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Why Do Fans Want to See the Original Cast in the New Star Wars?

If there’s one thing that’s been particularly surprising about the kerfuffle surrounding a new Star Wars trilogy starting in 2015, it’s been the excitement surrounding the idea that said new trilogy would include appearances by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, reprising their roles as the franchise’s original core cast.

It’s not that Ford, Fisher or Hamill would be interested in appearing; with the exception of Ford, their careers have been as such that this would be a step back towards the mainstream spotlight that they may not have been expecting otherwise, after all (Ford, too, could fall into that category; it’s not like Morning Glory was such a massive smash). Instead, it’s the wholehearted embrace of the idea by fans that seems somewhat unexpected.

I mean, sure; there’s definitely the nostalgia aspect that appeals, I understand that. Getting the team back together is one of those things that always rings bells for those who grew up with the original movies; there’s a romance to that idea, a sense of it being a “true” Star Wars in the sense that the prequel movies and Clone Wars weren’t. It’s not just offering a return to familiar worlds and concepts – like the prequels – but literally offering familiar faces to underscore the appeal to those who want the same Star Wars that they grew up with. Theoretically, the prequels did that too by re-using characters like Darth Vader, Yoda, C3-PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca, but none of those characters were actually human, and so the “familiar face” thing seems… weird and not-quite-right when you’re talking about masks (Sure, there was the Emperor, but he was only in Return of The Jedi…).

And I understand, too, that the new movies feed the “But what happened next?” impulse, too, in a way that the prequels couldn’t. That, perhaps, may be the best argument for them – that anything could happen in them, and they weren’t headed towards a place we were all familiar with, one of the many things that robbed the prequels of any sense of urgency. But this, in a way, also explains the danger of the follow-ups, as well: Whatever “happens next” is unlikely to live up to the story that fans (who haven’t read the novels or comics, I guess) have built up in their heads over the last three decades, and seem like a disappointment as a result.

That’s the thing: Although it seems like a good idea, actually watching a sixty-plus year-old Han Solo, Leia Organa Skywalker Solo (Seriously, I’m guessing. Is that her name by the time this’ll take place?) and Luke Skywalker just seems like the kind of thing that is going to not live up to fans’ expectations. I mean, does anyone actually want to see these characters being either (a) older patriarchal/matriarchal figures in the background, or (b) active but failing to live up to the way we remember them from decades earlier…? The temptation for fans, I think, is that seeing the three actors and characters return would mean “more of the same,” but that’s just not possible… and the alternatives that remain don’t seem particularly exciting or worthwhile, either.

Not only that, but am I the only person who finds themselves nervous over the idea of the characters being active participants in a story centered around their offspring, as the new movies are rumored to be? It’s one thing to have the family connection in some distant way – Something that the expanded universe’s Star Wars: Legacy exploits very well, I think – but having our central characters be the kids of the original cast and keeping that original cast in the story as well is, at best, a risky move and at worst a reductive one that either undermines the new characters (Hey, our favorites are still here!) or minimizes the appeal of the old characters by making them ineffectual and unnecessary when compared with the new.

I could be alone in worrying about all of this, and not trusting the powers that be at Lucasfilm and Disney to work out some way to satisfy all audiences and expectations that come with the idea of bringing back the original cast. In fact, looking at the excitement online, it feels as if I am… But I can’t shake the feeling that this is one of those things that is far, far better in theory than in practice. Guess we’ll find out in 2015…


  • ZBaksh386

    I don’t but that’s cause  I rather see the movies be self contained and set in a time period not that connected to the other two trilogies.

    I rather see Star wars legacy or knights of the republic.

  • Lyle

    I’m not sure I am obsessed with the original cast being there, per se, but, let’s face it, there were really no interesting characters created in the last three Star Wars movies. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia are iconic, whereas Qui-Gon Jinn, Jar Jar Binks, and… basically every other new character they created… not so much. Through those movies, I wished they had picked a young actor to play Han Solo as some young hoodlum trying to survive in this world, and it did not matter if Harrison Ford played him, just to see a familiar face beyond C3PO and R2D2. All I ask is that whatever characters they create for this next Star Wars, just make them characters I care about. I would assume they would be the children of Han and Leia and Luke and whatever girl he ended up hooking up with, so, yes, I could see the three of them appearing as parents to the next generation of heroes. In the end, just make characters I care about.

