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Battle For Terra Writer Penning Young Sherlock Holmes Remake

Working on any remake comes with an added set of pressures. How will it stack up to the original? Will old fans like it? Will it attract a whole new audience? What will the original filmmakers think? There’s a bit of added pressure when it comes to the remake of Young Sherlock Holmes that Paramount Pictures has in the works: It’s being produced by Chris Columbus, who wrote the 1985 original.

According to The Wrap, Paramount and Columbus think Evan Spiliotopoulos (Battle For Terra) has what it takes to get past those pressures and come out on the other side with a solid script.

Spiliotopoulos has loads of experience with entertainment aimed at young audiences. He’s penned a number of Disney sequels like Lion King 1 1/2, Tarzan II and The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning. But he also has large-scale projects on his resume, having drafts of Snow White and the Huntsman, Asteroids, the Dark Horse comic adaptation Fort and Wanted 2.

This mix of experience will serve him well, as the original Steven Spielberg-produced, Columbus-written, Barry Levinson-directed Young Sherlock Holmes featured teen versions of Holmes and John Watson meeting at boarding school and going on to solve a series of murders. Whether Spiliotopoulos will write a new story featuring the characters or take cues from Columbus’ story remains to be seen.


  • Ollywood

    Great. Another version of Sherlock Holmes. Is this going to be the straw that broke the bandwagon’s back?

  • brownbear64

     Sherlock Holmes is timeless, and will always have stories with people that resemble the esteemed detective. its a part of life just as there will always be romance stories that resemble Romeo and Juliet 20 years from now.