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Rumors Link Matthew Vaughn and Colin Trevorrow to New Star Wars

The rumor mill has been churning like crazy ever since Disney announced last week that it’s not only purchasing Lucasfilm but also debuting a new Star Wars trilogy in 2015. The only thing we know for sure about Star Wars Episode VII is that it will be an original story.

This being the Internet, though, just about everyone who’s ever helmed a film has been floated as a potential director. Some have more backing than others, however.

Earlier this week, Collider cited a source as saying Matthew Vaughn is in talks with Lucasfilm, leading to his sudden departure two weeks ago from Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, Mark Millar tells Comic book Resources the director left X-Men to begin work on Secret Service, an adaptation of the comic by Millar and Dave Gibbons, in hopes of beating similarly themed movies to theaters.

Meanwhile, Celebuzz has its own sources saying that another director might be in the picture for Star Wars: Colin Trevorrow, best known for the indie comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. The website reports the movie was popular with Lucasfilm, and even impressed George Lucas, earning the director a meeting about Episode VII.

Again, it’s far too early to put any more weight behind one of these rumors than another, but both could be argued for and against. Still, it’s fun to speculate and wonder what might happen with another trip to a galaxy far, far away.


  • Daniel B

    2015 may seem like a ways away and that there is plenty of time, but on a movie like this there’s at least a year and a half worth of pre and post-production work that must be done, not to mention the actual filming itself. I’d say at the latest we get a director named by the first of the year, as I’m sure the script is probably being written as I type this.