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Jimmy Smits Is Open to a Role in New Star Wars: ‘Let Them Call’

The biggest movie news in Hollywood has to be Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and its plans to release a new Star Wars trilogy beginning in 2015. That’s had ripple effects on every actor who might have thought their time with the film franchise was long over.

One of those people is Jimmy Smits, who in addition to recurring role on FX’s Sons of Anarchy is also known in the Star Wars universe as Senator Bail Organa. He’s continued that role in various Star Wars video games, so it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume he’d take a role in Star Wars: Episode VII if the opportunity presented itself.

Well, he will. Spinoff Online had the chance to ask Smits about the Disney purchase during a Sons of Anarchy conference call, and he said he’d take a part in the new movie if those developing it have a place for him.

As far as Smits is concerned, “My character was gone after episode whatever. If they want to call, let them call.”

We last saw Bail Organa in Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith,  he adopted Anakin and Padme’s daughter Leia. Considering that his home planet Alderaan was destroyed at the beginning of A New Hope, we doubt Bail is still kicking in the Star Wars universe. But still, stranger things have been done for the sake of a cameo.

Smits revealed he didn’t find out about the Disney acquisition until well after it had been announced, saying, “My kids were the one that told me. They started texting me because, I don’t know, they must be on blog sites or something.”

He had nothing but kind things to say about the news, and reflected fondly on his time working with George Lucas.

“Congratulations to George, because that was like a mega deal. It’s great that it will kind of live on in a different kind of incarnation,” he said. “He built that in so many ways, and not only built that franchise, but because of the success of the franchise, he was able to do so much for the film industry, really. This whole thing about digitalization, one of those films that I worked on, the prototypes for that HD camera was something that we were using, so he pushed the envelope in so many technical ways, not only with regards to the film industry. He’s got a lot of balls that he’s juggling, so it’s a good thing that he’s able to find a way to kind of pass that franchise along.”

Smits continued, “There’s more stories to tell, of course, I think. You look at the 007 franchise and it’s going on for [50] years. I mean, there are a lot of people that grew up watching that, so I know that he didn’t pass that on without a lot of caveats. I think there will be involvement with George down the line.”

Smits, who plays Nero Padilla on Sons of Anarchy, reflected on how his experience in Star Wars is similar to his experience on FX’s hit biker drama. Just like he’ll never ride a motorcycle on Sons, he never got to swing a lightsaber in his two Star Wars movies.

“When I first had my first conversation with George, it was like, ‘He’s going to talk to you, he’s going to call you on the phone, and you’ll talk to him,’ so the conversation was kind of like, ‘I really like your work, and I’ve watched you before and I’d like you to join our family, but this conversation is not going to continue unless you are cool with the fact that there will not be a lightsaber involved in the conversation.’ So that’s the way we started that,” he remembered.


  • Richard Casey

    Surely he’d be dead, what with his entire planet being, y’know, blown to smitherines.

  • Kevin Melrose

     He could’ve been off-planet at the time.

  • BurningDoom

    And how old would his character be since Episode VII is more than likely going to take place after the events of Return of the Jedi?

  • BeastieRunner

    Even so, he’d be really old and most likely dead.

  • percane

     if the space of time between trilogies is the same, about 70-80

  • parkay301

    They’d have to really age him to put him in ep7. Unless they’re going to do a short flashback sequence or something.

  • JIMMY SMITTS is an idiot

    SMITTS even making dumb comments like this shows why his carrer has been over since he left NYPD Blue 16yrs ago.

    Even IF  his character were to have survived Alderann ( which would be totaly stupid)
    Bail Organa was roughly late 40s/early 50s when Leia was born.

    In Episode 7 Leia will be about 60 yrs old….. so Bail Organa would be about 100 yrs old if he had lived…..
    Its so dumb to even contemplate   its beyond words.

    There is NO WAY IN HELL Smitts is even being considered for the new movies  ( maybe a hologram at best)

    Now him being a major character in the TV show ( set between III & IV)  would be cool.

  • Jimmy

     The only idiot around here is you.

    He was clearly asked the question, “Would you come back to the franchise if asked?”  He’s acknowledged the death of his character, acknowledged that it is extremely unlikely he would be asked, but said if they asked him he would.  Who wouldn’t? How does that make him an idiot?  He’s not in charge, he’s not giving any theory for why his character may or may not be alive – he’s answering a question put to him.  Just like the original actor who played Boba Fett was asked.

  • Sowat

    I always imagined him dead. If you look at the original trilogy, you could assume he was on the planet because Leia would have lost her “parents” at the time it was destroyed. That’s all anyone knew before the prequels.

    I know the prequels came later, but given the depiction he had in those movies, you’d have to explain where he was in Episodes 5 & 6 because it doesn’t seem like something he’d stay in hiding for given how he was portrayed in the prequels. It wouldn’t be believable he’d be that much of a coward to stay hidden while his adoptive daughter is fighting with the rebels. To avoid an unnecessary explanation, he needs to be dead.

  • Dean_Winchester

    Bail Organa was on Alderaan when it was destroyed by the first Death Star.  So unless they have a flashback, he won’t be in the film.

  • Dean_Winchester

    Bail Organa was on Alderaan when it was destroyed by the first Death Star.  So unless they have a flashback, he won’t be in the film.

  • Dean_Winchester

    Bail Organa was on Alderaan when it was destroyed by the first Death Star.  So unless they have a flashback, he won’t be in the film.

  • brownbear64

    I thought he was dead hence princess leia taking over in her foster father’s stead.