  • Jim H.

    ” It’s not that Ford, Fisher or Hamill would be interested in appearing;”

    At this point, all three of them have said they’d be interested in appearing. In fact, they all said it days ago now. Would even a little research kill you?

  • Tina Mcpherson

    You have to have Hamill return the others can go fly a kite. Ford has wanted to kill Han solo since the first movie, he has always begged Lucas to kill off the character. I would. Leia is a Jedi master now, she could sit on the new orders council with Luke, and you could have all manner of younger actors in their to attract the teeny crowd. even a new story after Luke rebuilds the order then you can make any story you like with most of the old cast of twilight if you like. you just have to have a mark Hamill in their somewhere.

  • MegaGearMax

    Luke and company had 30 years to get iconic. Anakin, Obi-Wan, Amidala, Darth Maul and General Grievious might be iconic when that new generation of prequel/Clone Wars fans grows to reach the age of the original series’ fans.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    It’s called continuity, but it can also be a passing of a torch to see the original characters pass on their legacy to a bunch of new characters.

  • Akai Koru

    I am still of the opinion that if the current fanbois who seek to denigrate Lucas every chance they get, had been kids when the new movies came out they would have loved them. It’s tough to grow up in the 70’s or 80’s then wait from 1984-1999 for a new movie. After having paid taxes, went to college, worked, gained and lost love etc.. to look at any new incarnation of something you love with the same enthusiasm and longing that the originals brought us as toddlers-preteens. 

    For me Episode II’s love story was hokey but it’s the only prequel which falls under ROTJ in my book.

    As far as George goes, I hope he stays close and engaged in it. He is the master of this realm, and one of my personal heroes in life. His ingenuity, his imagination, his talent, and his good will are all exemplary. His gift to my life (I was born in 75) has been extreme, and no amount of disagreement about a film he makes could ever make me say the horrible things others do about him. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ILM, Pixar, Skywalker Sound, THX. All from Lucas.

    Thanks George!

  • TiredJay

     It’s a typo.  The only reading that makes sense in the paragraph is “wouldn’t be interested”

  • Ollie By Golly

    Luke, Han and Leia bacame iconic within a few months of “Star Wars” hitting the theatres.

  • Devilzadvokit666

    Exactly- all three have stated that they would be more than happy to reprise their roles in the new film. The bias present in this article is the reason why I cannot take him serious, andI doubt I’ll read any more articles from him on any topic. Me? I’ll at the very least wait until I see a trailer for Episode VII before I start douching it out at Lucas and Disney. Until then, I’m still as happy as a kid on christmas.

  • Dean_Winchester

    Luke Skywaker at 60 years old would still be a bad ass Jedi.  No one is going to believe this man is a bad ass Jedi:
     The time has passed.  Had they done this 20 years ago maybe, but its too late.  They will either recast the roles, or it will be set far enough in the future that these characters will be dead.

  • parkay301

    haha….yeah, i was thinking the same thing. what is this author talking about. all of the actors just recently said they’d be interested in reprising their roles. in other news, all of the directors they’ve asked so far did not want to take on this project.

  • Whoiseyevan

    We’ve already seen both “younger” and”older” versions of Obi-wan, Anakin and Yoda. Even though the first two were played by different actors, I wasn’t disappointed.

  • Shearns2

     It’s Graeme McMillan, so, uh, yes.

  • Richard Casey

    The idea that people are obsessed with the original actors appearing isn’t true. Would it be cool to see where Luke, Leia and Han wound up after Jedi, but I don’t want an entire film about it. Seeing Luke teaching at the Jedi Academy, Leia doing her political thing and Han being a father would be nice, and it’d be EASY to work it into the script without feeling like they’d crowbarred it in for the sake of doing. 

  • Paul Bonzulac

    I definitely want to see the return of Luke: at the end of RotJ, he had the task of rebuilding the Jedi order.  I’d like to see a reinvented one where the Jedi aren’t a bunch of loveless, celibate assholes.

  • Shane

    I think that it’s important to remember that these movies are going to be directed to as broad an audience as possible. Lot’s of people love Star Wars without being into the minutiae that some fans love. That being said Star Wars has an enormous built in fan base that adores the detail and history so it will have to work on both levels.

