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Walking Dead Promo Offers First Look At Chad Coleman As Tyreese

Ahead of Sunday’s midseason finale, a new Latin American television spot for The Walking Dead provides our first look at The Wire alum Chad Coleman as fan-favorite character Tyreese. Devotees of the long-running comic series by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard are likely already speculating as to the identities of at least two of the other people shown in the clip.

Kirkman teased two weeks ago that “a big deal fan favorite from the comic book” would be introduced in the Dec. 2 episode, although he refused to confirm who that might me. Of course, his coyness was undercut by reports that Coleman, long considered a dead ringer for Adlard’s rendition of Tyreese, had been spotted on the Georgia set of the AMC drama. Coleman’s casting was confirmed last week.

A former NFL linebacker, bouncer and car salesman, Tyreese first appeared in The Walking Dead #7 and joined Rick Grimes’ initial group of survivors with his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris. Tyreese was widely regarded as the co-leader of the survivors alongside Rick, despite conflicts between the two later on in the series, until his death at the hands of the Governor in The Walking Dead #46.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

(via ComicBookMovie)


  • Deadpool2098

    Was I the only one who saw his cameo this week?

  • Aaron Another

    I thought I might have seen him for a second, but thought I was imagining it.  Where did you see him?

  • Kwame


  • Nmcknight99

    if you’re talking about the man on the wall, it’s someone different

  • tw

    thanks for spoilering his death even tho it happened 55something issues ago :P

  • Lethalwow

    That was “Shupert,” one of the Governor’s men. 

  • Pedro Bear

    Easy mistake to make, the do all look alike.

  • Eek!!!

    Are they walking into the prison with a blown out wall?