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Iron Man 3 Spoilers Revealed?

It’s typically a sign that you’re on to a pretty big scoop when a studio asks you to remove a story. That’s what happened to Brazilian entertainment site Omelete, which reported comments made by Simon Philips, president of Marvel Entertainment International and Consumer Products, about Iron Man 3 during a presentation in São Paulo.

There are some potential spoilers lying ahead about Iron Man 3, so if you want to go into the sequel fresh, we’d recommend you stop reading now.

According to Omelete (via Comic Book Movie), Tony Stark will have an underground Hall of Armors with somewhere around 16 new suits, including some classics that fans will recognize from the comics. It’s also reported that Pepper Potts will get to don her own suit and get in on some of the fights as well.

The report adds that the scene in the Iron Man 3 trailer where Tony Stark is lying on a hospital bed is actually when he’s injected with the Extremis virus. Because of that injection, Tony will be able to “create new armors from leftover pieces of older ones,” CBM writes. Like we said, these are some pretty big spoilers.

Marvel forcing Omelete to remove the article seems to confirm it’s truth, though for now we’ll still put this in the “rumor” category. Opening May 3, 2013, Iron Man 3 stars returning cast members Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau, joined by Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton.


  • careyt

    YES! can’t wait to see Extremis. I honestly didn’t have my interest in Iron Man/Tony Stark until Warren Ellis wrote it and introduced Extremis. I think it was that one concept that really pushed Tony Stark into a more modern/bleeding edge world in the comic books and I think that will be a HUGE thing for the movies to keep pushing his character forward and maybe even bring in a more sci-fi/futurist feel to him.

  • Jon2d2

    I did suspect that the procedure was for the Extremis grafting. Kind of wish I didn’t read that though, I’m a sucker for the odd spoil xp

  • Dave

    To be honest none of that is new or unexpected info to anyone who’s seen the trailer and has even the vaguest knowledge of extremis.

  • Christopher Douglas

    We get to see Rescue/Pepper’s suit? That’s wassup.

  • Tonys Stark

    its possible that peper gets her own suit….. but i think this story is RUMOR  and they are just taking what the COMICS have done with Pepper ( rescue ) and saying it will be in the movie.

    oh and how is it a spoiler to know that Extremis is a story point  or that there is a hall of Armor??

  • dusk

    Trudat. I didn’t read much of Ironman until then either. Although, most of the stories from the 80s were good too.

  • parkay301

    I like the idea of Extremis for this next film. I do think it’s too soon for Pepper to become Rescue though. I understand that they have to top the previous film, but that seems like a bit of a rush.

  • Tae

    Wow… calm down fanboy.

  • Bob Schwartz

    MAybe they can get us some star trek news!

  • Dallton Santos

    Iron Man 3 Official Music played on 8 guitars! nice stuff! sure you wont be disapointed!!