  • sandwich eater

    I only hope that Star Wars will handle the passing of the torch from old cast to new better than Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek 10.

  • mars

    I want to see Leia deal with Vader as her father and both find out about their mother which was a black hole in the OT. The Truce at Bakura and The Dark Nest Trilogy were alright but I want to see this stuff on screen

  • mars

     Episode 1 Amidala is iconic. Just by the impact of the visual.

  • Eric Scroggs

    I like how the article has the WORST POSSIBLE PICTURES for all three. lol

  • Todd Matthy

    We want to see them because we associate those characters with those actors. Those actors WERE those characters. Why do we refer to Arnold’s character in Schwartzengger movies as “Arnold”?

    Plus, after seeing X3 and previews for the new Tron (haven’t seen the movie) we have the ability to de-age actors through special effects. So, why not?

  • Todd Matthy

    I’ll give you that one about Amidala, it gave her something extra other then being Luke and Leia’s mother.

  • Todd Matthy

    You could argue Mace Windu, but mostly because he’s played by Samuel Jackson. I’d say Jar Jar had become iconic in his own way…as an example of what NOT to do.

    I would also say seeing the old characters pass the torch to the next generation is an endorsement of the new characters. The prequels didn’t have that luxury. 

  • Dean_Winchester

    One major difference. Alec Guinness and Ewan Mcgregor were/are amazing actors.  On the other hand there is a reason Mark Hamill never stared in a a single noteworthy film after Star Wars.

  • bluebottle

    I’m not a fan of the prequels, by any stretch of the imagination. But they do now set a precedent, as Obi Wan and Annakin are in all 6 (albeit played by different actors).  So, it would be keeping with tradition to have characters from the middle trilogy carry over to the next.

  • Stainedglassscarlet

    Shut up Graeme, you really are an idiot. 

  • eChuta!

    I’m not sure I see the problem; it just requires a little thought in how to approach these characters thirty years later:

    Fisher easily can play a Mon Mothma type that lays down the major “Empire” plot beat of the movie (just like in Return of the Jedi), Hamill is the Yoda figure who trains the new folks Episode VII is sure to bring along (and perhaps has to save them at the end of VII with a grand gesture; the easy route here could be to hobble Luke from helping in the action sequences by writing in a line about injuries he sustained over the years, although the Yoda parallels may be a little too strong there), and Ford could go a number of ways, not the least of which is a sort of “Heat” action/subterfuge sub-plot where he could match wits against someone still in the smuggling business . . .like another elder statesman of the screen . . .perhaps Jeremy Irons? It’s not like Harrison Ford can’t act, y’ know?

    Cast Irons as a Talon Karrde type . . . he could be in cahoots with what’s left of the Empire, and there’s your basic plot set-up. Hell, maybe they borrow C’boath and Thrawn from the Zahn books for the Empire / big “dark jedi” baddies. Ian McKellen could get his dork on again as C’boath . . .how cool would *that* be?

    For dramatic interest, and to make Ford happy, you could even have Solo die at the end of Episode VII to give the new characters (especially if one is a Solo offspring) something to grab onto for Episode VIII.

    There are many ways things could go wrong . . .but, I know this: the end of Toy Story 3 was more powerful to me than a great many other “adult” movies claim to be. Yes, the prequels were “meh”, but I think this could be something great if it’s handled correctly. After all, the Mouse managed to do Marvel justice, right?

    I get where the article is coming from . . .but think about the people in these six films, and the common threads. Fisher, Hamill and Ford (among others) deserve the chance to help frame these new films.

    I’m hard pressed to argue against twenty minutes or half an hour of this new film helping to tie up what we’ve all been hoping for since getting out of the theaters in 1983. :)

  • Kyle

    There are only 20 years separating the first two trilogies, wouldn’t it be strange if the next trilogy was set with centuries dividing it from the other films in the franchise?

  • Kyle

    I would argue that Darth Maul, Qui Gon Jinn, Queen Amadala, and (love him or hate him) Jar Jar Binks are all iconic in their own way, in that they represent things.  It may just be that you don’t like what they represent.

