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Doctor Who Extra: 5 Thoughts About This Year’s Children In Need Minisode

If it’s November, it’s time for a little bit of extra Doctor Who thanks to the annual BBC charity marathon Children in Need. But did this year’s extra offer any hints about what to expect from the post-Amy Pond Eleventh Doctor?

A Retired Doctor?
So, now we know: the Doctor really is taking the loss of Amy and Rory pretty badly. He claims to be retired, but that’s clearly a pose (Otherwise, why answer the summons for help?) to cover up both his grieving process and his guilt over being unable to save his two best friends. It’s interesting; we’ve seen the Doctor lose companions before and not be this distraught, and we’ve also seen him travel alone before and not be this grim. What – beyond Clara, of course – could bring him out of this funk…?

Hello, Old Friends
Even though we’ve only seen them once before, it’s surprisingly nice to see Commander (Now “Mr.”) Strax, Madame Vastra and Jenny again; when we met them in “A Good Man Goes To War” last year, they seemed like characters that could’ve supported their own spin-off should someone have deemed to give them one. Somehow, I suspect that this year’s Christmas Special may be as close as we’re ever going to come to that, but you know what? I’ll take it.

Hello, Old Setting
Of course we’re back in Victorian London again for the Christmas episode. I feel like this is the default setting for holiday episodes, for some reason, despite the fact that it’s not actually been used that many times before (In “The Next Doctor,” yes, but otherwise…?). Perhaps it’s the Dickensian thing. I wonder if we’ll actually get to meet Charlie again this time around? I wonder if Simon Callow could be convinced to appear in a festive cameo…?

“I’ve Declared War On The Moon!”
Purely because it seems so ridiculous, I wonder if Strax’s obsession with the moon is going to end up playing out into something in the actual episode. After all, hearing Jenny say so definitively that there’s no-one up there really seems like it’s tempting fate, doesn’t it…?

No Clara as Yet?
Color me surprised that we didn’t see any mention of Clara in “The Great Detective,” although she’s all over the accompanying trailer for the actual Christmas special. About that trailer, or rather, the introduction to it… Way to be a massive tease, BBC…


  • Laurence J Sinclair

    Killer snowmen?  Sold.

  • Michael Harris

    They need to find some way to have a kid with a stuffed tiger in the episode somehow…  These snowmen look exactly like the ones in Calvin and Hobbes.  And I like it.  :-D

  • LightningBug

    Awesome! These characters were so great in “a good man…” so I am really happy to see them again! Still… x-mas is a long wait for new Who. Oh well…

  • Demoncat4

    killer snow man of all the new foes for the good doctor would never expect snow man to be turned into deadly threats unless it was the return of the yeti the doctor battled long ago as for the moo could it be where a big show down with the big bad take place like maybe a certain long missing foe  aka the master who is long over due 

  • Richard Casey

    Ugh. I want to like it, but I don’t think I will. Just like all the other Moffat era stuff. As for the “retired thing”, it seems a little stupid. It goes against past events, he lost Rose, a woman HE ACTUALLY LOVED and yet he loses The Ponds ( in a way which makes little to no actual sense) and he retires? Moffat’s characterization of the Doctor is all over the place, worse yet it doesn’t make any sense. 

    Roll on a new head writer, because Moffat’s losing what little good will I have towards him from Sherlock.

  • Richard Casey

    Punctuation would make this post understandable. At the minute it reads like an excited four year old who’s had too much Sunny Delight.

  • Dianna Richards

    The Great Detective and crew return in episode 7.10 “The Crimson Horror”.  I’ve not heard of a spin off, but hey…anything is possible.

  • Ralphinuk

    I think the connection between Victorian London and Snow is re-enforced by Chris Eccleston and his Gaseous Ghost story with Charles Dickens.All things in British culture accosiated with Christmas.I mean,Christmas Carol…guess its Christmas then.
    But I,d love Matt to get a little darker,I have to admit some of the “camp is really starting to get on my nerves.Been a fan since the mid sixties and I think its time for the show to “grow up” a little.

  • Aaron Another

    I love Moffat, and even I think the camp is getting a little much.  :(