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Bates Motel Debuts 16 New Images

Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates

If you wanted a better look at Bates Motel, the upcoming A&E prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, then you’re in luck. Sixteen new images from the series have hit the web in anticipation of its 2013 premiere.

The pictures debuted courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. “We think our take on the Bates family will both be surprising and subvert expectations. We can’t wait for people to check in,” producer Carlton Cuse tells the website.

The photos show everything from Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates to the titular Bates Motel to Lost alum Nestor Carbonell as Sheriff Alex Romero and include information about some of Norman’s experiences moving to a new town. He’s described as a “sweet yet refined boy” and also something of a “loner.”

Bates Motel stars Freddie Highmore as a young Norman Bates — the part played in four films by Anthony Perkins — and Vera Farmiga as his mother Norma. The pair have a, shall we say, complicated relationship which will take center stage in the series. The series is produced by Lost’s Carlton Cuse and Friday Night Lights’ Kerry Ehrin. A&E liked their take so much that the cable network passed over the usual pilot stage and ordered the show to series. Bates Motel will premiere sometime next year.

Max Thieriot as Norman's older brother Dylan Bates

Vera Farmiga as mother Norma Bates

Olivia Cooke as Norman's classmate Emma Decody

Mike Vogel as Deputy Zach Shelby

Nestor Carbonell as Sheriff Alex Romero

Nicola Peltz as Bradley, the object of Norman's affection


  • Beast

    Everyone looks like refugees from Twilight. Ughhh…

  • coalminds

    What a terrible idea, all the needed backstory on the Bates Motel was given in Psycho.

  • Starleafgirl

    I was considering this until I saw that Norman had a hot older brother. Norman’s story has always been one centered on this dysfunctional relationship between Norman and his mother and NOTHING should get in the way of that. Another bad sign: Norman’s infatuated with your typical pretty girl. Now, it’s not like I can blame him, just look at her, but I had higher hopes for the show in general… for instance, if he was sweet on his sickly classmate Emma Decody instead. Then again, I guess they wanted to establish he’s into pretty blonds, ‘cos we all know trouble leads that way.

  • Beast

     I’ll amend that slightly. Norman looks like Eric Foreman from That ’70s Show.

  • Linda

    is Nestor Carbonell, Anthony Perkins Son