  • Alex

    I always heard that Luke would show up in Episode 9. I heard this a long time ago. That would make sense, because they would probably be Jedi and he would of been the one who restarted the Jedi order. Sure, he doesn’t look young anymore, but it’s not like Alec Guiness was 30 when he played Obi-Wan.  I don’t see how the other two would have a big role in it.

  • Averyscratch

    Can you write a sentence without using the word “I,” you narcissistic hack?

  • Mikejecho3

    There has certainly been a lot of sentimentality to the “original characters” but only due to time, like Ollie said, these characters were instantly icons. 

  • W4361

    I’m pretty sure they’ll the original cast will get the job. Personally I’m all for a recast. If Star Trek can do so can Star Wars. That way you can continue the adventures of Luke,Han, and Leia only a few years after ROTJ. You can watch Luke search for force gifted people like himself. You could watch Leia come to terms with Anakin being her father, being trained as a Jedi, or having the kids. Han could still be of some use, and Boba could be resurrected to continue their feud. So many more possibilites. Still I’m sure they’ll go with the geriatrics. Which I’m not totally against, but I just worry about how they’ll be used. I believe they’ll have bigger roles than cameos, how can they not? People will expect these old character to actually be apart of the plot, not just little nostalgic touches. And what of the new characters? Any new hero’s, sons or dauthers, or whatever have to be spot on. If not then they’ll be overshadowed by the Big 3 and friends. Which then causes the audience to be pissed that they were stuck with these uninteresting people, while the original hero’s did next to nothing. Disaster. Not to mention the amount of exposistion that the audience will have to sit through just so they can be up to date over what has happened over the last 40 years. Michael Arndt has a job on his hands.

  • Demoncat4

    not to mention  star wars purisists would be up in arms if the new trilogy did not include some mention of han lei and luke even as older parental figures. like if they ever do the thrawn saga. plus disney knows if they want the new star wars films to work they have to at least have a nod to the ones that started it all including the very first star wars actors even as in a camo

  • Dick Grayson

    Jar Jar Binks is iconic… but for all of the wrong reasons…

  • your mom wants to see Luke

    this is the dumbest article I’ve ever read on this site. if you don’t want to see the three of them, fine, but you honestly don’t understand why Starwars fans wanna see them?

    the same reason Bucky-Cap, Dick Grayson batman, Ben Riley, Azreal batman, any replacement fantastic four member, and so many more examples don’t work. people are interested in characters.

    people like Luke, Leia and Han. wanna see what happens a hundred years later in a galaxy far far away, just because characters they like “existed” there a century ago.

    Disney didn’t pay 4billion dollars in order to have the trademark for light-sabers. they want to continue the legacy of Starwars.

    personally i hope for it to be set 20-30 years later, and luke is in charge of the jedi academy he formed in between trilogies, and have wanted that since the first time a saw rotj. i don’t really care if Leia and Han are there, but once again:

    how can you not understand why people would want this? you have to ask that question?

    great photo selection by the way. right off the bat i thought “wow they DO look bad.” (like you wanted me to think).  but then that thought continued: “dang it! I thought he was gonna list some cool things that we may want to show up in the next trilogy, but nope. Hes a buffoon, trying to use these haggard pics to prove his point. lets read this stupid crap”(not what you wanted me to think)

  • Dick Grayson

    I am sooo torn about this.  There is a part of me that wants to see the original core return, but I want to see Luke become the BA Jedi Knight and Master that we read about in the books.  I don’t look at Mark Hamill and think “action star”

  • MegaGearMax

    Alec Guiness, Christopher Lee, Ian McDiarmid and arguably the 10 years younger at the time Liam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson proved that older Jedi/Sith can still be pretty badass.

  • W4361

    Ummm I’d say a popular majority loved Bucky as Cap and Dick as Batman. So yes it doesn’t work most of the time, but it does work some of the time.

  • Orphan

    I guess that assumption of yours holds true because you say it does.Glad to see you don’t lack confidence.

  • Orphan

    It’s a freaking movie.As long as it rocks who cares what they do with it.One problem with this is Disney sucks and there is no way they will ever pull anything off that is remotely worthwhile.And Lucas is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • 001

    Once they get some good trainers they’ll be good to go. I’ve seen more recent photos of Fisher and she looks MUCH better already. The force is with them. Hopefully they get more than just cameos. This is like the return of a classic rock band….And speaking of music…we get Williams. I also hope they bring back Joe Johnston to supervise the art department. What more could we want? Oh yeah…bring back Boba too.

