK

    When Clone Wars was initially developed they mentioned looking at a 5 year run. I have not heard this repeated since the beginning of the series but I have a feeling this will be the last season. When Disney and Marvel merged they had Sensational Spiderman under Sony production, that show was cancelled and replaced with Ultimate Spiderman so I have a feeling the series will be scrapped or given maybe one more season to wrap up before the next version of Star Wars hits the air. Personally im wondering if the long proposed Star Wars Underworld is where they new movie storylines are going to come from as I remeber Lucas saying he had outlined some 100 episodes.

  • IBuyYou

    Damn it, why did Disney buy star wars. It was doing just fine on CN, This sucks. 

  • White Kohl23

    This is bs, I loved this show on cartoon network no problems and here disney comes. With there gay crap. KEEP THIS ON CARTOON NETWORK!! STEAL A DIFRENT SHOW!!