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Final Django Unchained Trailer Hits

With the Dec. 25 opening of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained less than one month away, Yahoo! Movies has debuted the final theatrical trailer for the filmmaker’s eagerly awaited revenge Western. The trailer features new footage, including additional scenes with Dr. Schultz (Christoph Waltz) and Django (Jamie Foxx).

Written and directed by Tarantino, Django Unchained follows Dr. King Schultz and freed slave Django as they go on a mutually beneficial mission of revenge that brings them into contact with characters played by Jonah Hill, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Don Johnson and others.


  • Dekko

    Ha – the Django theme just makes me think of that ep of “Bob’s Burgers” where they’re watching the spaghetti western “Banjo.” 

  • ZBaksh386

    this is the best christmas film.