  • Andy E. Nystrom

    Lenoard Nimoy was in his late 1970s when he appeared in the 2009 Star Trek movie and while his role was smaller than the new cast it wasn’t exactly a mere cameo either.  With a bit of imagination it can be easy enough to give them supporting roles.  Heck, lots of 60-year-olds are pretty spry (witness Timothy Dalton in Hot Fuzz); maybe you can start with a young crew, but have them defeated. Then cut to Luke, Han, and Leia sighing and deciding to show the young people how it’s done.

  • ZBaksh386

    not really, Star wars jumps around time periods and if you can accept the 20 year jump, you can accept this.

  • Mike Liggett

    Reminiscing like this is why movies suck these days.

  • Dick Grayson

    Did you not like Avengers?  Because they kind of own Marvel now…

  • beane2099

    Obi Wan and Yoda were how old in the original trilogy? And yet these characters were pretty damn important to that story.  For Luke and Leia it makes total sense for them to be involved if the story involves Jedi.  And since Han Solo and Leia are a pair, it makes sense for him to be there too.  Now if they throw EVERYONE in it’ll be a little much, I agree (I could do with some Lando though, I’m not gonna lie about that one).  But Luke and Leia as older mentors to the newbiles ain’t far off the mark.

  • darthtigris

    Luke must me be in it, but I wouldn’t mind the others to a reasonable degree.

    I agree with others, though, that this is a pretty awful ‘editorial’.

  • 72land

    Honestly, I don’t have a problem with something bordering on cameos by the originals. Even a plot point that ends up in Solo being killed off if done correctly. But I certainly can’t imagine they would build the sequel around them. They need to pass the torch to a new series of conflicts. Lucas always said the third set would concern a drastic threat to the new republic. The originals would be perfect seasoning, just not the main course.

  • Kphilipsen

    “Lenoard Nimoy was in his late 1970s”Awesome. 

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Actually, I would rather see Hammil/Luke as the villian, corrupted by his power and inability to control his emotions.

    Before anyone cries sacriledge I ask that you consider Hammil as he looks now wearing the Emporer’s hooded robe and cackling off a maniacal Joker laugh. Tell me that wouldn’t be movie gold!

  • Zor-El of Argo

    I don’t think Disney had much control over Avengers. At the time they purchased Marvel the Avengers and all Marvel Studio movies preceeding were in a contracted collaboration with Paramount. Look for Disney’s influence in all future Marvel movies.

  • Michael Fitz-Gibbon

    The only characters who’ve aged well are C3PO and R2D2. 

    At least Harrison Ford doesn’t look quite so embarrassing as the others. 

  • Hcvang1981

    We want to see the core cast return, because that’s what’s supposed to happen in the storyline that George created back in the days of the original trilogy. It’s the real continuation of Star Wars, and then Luke is supposed to hand down the sword to the next new hope in the next trilogy – 10-12.

    If they just start making up new shit for the sake of making money, it’s no longer star wars. the original creative impetus behind the whole project and the storyline george wrote and has carried in his head for 40 years, nurtured and altered, edited, re-written, etc. is what needs to be done… once that story is completed, they have to stop the series in my opinion, as anything beyond that will just be a corporation looking to profit from something they now own – there won’t be a creative impetus anymore, there won’t be any creative drive, an emotional desire to finish the story, that george is carrying around… 

  • BurningDoom

    I think it would be great if they reprised their roles again. But I the characters themselves should be older to match their age. And there should be younger characters playing the leads while the older characters are side or background characters.

    This would be great fan-service for old-school fans.

  • Shaun

    I’m trying to make sense of your second paragraph and still not sure what you are saying. Are you saying that the actors would or would not be interested in appearing? You say that they should not be interested because it would be a step back to the mainstream, but that’s a good reason to WANT to appear. And then your comments on Ford confuse the whole thing. I still don’t get that second paragraph.

    Nonetheless, i would suspect that Mark Hamill, at least, might be interested in appearing and would have the potential to have a logical and important role. After all, he would have been the Yoda-like teacher of whatever Jedis follow. He should be there.

  • Dopplegager

    Bring back Joe Johnston.

