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Arrow Casts Fringe’s Seth Gabel As Count Vertigo-Inspired Villain

Seth Gabel, who played agent Lincoln Lee on Fringe, has been been cast as Oliver Queen’s “deadliest adversary to date” on The CW’s Arrow, TVLine reports.

While the character is loosely based on the DC Comics supervillain Count Vertigo, don’t expect to see a costumed Vlatavan noble (he’ll “exude a darkly grounded, Christopher Nolan-esque vibe,” the website states). He won’t even be called Vertigo: As we noted last week, that name instead will be used for a deadly new drug that takes Starling City by storm in the character’s debut episode. Presumably his vertigo-inducing powers will be tied the illicit substance.

The “downright terrifying” Count Vertigo-inspired villain is only the latest character from the DC catalog to make his way to Arrow this season, joining the likes of The Huntress, China White, Deathstroke, the Royal Flush Gang and Firefly. He’ll debut in early 2013.

Arrow, which stars Stephen Amell, airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



    lol so this crappy ARROW show isnt even trying anymore….  they cast anyone to show up and be called a comic character in name only…. 

    Someone please tell me the difference between a random person being called Count Vertigo, or the huntress, or Deathstroke  on ARROW—-VS  the random villian on Wonder Woman in the late 70s tv show, or 1990s FLASH tv show ( actually they at least had the trickster) or the SUPERBOY late 80s tv show…..

    I want my characters in full costume using their full names….. and they have to visualy look like their comicbook counterparts  with hairstyle & age.

    Otherwise you have a cheap generic show…. 

  • Lamecrap

    lol. then go watch disney channels or something. 
    i dun want them to look like idiots. Nolans reinvented Scarecrow, Joker, Bane and Catwoman and Arrow is just doing the same.

  • Jessica

    lol, is someone jealous that arrow is such an awesome show. Huntress is a mafia’s daughter, like in the comics. Deathstroke is an expert assassin, like in the comics. Deathstroke also looks exactly like how he does in the comics.

    So, your point is??????