    It would also be cool to see Ahsoka show up. Who knows how quickly her species ages.

  • Darth Scotty

    It’s so easy to ditch on older actors, just like old people in general. Regardless of where their careers went (or didn’t go) post ROTJ, Mark Hamill is Luke, just as Carrie is Leia & Harrison is Solo. Don’t put them down just because they have aged! It wouldn’t be nice to talk about yourself in 20-30-40 years time would it ?
    My point is simple and I’ll use my fave rock band as an example. KISS to me are Paul, Gene, Ace & Peter however some new guys are now trying to be Ace & Peter. The characters are synonymous with the people that gave them their energy & personalities in the first place. NO recast for me, it’s either keep them in the story & bring back the BIG 3, or don’t have them in the story at all (& maybe use references to what happened to them)


  • Genius

    3 words for you: dragon ball z.

    case closed

  • VicDiGital

    While I don’t want to see 70-something year-old Ford and 60-something Fisher and Hamill center stage, what Star Trek DID show is that we not only don’t mind seeing an older character in the film played by the original actor, but that we can be excited that he has an important role in the film.  I think giving the original trilogy actors the Leonard Nimoy level of presence in the new films feels about right.

    The two things I don’t get are people wanting the original cast to the be the stars of the new films, for many of the reasons mentioned in the article.  They are old.  No one under the age of fifty would be interested in watching the Star Wars version of “RED”.  We want heroes that can run and jump and do exciting, action-y things, without having to resort to digital head replacement technology. 

    The other thing I don’t get is the desire to reboot the series.  That ain’t gonna happen and would be a stupid idea.  Star Wars doesn’t need rebooting.  We don’t need to see the Death Star blown up again with a cast made up of Disney Channel graduates.  Continuation is just fine, so long as it’s a brand new story where the new characters can truly be the stars of the films.  The books and comics have shown that you CAN tell stories in the Star Wars universe that don’t involve characters named Skywalker or Solo.

    And it definitely doesn’t need a reboot along the lines of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek.  No need to just recast it and continue the stories of the younger characters.

    Star Wars books and comics (some of them, anyway) have proven that there are limitless numbers and types of stories that can be told in this universe.  The universe itself should be the main character.  I don’t want any adaptations of the comics or books, no matter how much I revere the Timothy Zahn books.  I want new stories where I don’t know the ending before I walk into the theater.  (now, as a Star Wars fan, I know that’s going to be impossible anyway, because I’ll know every detail of the new film long before the film comes out, but that’s beside the point).  
    While I don’t want adaptations of Expanded Universe stories, I DO hope they leave much of that info in there and use them as background for the new series.  People are worried that new fans will be too confused if there are any references to things that weren’t in the movies, but I counter that by pointing out how many tidbits of info were dropped in the first film that weren’t explained for years or decades.  “I fought beside your father in the Clone Wars.” We didn’t need to know all the details of the Clone Wars to enjoy Star Wars, just like we won’t need to know the details of “He’s never been the same since the Yuzhuun Vong War” to understand the intent behind a line like that.  It’s only a bonus in this era that there IS a source where we can read about it, unlike the Clone Wars back in 1977.  One throwaway line like that in the new movies will make the entire New Jedi Order series of books must-reads (and more importantly to Disney, must-BUYS). 

    Okay, I’ve said enough.

  • Jim H.

     If it really is a typo, then I’ll change my question to, “Would a little proof-reading before you post kill you?”

  • charlie

    No, they really won’t be. Sorry. 

  • oldforce

    You’re probably the only one. 

    The reason they should be in the film(s) in some capacity is because it makes sense from a narrative perspective. A distant connection might work for nerds, but for the world, these characters are Star Wars. Anything good in the prequel films (not much) was trading on goodwill from the original films, its dramatic arc only made sense in the context of the original films, and these new ones will only work if they are part of the same grand arc. Otherwise no-one will give two tugs. 

  • oldforce

    Nah, he’ll look fine for the film. 

  • guest

    How disgustingly ageist.  People do get older, seniors exist.  Would you rather Hollywood only present an unrealistic viewpoint of people being only 20-something?  I swear, ever column I read from Spinoff is more idiotic than the next.

  • Mike

    Who are we kidding? The original cast will return. The Star Wars money machine is an investment, and having them in the film is good for the numbers. All we ask is for a “stellar” script!

  • Troypasquale

    Actually nobody said that the directors who’ve said they weren’t interested were even asked by Disney/Lucasfilm. Quentin Tarantino was asked by a writer for “Entertainment Weekly” if he was excited about the Sequels simply as a moviegoer and he apparently couldn’t resist the opportunity to look like a jackass. (I’m as excited for “Django Unleashed” as anyone but he comes across as a jerk).
    I don’t know the context for Zack Snyder’s comments but as far as I know there’s no evidence that he was even approached. I got the impression he was responding to a “What If” type of question.
    I can’t see Lucas seriously asking Steven Spielberg because a) Lucas makes it clear in the videos he’s looking to pass “Star Wars” to the “new generation of film-makers” and I doubt he includes his old buddy Steven in that category. and b.) If you watched the “60 Minutes” interview with Spielberg from a couple of weeks ago he makes it clear he plans on moving away from genre work and focusing more on films like “Lincoln.” And I’m sure his friends and colleagues are well aware of that desire plus he’s currently busy developing “Robocalypse” so his plate’s pretty full. I know there’s reports that he’s been sent the treatment but I suspect that was more along he lines of one friend showing something to another to get an opinion then a job offer.
    This leads us to J.J. Abrams who of the four directors he’s the only one I think was possibly offered the job but given the fact that’s he’s in charge of the rebooted “Star Trek” franchise and the sequel is currently in development I don’t think he was really a realistic candidate. 

    The point of this diatribe and I apologize for the length is that I don’t think it’s accurate to say “all the directors they’ve asked so far did not want to take on this project.”

  • Deanjsimons

    If the original cast are used id prefer it being briefly via holocron that establishes some sort of link to the previous 6 films whilst leaving the whole thing open to reinvention. 

  • Peter Ross

    Luke, Leia and Han are the only reason I would even consider seeing Episode 7.

  • Chad Walters

     And that reason is he’s been too busy doings loads and loads of voice work, most famously the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and several other series.

  • Ian

    Because the characters are the primary point of association with the Star Wars universe. When you think Star Wars, you don’t think Tattoine, Death Star, and Wookie. You think Luke, Vader, and Obi Wan. If characters are what bring people to the franchise, why would they want to see chapters without those characters?

  • mike payton

    Ford looks like he could barely walk in Indy 4. (Tho he might have just been sore from being raped by Spielberg & Lucas.) Hamill is wildly out of shape and looks even older than Ford. Fisher could win a Rosie O’Donnell lookalike contest. If she lost a little weight first.

    Unless their characters are supposed to be closer to 100 years old during the new trilogy, there’s no way they could ever do an action movie like this. 

  • Joe Kerr

    Lord I hope the new films have nothing to do with these characters’ kids.

  • Graemewritesshit

    Graeme stop writing and just do what it is you’re good at. Sucking dicks that is..

  • LUCAS’s chin

    From a story standpoint…. unless it takes 50-100 yrs after JEDI (ep6)….you absolutely NEED the core cast returning… at least for just episode 7.

     No matter how you cut it Luke needs to be a MAJOR player in ep7. 
    If you dont continue the story of the SKYWALKERS… then why bother calling it episode 7? then  just do an all new spinoff ( which there already IS and wil be even more of).

    You need the fat old cast in episode 7.  Doestn have to star them… but they need to play KEY parts in the story.

  • Omegasaga

    IF they were to go to the legacy era… that would be cool.

    But from a marketing standpoint– it would tick people off.

  • Omegasaga

    thats untrue… the original cast was beloved  the moment that movie hit..

    I was a kid when SW hit the screens and trust me— this cast was ICONIC the world over from day one.

  • Lucas’s chin

    it wouldnt make sense to call it episode 7 if it did not be a direct continuation of the skywalker clan… you need the core cast for episode 7…. not 8 or 9 though.

    obviously it will star the children ( or grand children)  but you CANT do anything set more than 30 yrs……  not if its EPISODE 7….

    You CAN do an OLD republic or LEGACY movie though… however that would be a spinoff ( like Wolverine Origins was to Xmen)

  • Graemewritesshit

    Another interesting article from the man, Graeme McMillan. Oh Graeme! What are we gonna do without your crappy writing?

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    I think they HAVE to have the next one with as many of the original cast as possible. We need the prequels so thoroughly scoured from our brain that only the images of the cast we liked, aged or no, can do that. 

    THAT’S how much we were scarred by that last trilogy.

  • Hysan Gearring

    I’ve long since given up trying to make sense out of this gentleman’s columns.  LOL!

  • Patrick

    It almost seems  the worst pictures of these actors were selected for this article. Anyway, to me the prequels were missing the ‘magic’ and harmony these characters/actors brought to the original trilogy. With access to the best physical trainers and cooks that money can buy, I have no doubt that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher can get in great shape for these movies and start to resemble the characters they once played, if an in older way. I’m not really interested in these movies without them. And I believe if you have a talented screenwriter and director, they can make this work.

  • Fero

    How about as force phantoms?Old Ben Kenobi appeared for half a movie and did a few voice overs in the later films and went out with the force by the end as a force ghost and that didn’t undermine him one bit. Small cameos like the later two only forged these characters deeper into the fans hearts and spark a sense of curiosity of “who’s that?and who’s she?’with kids that will lead them to watch the classics and maybe they’ll love the characters just as much as they do the new ones…that last part hurt :/ lol

  • Mythos

    Why would fans want fondly remembered familiar faces reprising their fan-favorite roles in sequels that apparently demand the characters’ return? Why, indeed. Let’s just get Hayden Christensen reprising the role of Anakin Skywalker’s ghost and get rid of everyone else.

  • Nick

    They can have the films based on their offspring but I think Hamill, Ford, and Fisher need to sit this out.

  • Ken

    Remember, when they take pictures of actors outside the makeup studio, it’s never going to be the same as it would if they had makeup and costuming and good lighting, etc.  There’s no reason these characters can’t return to Star Wars and be in the roles of elders.  Give them important parts but start the new characters off with a chance to have the baton/torch passed to them.  Look at Sir Alec Guiness as Obi Wan and imagine Luke in that kind of role and you are there.

  • ZBaksh386

    depends on who you market it to given I’m not sure casuals or new to star wars would care that much.

  • ZBaksh386

    fair enough.

  • Darth Bane

    First, is Leia Organa Solo (not Skywalker) and I am agree in the sense of look the Solo-Skywalker offsprings. My best guess would be when Jacen Solo turns to the Dark
    Side as Darth Caedus. That would be an awesome story for the movies.

  • Kevin Gawthrope

    Two words: Tron Legacy. Just create slightly younger, more screen-accurate CG versions of Luke, Han, and Leia and have the actual actors voice-over – a la Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy. Disney obviously has the tech in-house now. No brainer.I think they made Clu look so seamless in TL that they could definitely do it again, and better, to pull off the connection between EPVI and EPVII – regardless of how many years have past between the movies.

  • James Rjr

    To even think of a 50 year old Luke and Leia swingng around the galaxy fighting for unknown freedom seems far fetched by today’s movie standards and audience level.   You look at what happened to the last Indiana movie and how Ford failed in that you could imagine what would happen in a Star Wars movie if he had to shoot first.
    The point is I am a original 1977 fan and to say my childhood heroes then would be just as enlightening as today is something that I cannot see.   

    I do see Luke as the head Jedi and maybe the Solo’s as a family unit with Han reminiscing about his adventures and a gray Chewie being the tribal leader of the Wookies.  Nothing more.

  • Char char

    I’m a huge star wars fan, I never gave up on it even after episode 1 but I loathe the idea of bringing back the original cast.

  • Iron Jam

    You are actually talking about the nostalgia factor. Your perception that the original characters are iconic and the new ones aren’t is due to YOUR perceptions. Trust me, kids who grew up with the new ones will perceive them just as fondly as you do the originals.

  • Iron Jam

    As long as it is written well, anything can work. 

  • Hansolo

    Makeup lots of makeups and movie magic would make things fine , obviously they cant be in all but they HAVE  to be in 7,  movie will bomb big time if their not in it for sure

  • Antiquified

    I doubt anyone thought Obe Wan Kenobi was too old for a character. Anyway…most of the original fans are the same ages as the original cast and don’t see them as retired actors, instead a stronger force, like Yoda, right?